Copy Paste Commissions Review

Copy Paste Commissions Review


Welcome to my uncensored Copy Paste Commissions Review.

Have you been trying to make money online or if you already make some have you been looking for some easy ways to make more money from your efforts?

Then you might have come across a promotion for the Copy Paste Commissions product created & published by Omar Martin & Michael Cheney. These two online millionaires claim to have a copy paste simple product which will make you money if you follow it.

But is that really the truth? Is it really that simple to make money online? And most importantly, can you make money with Copy Paste Commissions, even if you’re a beginner and have no list yet?

Keep on reading and you’ll get the true answers to all these questions and not a hyped up review!

What Is Copy Paste Commissions All About?


OctoSuite Review

OctoSuite Review, Product Demo & Bonus


Hey Guys, Daniel here and nice to have you here on my OctoSuite Review & Bonus page. I promise you, that you’ll find all the info about OctoSuite you have been looking for based on Facts and my personal user experience.

OctoSuite has been created by Luke Maguire and his team. Luke already created several popular tools, such as Social Autobots, Viral Autobots, Instamate and LiveLeap. These are all social media marketing tools and I own all of them. I also got access to OctoSuite so that I can test and write my honest review about it before the official launch.

What Is OctoSuite All About?

OctoSuite is a social media manager software which is cloud (web) based. You can do research for viral content on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit.


SpeedLeads Review

SpeedLeads Review, Product Tour & Bonus


SpeedLeads is a software and browser extension. It lets you add a Call to Action and branding to any kind of page or site you share on social media. Within this SpeedLeads review you’ll find out how it works, pros and cons. Furthermore you’ll get all the facts you need to make your own buying decision based on facts and not on the usual hype.

This software has been created to drive more traffic and leads to your business as you share great content. You see, when you share content on your social media accounts, then people will go and visit the site you shared the content from. They won’t visit your site and if you only share links from your own website, then you fans or followers might won’t interact that much after a while. This is a great method to share content and still be able to get the visitors back to your business.


ToonVidio Review

ToonVidio Review, Product Tour & Bonus


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my ToonVidio review.

So what exactly is ToonVidio all about? Well it’s is a desktop (Adobe Air) software that creates 2D as well as 3D animated videos with one single software. The software comes with a version for Windows as well as one for Mac users and you can be up and creating beautiful 3d animated videos in no time.

Here’s a quick overview of ToonVidios’ main features:

  • Creating 3D Animated Videos
  • Creating 2D Animated Explainer Videos
  • Thousands of 2D & 3D Video Assets
  • Animated Video Previews for Email
  • Viral Video Meme Creation
  • Kinetic Typography Videos
  • Video Editing Suite
  • Complete Control w/ NO Restrictive Templates

ToonVidio Demos

ToonVidio Review

First you’ll need to download the software to your computer and install it there.


Video Course Cash Kit

Video Course Cash Kit Review, Product Tour & Bonus


Video Course Cash Kit is the newest product sold by Brett Rutecky and Mike From Maine. They have partnered with video course expert, John Shea,

This course is a training AND agency resell software that will teach you how you can make money creating quick little video courses about ANYTHING. John is currently making $2,000 to $3,000 in passive income simply by creating courses about random topics that he’s interested in and putting them on multiple video course websites.

Video Course Cash Kit Demo

The Training

The members area is made of different sections. The first one you’ll see when you login is the main training. This is the section where John is sharing everything you need to know to be able to make money selling your own courses either on Udemy or Skillshare.

John is a professional teacher and he has done what he teaches himself for quite a while.


Commission Magic Review

Commission Magic Review, Product Tour & Bonus


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Commission Magic review.

Commission Magic is a training course to success in affiliate marketing. The creators, Ant Carter & Ben Martin have documented the exact system they use to make their commissions with their affiliate business.

It includes a PDF guide as well as video training and does explain everything about affiliate marketing.

The product is divided into different parts which we will look at below.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the members home where you can access all your products. Pro, Done 4 You and 4-Week Group Coaching are up-sells, and aren’t included within the main product.

The Guide

This is the main product which contains 86 pages. There are two versions of the guide. One which can you can view online. The other version is a PDF which you can download.


InstaViral 2.0 Review

InstaViral 2.0 Review, Product Tour & Bonus


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my InstaViral 2.0 Review where I show you what the product is all about, how it works, pros and cons and all the info you need to make your own buying decision based on real user facts.

Viral images are one of the easiest way to generate traffic to any site, doesn’t matter what niche. You don’t need to write a lot of content and images get much more user interaction than content does. If they get liked and shared by users, they really can go viral which can drive a lot of traffic. The most time consuming part is creating and posting those images on many of your social media accounts. This is where InstaViral 2.0 can be very helpful.

What Is InstaViral 2.0 All About?

InstaViral is a web based (SAAS) software which lets you create and edit images and post them to 15 different Social media network sites.


Lets Animate Vol2 Review

Lets Animate Vol 2 Review, Product Tour & Bonus


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Lets Animate Vol 2 Review.

What Is Lets Animate 2 All About?

This is a graphic and video clip set which you can use to build explainer videos, infographics as well as animated graphics. It includes different characters and sets which can be used for many different niches

Here’s an overview of what’s included:

  • Loads of files of character video elements
  • ANIMATED characters from various profession
  • Martial Arts Character (One and the only!)
  • Male and Female version in one packs!
  • Professional quality background illustration!
  • PNG, SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, SWF, GIF format

These graphics can be used on both, windows and mac computers and can be imported into many different programs.

Below is an example of the fitness set included in the front end product.


Simple Click Tracker Review

Simple Click Tracker Review, Product Tour & Bonus


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Simple Click Tracker Review.

What Is Simple Click Tracker All About?

Simple click tracker as you might already guessed is a click tracking and cloaking system for WordPress. So it’s a plugin which you’re going to install on your WordPress site. I hear you. You might say, oh no not another link cloaker and tracker plugin. Bear with me, this isn’t just a simple link cloaker and click tracker plugin like its name. This is really a complete link tracker and cloaker system which does much more than just cloaking and tracking a link.

What Are The Key Features?

As mentioned above, this does more than just cloaking and tracking a link. Below are some of the key features listed what it does:

  • track link stats
  • rotate links
  • cloak links
  • track conversions
  • manage multiple domains
  • create groups of links for easy organization
  • manage split tests easily
  • create,


LiveLeap Review

LiveLeap Review, Product Tour & Bonuses


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my honest and detailed LiveLeap review.

I have a Coupon Code & NEW Powerful Bonuses add at tho end of this review.

Facebook Live is Facebook’s latest live streaming service that is no doubt the future of Facebook marketing. The only downside of the live streaming with Facebook is, that you can only share your live calls on one place, either your Facebook profile, group or fan page. After you published your live stream on one place you would have to share it all over manually. There’s no feature to do that automatically which means a lot of your followers won’t even know that you’re having a live stream at this right moment.

Sharing your live streams manually does take a lot of time and you’ll lose many viewers and listeners. The other solution would be to have more than one phone,