AmpliFire Review

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my honest AmpliFire Review.

We all know. If you want to make real money online you need to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers.

Get this right, and you’ve hit the jackpot.

The trouble is with so many websites now competing for a share of attention, you have less than 7 seconds to make an impact on your visitors. So how do you stop your hard-earned traffic from going to waste? How do you make YOUR website stand out from the crowd? And how do you get your visitors to stay on your site – and take action?

The short answer is, that you need to grab the attention of your visitors when they arrive on your site / landing page. You can either do that by coding such an attention grabber into your site or you can use a tool like AmpliFire. But how does it work and is AmpliFire the real deal? Let’s take a closer look at this tool right now.

What Is AmpliFire All About?

it’s a web based tool which lets you create full screen optin-pages or calls to actions. When you landed on this page, then you might already have seen how it works. The big optin which did slide down after landing on my site was created using AmpliFire.

AmpliFire Dermo

Watch the video below to see what it can do and how it works.

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How Does It Work?

Before you get started with creating your first campaign you should integrate your Autoresponder Service with the software. This isn’t difficult at all. You just need to select which service you want to integrate and then add their API code. You can also integrate any kind of service using the HTML option they offer. After you entered the API key then you can click on a button to connect them and when you create a campaign you can select which list you want to use with that specific campaign.

AmpliFire Integration

Then you can start creating your first campaign. Creating a conversion mat is really easy and can be done in 3 steps:

Step 1: Choose a Template from the Template Gallery

AmpliFire Templates

After you clicked on “Create Campaign” to get started – this will take you through to the 30+ ready-to-use designs. There are templates for coupons, special offers, optin forms, downloads, and many more. If you want to start from a blank canvas to express your full creativity – then simply select the blank template.

Step 2: Customize Your Campaign

Customize Amplifire Template

You can easily customize all of their templates or build your own from scratch. There are more than 30 elements you can drag and drop into your designs. Each element can be customized by clicking on the cog then changing the settings on the right-hand pane. The available setting on the right hand pane depend on the element you want to change. When you click on the text or add extra text, then there is an easy to use editor which looks like any common text editor such as the one from WordPress or Open Office. It’s also a WYSIWYG editor from which you can change the fonts, their size as well as colors and much more.

Once you’re happy with your design, you just need to hit “Save” and then “Close” – and you’ll have a new Conversion Mat ready to use.

Step 3: Publish

To be able to publish the campaign on your site you need to connect your account to your site. This can either be done by downloaded and adding a little piece of code to your site or If you have WordPress, you can just use their plugin which will then automatically connect your account with your site. You only have to connect your domain once, then you can create as many campaigns as you like on it and they’ll automatically update.

That’s all you have to do to create and manage those full-screen call to actions that show up when visitors land on your site.

What Are The Key Features?

  • Pure drag-and-drop builder.
  • 30 pre-made professional looking templates.
  • Unrivalled Feature Set – Optin forms, social integrations, buttons, countdown timers, integration. You name it, they’ve included it!
  • Tons of slick entry animations to wow your visitors.
  • Full Autoresponder Integration.
  • Totally unique and intuitive Mobile builder.


Can that be used with any website?

Yes. It can be used with any website you have access to add a piece of code. That works with WordPress, HTML sites, Shopify etc.

Does it work with any Language?

Yes. Since you can completely customize everything, it can be used with any language.

Does it work in any niche?

Yes, absolutely. You can use it to build a list in any niche.

One Time Offers (OTO’s)

AmpliFire does also have some OTO’s which they will show you after you purchased the front end product.

OTO 1: AmpliFire Pro

The Pro includes a number of extra features, like split testing & segmented targeting. Also including are 3D E-book and iMac renders, a poll/survey component, geo-location capabilities, and pro selling features (TeeSpring/ Amazon/ Shopify integration)

Prize: $67 – $97

OTO 2: SpeedLeads

Speed Leads is a browser extension that let’s you instantly share any page you’re on as a WishLoop SmartLink – i.e. with one of your AmpliFire Conversion Mats integrated thereby turning every link you share into a conversion opportunity.

Prize: $47 – $67

OTO 3: Wishloop SaaS

This option enables you to unlock the other 2 parts of the WishLoop SaaS – EngagiFire (popup creator) & CaptiFire (page builder).

They are offering 3 buying options for this OTO – monthly $47, yearly $297, lifetime $497


  • Easy to use
  • Fully customizable
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Mobile friendly
  • 30-day money back guarantee


Honestly, I can’t think of any real cons at the moment. Maybe one could be that it’s cloud/web based and with that you’re not fully of control what will happen with it in the future. So if in worst case the business closes down, then we will lose all the integration. But that can happen with everything like the hosting etc. And since this company has already 2 other established products under the Wishloop brand, I don’t think that closing down will happen.

AmpliFire Review Conclusion

I personally love the call to actions you can create with this tool. They look really professional, are easy to customize and integrate plus they get the attention of the visitors. I had no issues at all creating my firt campaign and integrating it into this site. If you’re looking for any easy to use software which lets you create stunning attention grabbers to buid your list, then I recommend you get your copy of AmpliFire. To do that, just click on the button below.

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AmpliFire Bonuses

Please Note: All the bonuses above will be delivered automatically via the Amplifire thank you page based on your purchase level.

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2 thoughts on “AmpliFire Review

  1. -

    Hi there Daniel,

    Have you actually used this Amplifire?
    Since Reclick didn’t work I need a substitute.

    I did NOT by the Reclick product on your recommendation, from your original review.
    But, I was happy to see that you are No longer recommending it.

    I posted on your site regarding reclick. Since you seem to be the only one telling the truth right now. It is pretty unfortunate that reclick didn’t work since it touted some great features.


    1. -

      Hi Frank

      Yes, I’m using Amplifire right here on that site. Hopefully you noticed the slide down optin page when you arrived the on my site :-) Each day, the first time a visitors lands on any page of my site, the header of the site slides down and shows the optin page I created with AmpliFire.

      I got Amplifire after I had issues with ReClick (I saw your comment and replied to it). Amplifire isn’t exactly the same as ReClick, since it doesn’t have any pop ups (they have another product which does the pop ups). I personally liked the slide down optin pages, because they don’t get blocked by the browser. AmpliFire is easy to use, has a nice drag and drop editor, some nice looking templates and it works fast. I can create as many campaigns as I like and they have the option to either show it on all pages or you can even exclude pages when you want to create another one for specific pages.

      They also have a WordPress plugin which works good and adds the code to the site automatically. I tested everything in-depth not only with this site but also with my Fitness site and it’s working great on both sites. And when I change something on the optin page, I don’t have to update anything on my site. That gets done automatically.


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