301 Ranker Review & Bonus

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my uncensored & detailed 301 Ranker Review. Unlike with other 301 Ranker reviews, I actually purchased the software and here you’ll discover all the facts about it, how it works and I give you my recommendation on how to use it without getting penalized by Google or other search engine.

What Is 301 Ranker All About?

This is a desktop software, which you install on your computer. You can use it to build unlimited backlinks to your website, web 2.0 sites, videos or any other online property. It builds links 301 redirect backlinks. If you ever have used bitly.com, tinyurl.com, goo.gl or any other such link shortening service, then you already have built 301 redirect links. And these are the kind of links you can easily build using the 301 ranker software.

301 Ranker Review

If you want to rank your website, videos, articles, reviews or any other kind of sites/pages high in search engines, then you need backlinks. Producing only great content and getting social shares isn’t enough to rank high, especially not if the keywords have some competition. I can tell you that from my own experience. I do SEO since 2008 and have tested a lot. I have some great reviews for weight loss products which have 2500+ words, are unique, have 90+ user comments and 350+ social shares. But these reviews haven’t got ranked on page 1 without links. They got ranked on Page 2 and Page 3 and only after I started building links, they appeared on the first page for their keywords.

Link building is a must, if you want to get the best rankings possible. However you need to have a good link building strategy and link & anchor diversification to get those great rankings. And the 301 Ranker software will definitely help you with that.

How Does It Work?

First, you need to install the software. This isn’t difficult at all. You just double click on the downloaded file and the complete installation will be done automatically. When I did that, I got a message showing up:

301 Ranker Windows Message

It’s not a big thing and this happens quite often when I install software. It’s because of the security settings. However, one thing I never understand is, why software developers don’t register the developer would have registered the software, then the Publisher wouldn’t have been named as Unknown Publisher. Again, that doesn’t mean anything about the quality of the software, it’s just a little thing, I personally don’t like :-)

After I clicked on Run anyway, the software got installed without any other messages or any issues. Then I had to enter the license key, which can be found within the JVZoo receipt. After that, the software started.

301 Ranker Software UI

Within the first tab, you can start building those 301 redirect link. You only need to enter the URL to which you want to build the links for. Then add some keywords and choose how many links you want to build. The options are 50, 100, 250 or 500 links. After you have done that, you only need to click on start and the software will start building these links. The links which are being built, do get listed within the blue marked window.

After the submission has ended and the links appear within the window you can ping them all, by just clicking on the Ping All button.

301 Ranker Pining

Listed on the right are all the ping services the software supports. You can click on Select All and then on PING NOW. The software will then send all the links you created to the ping services to notify the search engines about the newly built links.

301 Ranker Premium

Within the Premium tab you get the option to build even some more links. You only have to enter the URL for which you want to build the links for and then click on Start. The software will then automatically build some more links and it does list them within the window. You can then save these links as Report, Ping them again and also send them to the link indexer, if you have a subscription for it.

301 Ranker Indexing

Within the Indexing tab you can add your subscription to LinkIndexr.com if you have one. I have that one already and so I added my details here. What this option does is sending all the links you built to LinkIndexr.com. LinkIndexer.com will then build links to the links you submitted to get them indexed faster and also make them stronger. This is optional. However, I highly recommend that you use a link indexer service to get your links indexed faster. You can build links without a link indexer, it just takes more time for search engines to find them.

301 Ranker Proxy

You also have the option to use proxies. Proxies are services, which give you another IP address then the one you have when you connect to the internet. This can help to reduce footprints. They are not a must and you can use the software without any proxies and you’ll get the same results. If you plan to build a lot of links, then it’s recommended that you wither use proxies or another service to hide your IP. I personally use IP Vanish, which gives me the option to choose an IP from different locations around the world.

What Is The Best Way To Use The Software?

