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DanielI’m Daniel, a 40+ years self entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. I’m married and we a son and two girls.

The first time I got in touch with the internet was back in 1995 and in 1997 I created my first website for a client. Since then, I have been creating many websites for clients. My biggest interest has always been in SEO and later also in Social SEO.

Since 2010 I have a contract with a large e-commerce company for which I’m doing the webmaster and SEO tasks for the online shop.

In 2011 I started creating my first WordPress Theme and Plugin. I could partner with Mike Johnson which did the sales for those products. In 2012 we founded wpsocial.com together and have created many different WordPress plugins, mostly for Social SEO and Social engagement. We then sold wpsocial.com in September 2014 because I had some real health issues and couldn’t offer the support for the products I wanted to. Then in October 2014 I had a hip replacement surgery, which went really well and since them I’m living pain free again :-)

2015 I started creating an affiliate site in the weight loss niche. After only 3 month, it already generated $1000+ per month and after 6 month it’s at $80-$90 per day. 80% of the traffic comes from SEO and that’s around 8000 unique visitors per month. I then started with another site in the relationship niche. This site is still growing and hasn’t generated much income yet (around $350 in 2 month).

SEO is the one task I love doing and also the one task where I understand a thing or two ;-)

As soon as I get more time, I’ll also publish some SEO and niche marketing related tutorials on that site.

But the main reason why I started that site was that I wanted to provide some real and honest reviews about IM products, because when I was interested in a product and did a search for a review, most of the time I could only find fake reviews with bonus offers with a value of hundred thousand dollar or so. It was hard to find a real and honest review. There are a lot of reviewers out there and they all have one thing in common. Every single product they promote is always the latest and greatest product which you need to have. The same thing is with many well known marketers. They just promote product after product for two reasons: to remain in the JV group they belong to and to make money from you. Most of them never care about the quality of the product.

The reviews you’ll find here, are for products which I either use myself or have received a review copy to test them. I don’t publish a review just to have a review for a product launch to make money. I want to provide real value with my reviews. Those reviews should help you making the right buying decision for the product you’re looking for and hopefully also help that you never get scamed again.

Should you be not sure about a product, then I recommend don’t buy it. Don’t buy products or courses just because you received a ton of emails from well known marketers. And if you buy one, then take the time to go through and use it.

If you want to contact me, you can do that through the form here.

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