The Commission Machine 2016 Review

The Commission Machine 2016 Review, Product Tour & Bonus


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Commission Machine 2016 Review. Here you’ll find all the details and facts about Michael Cheney’s new product.

A lot of love the idea of making money online. Yet earning an income online is not as simple as you might believe. An internet business is just that, a business, and requires that you build it up, advertise it and attend to all the daily tasks needed to keep it running. Can The Commission Machine 2016 help you with any of this? As long as you don’t expect this course to do all the work for you, it can be of a great benefit. So should you buy this program? What can you expect to gain if you buy it? Read on my honest and detailed review. It will shed some light on this!

What Is The Commission Machine 2016 All About?


Landing Page Profit System Review

Landing Page Profit System Review


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Landing Page Profit System review.

Why is internet marketing so hard? I get asked that question all the time and the answer is quite simple. There are two main reasons as to why you never made, or never will make money online.

The first reason is the biggest and that is you are lazy. Yup, I said it. As you can tell I do not sugarcoat anything but that is good for you and later you will learn why.

90% of first time internet marketers fail because they are lazy and looking for quick rich scheme. There is no such thing and there never will be so STOP buying those products that promise all you have to do is put in a link into a piece of software and click a button and wait for the money to flood in.


LiveLeap Review

LiveLeap Review, Product Tour & Bonuses


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my honest and detailed LiveLeap review.

Facebook Live is Facebook’s latest live streaming service that is no doubt the future of Facebook marketing. The only downside of the live streaming with Facebook is, that you can only share your live calls on one place, either your Facebook profile, group or fan page. After you published your live stream on one place you would have to share it all over manually. There’s no feature to do that automatically which means a lot of your followers won’t even know that you’re having a live stream at this right moment.

Sharing your live streams manually does take a lot of time and you’ll lose many viewers and listeners. The other solution would be to have more than one phone, tablet or other mobile devices to be able to go live on multiple places.


PinDrill Review

PinDrill Review & Exclusive Bonuses


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my in-depth PinDrill Review.

Here you’ll discover the most detailed and hones review on the web. You’ll find everything you need to know about this new Pinterest & social posting software. After you have gone through this review you’ll be able to make your own buying decision based on real facts and not on the usual hype and emotions.

What Exactly Is PinDrill All About?

PinDrill is a web based Pinterest Marketing software, which lets you find, upload, edit, schedule as well as monetize your content you post to your Pinterest boards. Within the software you can either search for images from Pinterest or upload your own one. You even have the ability to create/edit images within the software. Plus you will also be able to post and schedule the content from your website or store (such as Shopify Store) to your Pinterest boards.


InstaNiche Review

InstaNiche Review & Exclusive Bonuses


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my detailed InstaNiche Review.

I promise you, that this will be the most in-depth review you’ll find online. Here you’ll get all the facts, product tour plus I show you a live site I’m building with InstaNiche. No selling. No fluff. My goal is it to give you all the information you have been looking for, so that you easily can make your very own buying decision which will be based on real facts.

What Is InstaNiche All About?

InstaNiche is a cloud (web) based software which lets you build affiliate niche websites in 5 easy to follow steps. These sites are being monetized with Amazon products and do contain keyword optimized content, including images as well as videos. The sites are being build on WordPress and hosted on their server, so you won’t need any hosting for those sites.


Affiliate Trax Review & Bonus

Affiliate Trax Review & Bonus


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Affiliate Trax review.

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business model, since you don’t need to have your own product. You can make money online by promoting other people’s products and when you refer a sale, then you get a commission which is in most cases 50% or more of the sales price. The nice thing about affiliate marketing is, that you don’t need to take care of product delivery, customer support, refunds or any other customer related work. The vendor is going to do that all for you.

The most easiest way to make money as an affiliate is by reviewing products. That’s what I do here on this site plus I also do that with my other niche sites I have. The goal with that is, to review products which haven’t been launched yet and to get them ranked on Google.


WP ZeroBounce 2.0 Review

WP ZeroBounce 2.0 Review & Bonus


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my detailed WP ZeroBounce 2.0 Review.

I have been using WP Zero Bounce on my niche sites since March 2015, when it has been released the first time. On this page you’ll find an in-depth review and you’ll see how the plugin works and if it really works as the promised on the sales page.

What Is WP ZeroBounce 2.0 All About?

This is a WordPress plugin which will give you the ability to redirect visitors should they want to leave your site right after they landed on it. This will then lower the bounce rate for your website. Having a low bounce rate helps your site for search engine rankings as well as when you do paid advertising for your site with Google Adwords as example. A low bounce rate shows Google, that your site is of quality and people won’t leave it as fast as they arrived on it.


SEONeos Review

SEONeos Review


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my uncensored SEONeos Review.

Google updated its algorithm a lot of times the past 2 years. Many sites lost their complete rankings and with that also the traffic. There are also a lot of businesses who lost their complete online business because they got penalized by such a Google update. Many of them have no idea why they got penalized. They see the links the received within their Google Search Console account, but they don’t know what kind of links are good and which ones are bad.

So they either have to let their site go or hire someone who can fix the issue. But for a small online business, that can be too expensive sine the tools or agencies who offer such a service do cost a lot of money. That’s where SEONero can be used for.


IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 Review

IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 Review


Welcome to my detailed IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 Review. Here you’ll discover everything about this course.

This won’t be the typical review you see all over the web with copied sales page content etc. I purchased this course myself, since I do client SEO for a living and I was interested in that course.

Within this review of IFTTT SEO Academy I’ll show you everything included within the course. No pre-selling, no fluff, no fillers. But be warned. It’ll be a very long read, since this course is very comprehensive and includes a lot of different sections and lessons.

What Is IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0 All About?

First before you can understand what IFTTT Seo is, we need to define what IFTTT is. IFTTT is an online web application and stands for ‘If This Than That’. It allows us to create simple recipes which contain a trigger and an action app.


301 Ranker Review

301 Ranker Review & Bonus


Hey Daniel here and welcome to my uncensored & detailed 301 Ranker Review. Unlike with other 301 Ranker reviews, I actually purchased the software and here you’ll discover all the facts about it, how it works and I give you my recommendation on how to use it without getting penalized by Google or other search engine.

What Is 301 Ranker All About?

This is a desktop software, which you install on your computer. You can use it to build unlimited backlinks to your website, web 2.0 sites, videos or any other online property. It builds links 301 redirect backlinks. If you ever have used,, or any other such link shortening service, then you already have built 301 redirect links. And these are the kind of links you can easily build using the 301 ranker software.

301 Ranker Review

If you want to rank your website,