I personally will use this software a lot. I won’t use it to build direct links to my money sites. I’m going to use the software to build links to the links I built on Web 2.0 sites, social profiles, Press releases and all other links. This should definitely help making these properties much stronger, which will also make the links I get from them stronger.

I would recommend that you use it the same way. Before you start using it, you should build a strong network of web 2.0 sites and other social sites. Then use that network to build links to your money site and then start building links to these network sites using the 301 ranker software. That way you’re going to protect your money site from building too many links and getting penalized.


Is it a desktop or web based software?

It’s a desktop software. You need to install it on your computer.

Does it also work on a Mac?

No, this version of the software only works on Windows.

Can I get #1 rankings using this software?

To be completely honest with you. I don’t believe that you can get #1 rankings by just using these links. They will help to achieve better rankings and with the right link building strategy you can get high rankings. But you’ll also need other links than just 301 redirects.

Can it be used do build unlimited link?

Yes, you can use the software to build as many links as you like.

Is it safe to build these kind of links?

Yes, 301 redirect links are quite safe. However you need to be careful on the amount of links you build to your Money site.

Can I use the software to build links to client websites?

Yes, definitely. You can use the software to build links to any URL you like.

Can I also make money using the software?

Yes, you can make money using the software. You could offer a link building service to clients or on outsourcing platforms.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be used to build unlimited links
  • Integrated pinger
  • Works fast
  • Integrated report


  • Can only be used for 301 redirect links (it’s not really a con, since the software was built for that)
  • Desktop software which works only on Windows

301 Ranker Review Conclusion

I enjoyed using the software, since it was really easy to use and it worked fast. The integrated pinger is great to notify search engines about the new links and the report is a great addition, especially if you plan to use the software for clients or to start a link building service. If you want to have an easy way to build unlimited extra links to any kind of URL, then I highly recommend you get your own copy of the 301 ranker software by clicking on the button below.

Get 301 Ranker Now301 Ranker Bonus

Since I own the software myself, I’m going to use it a lot. Starting tomorrow (03/23/2016) I’m also going to start a case study. I’ll then create a detailed report about every link I have built and how I used the software. After I have done that you’ll get that as my bonus. This should be ready within a week (end of march 2016).


If you have any questions regarding the 301 Ranker or link building in general, then please use the comment form below and I’ll do my best to answer all questions.


41 thoughts on “301 Ranker Review & Bonus

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    hi i cant afford that link indexer service of twenty seven dollars a month and the maker of this software should have it so the buyer has the option to use whatever indexing service he or she choose but i see after i research that the maker of this software is the maker of the link indexing service so without that service how effective would this software be for me? i f i just use this software alone for my indexing of my website videos

    1. -

      Hi Kenneth

      You can use the software without link indexing service. The effectiveness might be about the same, it just takes longer to get those links found by search engines.


  2. -

    also it says build five hundred backlinks is that for one project? and then i have to buy another five hundred links to make MORE back links how does that work?

    1. -

      Yes, 500 backlinks is for one project. You can have as many projects as you like. There is no limit and you don’t have to buy additional credits. You just add either the same or another URL and start building links again. Like I described within the review. Just repeat the submission as many times as you like.


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    This looks interesting and definitely easy, but I don’t quite get what types of sites the links are coming from and how it’s building these links. I mean I understand about 301 redirects, but can you spell it out for me, like it’s going to xyz site and ….
    Why build them as 301 redirects instead of direct links?
    Sorry I’m just a little confused and they don’t really explain how and why too good on their site.
    Thanks so much for your help!

    1. -

      Hi Sandra

      The software goes out to 500 different websites and build the redirect links. These links differ from site to site. Some links look like: doman.com/go?http://yourdomain.com some look like domain.com/RedirectTo.php?tagret=http://yourdomain.com.

      301 redirect links are just another type of links you can build. They are definitely not that strong as contextual links but still worth building them, especially as Tier 2 links to push the Tier 1 links built to the money site.


