60 Minute Paydays Review

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my 60 Minute Paydays Review. Here you’ll discover everything about the product so that you’ll be able to make your own buying decision on real facts and not on the usual hype you receive during a launch.

What Is The 60 Minute Paydays System All About?

This training course is all about building sites / publishing content the right way to attract as much traffic as possible for free. It teaches how to do that either with or without your own website.

What Will You Learn With The 60 Minute Paydays System?

  • How to generate passive income with FREE traffic while building a powerful list at the same time.
  • How to put up powerful cash magnets in hour that earn you money 24/7.
  • How to use the 60 Minute Payday method to scale your earnings to hit job replacing income fast.
  • Plus you’ll learn a stealth techniques Paul has used for years which he has never released before.

What Paul Is Going To Show

  • First, Paul is going to show you around his case study site.
  • Then he’s going to get into the nut and bolts of how it all works.
  • Next he will show you how you can copy what he has done in a few different ways.
  • Finally, he will also show you the best ways to monetize your cash magnet sites for maximum profits.

60 Minute Paydays Program Components

The products consist of training videos as well as PDF’s in form of Cheat Sheets. Below you can find all the info about those videos and PDF’s.

7 Training Videos

Video #1: Introduction

Within the first video Paul is giving an overview of the system, how it works and what you’ll learn.

Video #2: The 60 Minute Paydays Formula: Part 1

Here you’ll get more info about the system itself plus Paul is also showing a real case study site which he built following the system he is going to teach within the course.

Video #3: The 60 Minute Paydays Formula: Part 2

In this video, Paul is going to continue to show how it all works. Plus he also goes over the most important aspects to make these sites a success.

Video #4: How Does My Site Measure Up? See Some Live Rankings

Even if the system isn’t going after Google rankings, Paul goes over some of the rankings his case study site achieved. The rankings have been achieved by structuring the content the right way.

Video #5: Monetizing Your Cash Magnet Sites

This video is all about monetizing the site and Paul shows different methods to monetize you cash magnet site.

Video #6: What Markets to Get Into?

Here Paul will show you how to find a good market to go into and what you need to look for.

Video #7: How To Set It All Up And Publish Your Cash Magnet Site

In this video Paul shows you how such a site need to be setup. He will also mention ways you can start using that system without your own domain name. However her highly recommends that you use your own website and hosting.

Extra Video Training

You’ll also find links to some extra training videos such as: WordPress Tutorial Video, Social Tutorial Videos and Domain Set Up And Hosting Videos

I found that these videos are very well made, high quality, easy to understand and follow. They are straight to the point and in a lof of them Paul does show proof of the system by showing it on his own and live case study site.

2 PDFs

  • The 60 Minute Paydays Cheat Sheet
  • The 60 Minute Paydays Fast Action Plan Cheat Sheet

These PDF’s aren’t a replacement for the videos. They compliment the videos and are a great way to keep the important parts of the system ready to grab when needed.

60 Minute Paydays Review Conclusion

The training videos are well done and are really easy to follow. This system is not based on some loophole or gimmick which will work only today. Paul’s case study site has remained and still received free traffic every day. With that being said, if you haven’t made any money online yet or if you’re looking to add another stream of income to your online business, then I recommend that you take a look at this training course. To get started, click on the button below.

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