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    I have been trying to buy 301 ranker for the last 4 days from your link.
    I keep getting the message below, I tried to contact the owner but have not got a reply.
    Maybe you can help.

    Your payment can’t be completed because one of the receivers can’t except payments at this time

    1. -

      Hi Mary

      It looks like there is an issue with the seller’s paypal account. I tried it myself and now it looks like it’s working again.


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    Hi Daniel,

    What would be the process of using a Free Indexing service with this software once I have built my 301 links, and which one would you recommend?

    1. -

      Hi Glen

      If you use free Indexing services, then you would have to download the report and copy and paste the URL’s into the Indexing service. I never used a free service myself, so I can’t recommend one. You would have to search for one.


  6. -

    Hi Daniel, I am about to buy but here’s the statement appeared :
    “Your payment can’t be completed because one of the receivers can’t accept payments at this time.” :(

    1. -

      Hello Ivana

      They have now a big button on their sales page as another option if you have issues checking out with JVZoo. That one should work.


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    Hi Daniel,

    Understand there is an OTO, could you tell us what is it, also the cost
    and is it necessary.

    1. -

      Hi Terence

      Yes, there is an OTO. It’s another software (directory submitter). I haven’t purchased that one. So I can’t say if it’s a good one. The directory submitter is priced at $47 and it’s definitely not necessary.


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    Hey Daniel,
    I have a watches web site, Amazon with 18,000 post, do I pick each URL to have links built to them?
    Can you just copy your Google site map and submit?
    Sorry for the dumb questions but I am an old codger and don’t understand all I know about this stuff.

    1. -

      Hi John

      A good way to get started is building links to the most important pages on your site. The ones which have the most search volume in Google. I personally would start building links to those top pages by building web 2.0 properties and then use the 301 ranker to build links to these web 2.0 properties.

      When you do that, your whole site will get more authority and the less important pages will srat ranking too.

      I hope that helps.


    1. -


      A web 2.0 property is a site/page you can create for free like on blogger.com, wordpress.com, blog.com etc.


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    So all I’d have to do, is enter the desired domain address I want ranked better, add keywords, select 50-500 links to be built, hit start, then hit PING ALL, select all for services (why would you do any different???) then hit PING NOW, and thats it? Also, how long would these take to be picked up by my google webmaster services for the back link checker?

    1. -

      Yes, that’s how the software works. However as I explained in my review, I would personally only use these links for my web 2.0 sites and not for my money site. And since I don’t use it for my money site, I can’t say how long it takes until Google picks them up and shows them in the webmaster tools.

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    Hi Daniel. thanks for informative post. i have purchased the software and i am going to use this for youtube videos. i have a question about resubmit links. today i get 50 links for one Url. and tomorow i want to get 50 Links for same url. it will be duplicated or not and does it will hurt my website if i use it for main website. how do you think about use this for Rss feed of web 2.0 and rss combine?

    1. -

      You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help with my review.

      About the links. When you choose 50 links today and then another 50 tomorrow, then the software will take the same 50 sites to build the links on. I only use it one time per URL and for the web 2.0 sites and YouTube videos I always choose 500 links per submission. These are big sites and sending that many links won’t be anything unusual since these sites get a lot of links every day.

      You could definitely use this kind of links for Web 2.0 RSS feeds. I just would make sure, that the RSS feeds do link back to the web 2.0 sites / posts and do not only contain links to your money site. Some bookmarking sites have RSS feed which do only contain the links to your money site or the sites you bookmarked and so I wouldn’t build too many of these links to these RSS feeds.

  11. -

    can i use clickbank url for affliate marketing from this software

    1. -

      Yes you could use affiliate urls but it wouldn’t make sense to do that since it won’t bring traffic to your affiliate links and you won’t be able to get them ranked. So it’s best to use it to build links to pages.

  12. -

    i would like to know that what is the use of putting key word in the box as it has nothing to do with the keywords. and how much weight these links have?

    1. -

      Good question. To be honest, I haven’t checked if they use the keywords for the redirects. I think they use them for the pings. As stated in the review and comments above. I don’t use them for my money site. I use the redirects on each web 2.0 property I build. Plus I use them on YouTube videos and I was able to rank a review video on the first page using only these links and some embeds on Web 2.0 sites.

      Personally, I don’t think they have much weight if you want to use them for getting your money site ranked. What I noticed is, that these links are good to get the web 2.0 sites/posts indexed faster.

    1. -

      Hey Marc

      I don’t know if building links can hurt an adsense site. However, as I wrote in my review. I personally don’t use this software to build links to my money site. I use this software to build links to my web 2.0 sites.

  13. -

    Hi Daniel

    Apologies for the “dumb” question ( I am very new to this SEO business! ).

    I recently purchased the software and built 250 backlinks to a webpage which is not my home page. I followed the instructions – Pinged, Indexed (Linkindexr) etc.

    When I check to see if the 250 backlinks and 25 PR links are listed – they do not appear in any search. How long before I can see the backlinks?


    1. -

      Hey Antonio

      “Dump” questions don’t exist, only “dump” answers :-)

      I doon’t know how you search for the backlinks. When you try to do a search on Google to find those links, then you propably won’t find them. If you want to check, if an URL is indexed by Google then you need to enter site:url in to the search field in Google and then you’ll see if that url (backlink) is indexed. For example. If I want to check, if the URL of this review is indexed, then I would enter site:realisticweb.com/301-ranker-review/ into Google. Then, when a result shows up, that means that the URL is indexed. If the url isn’t indexed, then a message like “your search did not match any document” would show up.

      About the time frame. That’s difficult to say. When I build links, then some of them get indexed within hours and for other links it takes about 2 month to get indexed.

      I hope that helps,

  14. -

    Hi Daniel

    Many thanks for you kind assistance.

    In terms of the 301 Ranker backlinks I just build on Monday – I guess I need to sit and wait to see when they appear and keep regularly checking via site:url method? Is this the only method?

    As you can imagine I was somewhat very keen to see the backlinks built having used the 301 Ranker – hence my “unqualified” urgency, before I start building more backlinks.

    Kind regards

    1. -

      Hey Antonio

      You’re welcome.

      Yes, if you have built those links on Monday, then you might need to wait a bit to see them indexed. And yes, the site:url is the only way to see if they are indexed in Google.

      Have used the software to build links to your website (moneysite)? If so, I wouldn’t build many links. As mentioned in the review, I would first web 2.0 site like wordpress.com or blogger.com and include a link back to your moneysite. Then I would use the 301 ranker software to build links to those web 2.0 sites. This is the way I do it and I get good results with that strategy.

      Most of the links created with the 301 ranker software aren’t high quality links and so you should better avoid them to buidl to your moneysite.

      I hope that helps,

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    Hello! I have several Facebook and VK Fan Pages, named with some certain keywords in my niche, with low and medium competition. Can I use this software to rank tham high on Google or even in #1 position? I also use it with One Hour Indexing service, but have no results now…using it only 3 days. What is your suggestions please? Thanks.

    1. -

      Hi Giorgos

      It really depends on the keyword and its competition. For a product launch I was able to get a fan page ranked on the first page using these links plus some other web 2.0 links like from WordPress.com or Blogger.com etc. Since it was for a new keyword it worked within 3 days, but I haven’t seen it working that fast for other established keywords. Even with low competition you may need to use other links to get the pages ranked too.

      I hope that helps,

  16. -

    Hi Daniel I’m interested in buying through your link but i’m being redirected to a people per hour website just want to make sure it’s legit

    1. -

      Hi Marelva

      I don’t know this people per hour site. I assume that they don’t sell the software anymore and now you can only buy a service which uses the software to build links.

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