Aladdin 2.0 Review & Bonus

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Ant Aladdin 2.0 Review.

When you do SEO and then finally get your page or site ranked on Google’s first page or even #1, then that is an absolutely great feeling. I love that feeling too. However, getting there is hard work and lot of it. You need to create quality content and then syndicate that through high quality sites to build back links to your money site. Without those links you’ll have a very hard time getting your high quality content ranked, since there are more and more sites which do produce high quality content and you have to compete against them. Back links are still a very important factor to outrank your competitors.

I can tell that from my own experience. I do SEO since 2008 and have been able to achieve hundreds of different page 1 and even #1 rankings. I even have been able to outrank high authority websites in the weight loss and fitness niche. Below is a screen shot from my weight loss / fitness site and the rankings I achieved with that for a weight loss related keyword. I just want to show you, that I know one or two things when it comes to SEO.


I achieved that ranking with my site by producing high quality content as well as high quality back links. It took a lot of time building all those links and that’s where Ant Aladdin will take its place.

Aladdin 2.0 Demo

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What Is Ant Aladdin 2.0 All About?

It’s a Windows/PC based piece of desktop software and is Oz’s revolutionary content syndication platform that transforms the drudgery of content syndication into a fun and easy process. It allows you to visually syndicate content across the internet by leveraging a proprietary multi-tiered drag-and-drop canvas.

You can basically build multi-tiered linking campaigns by just drag and dropping the sites you want to syndicate the content to into your canvas.

Then you have the ability to add Videos as well as images to the content. The media-rich content will be unique for each site it gets syndicated to. You only need to create one seeding article and the software will do the rest. You also have the ability to add unique images and videos to each of your sites your content gets published to.

This makes sure, that you don’t submit the same content to all of your sites, which wouldn’t help much in rankings, since you need unique content for every site you build a link from to get the best results possible.

Ant Aladding Link Building Canvas

How Does The Software Work?

After you installed the software, you’ll need to register it. That’s just entering your Paypal email address plus transaction ID and then click on Registration. Then you have to create a project and add your accounts from the various web 2.0 and social bookmarking sites to it. When you have done that, then you can start creating a campaign.

Creating a campaign is as easy as just dragging and dropping the different sites from the list to the canvas. In the image above you can see an example of such a campaign I just created. You can add as many supported sites to each tier as you like. When you have done that, then you can add the content, images and videos and click on Syndicate. The software will then do the rest and submits your content to all your added sites in every tier.

What Can You Use The Software For?

You can use the software to build links to:

  • Youtube Videos
  • WordPress Blogs
  • Amazon (and all other types of) Affiliate Sites
  • Private Blog Networks (PBNs)
  • Local Businesses
  • Ecommerce Sites

Basically, the software can be used for any kind of site or page which you want to get ranked in Google.


What sites are supported?

You not only have the option to submit your content to different Web 2.0 sites and social bookmarks, but also to your own PBN’s (Private Blog Network). Below is a list of supported sites for the main product:

  • Blogspot
  • Delicious
  • Diigo
  • Facebook
  • Instapaper
  • LinkedIn
  • Live Journal
  • PBN
  • Plurk
  • SendSpace
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • WordPress

Does the software work on MAC?

No, the software is designed to work on Windows only. You can use it with a Mac, but you would have to install extra software like Parallels or a Windows emulator etc.

Does that really work to get great Google rankings?

Yes, definitely. This kind of link building works great to get your site ranked in Google. I do this kind of link building all the time.

Are there any training videos?

Yes, there are training videos within the members area and there are a lot of the. For everything you need to do you can find a training video for. These videos are short to the point and are easy to understand and follow.

One Time Offers

As with most other product launches, there’s also an OTO.

Ant Aladdin 2.0 Premium (OTO)

  • It has even more powerful features like randomization, scheduling, drip-feeding
  • It includes more High Authority websites for syndication
  • It allows them syndicate content and get lots of powerful backlinks on auto-pilot
  • It integrates with powerful third-party tools like Spinrewriter, Backlinks Indexer, SocialSynd, Linklicious, CrowdSearch and many more.

Here’s a list of sites supported with Aladdin Premium (as extra to the ones listed above for the main product):

  • Blogster
  • DevianArt
  • Hi5
  • Linkagogo
  • Newsvine
  • Pheed
  • Skyrock
  • Storify
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tagged

Price: $39 / month


  • Easy to use
  • Beginner friendly
  • Flexible campaign builder
  • Can build multi-tier campaigns
  • Good Training videos


To be completely honest with you guys. If you want to use Aladdin 2.0 for your link building, then you definitely need to get the OTO (Aladdin Premium) which is $39 per month. With the main product, you can only create one project and you can only have one account for each of the supported sites. So when you start building links to your money sites, then you can only use the same set of sites to build links to. If you want to use another set of accounts for those sits, then you would have to export them, then delete them from the software and add another set of accounts. Plus there is no scheduling feature within the main product. So you only have the option to post to all of these sites instantly.

Aladdin 2.0 Review Conclusion

Overall, this is a nice piece of software and really easy to use. I like the drag and drop campaign builder. However, you really need to understand, that you need to get the OTO (Aladdin Premium) which I described above to be able to build links which will have an impact on your site’s ranking. With the main product only, you’ll have a hard time to build all those needed links for better rankings.

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Ant Aladdin 2.0 Bonus

I also have created an exclusive bonus package which you’ll receive when you get Ant Aladdin through me. All you have to do is clearing the cache and cookies from your browser and then clicking on one of the links listed below. After you have purchased the software, please use the contact form to send me the receipt and I’ll then send you the bonuses within 12 hours max.


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8 thoughts on “Aladdin 2.0 Review & Bonus

  1. -

    hi, where is the OTO Aladin premium? can’t see it anywhere I only see 3 options… I was thinking the 1 time Professional Edition with:

    Network Activation
    Content Development
    Web2.0 Support
    Import Accounts
    Drag ‘n Drop Strategenie
    Drag ‘n Drop Videogenie
    Drag ‘n Drop Imagegenie
    Video Syndication
    One-Step Wizard
    PBN Support
    Spintax Support
    Integrated Spinner
    Aladdin Blueprint
    Aladdin Workshop

    Max No of PBNs: 20
    No of Licenses: 2
    To Pay JUST ONCE:

    does this one cover what u mentioned in your article ?

    tks !

  2. -

    Hello Daniel

    Yes, the main product is the one you mentioned (Professional Edition). It’s $49 at the time of writing. You only will see the OTO after you purchased the main product.


    1. -

      Hi Scott

      The first OTO, which isn’t needed but I recommend it for best results is $39/month.


  3. -

    Hi Daniel,

    As mentioned on a post on another review, I think your reviews are honest, great and indepth. I’m so glad I found your site, so many IM review sites just republish the sales page and inflated claims and automatically give 9.8/10 as they just want you to buy the product. You are different – accurate and honests appraisals and as a newbie I appreciate that.

    A few questions re Aladdin. I’m a newbie who will shorlty be building my first niche affiliate website (health niche) and I understand backlinks are key to ranking. I have no issues building a site as I have a background in software development ( non web ) and I understand backlinks are key to ranking but I admit I’m a bit unsure as to how to get them.

    1) Does Aladdin provide the sites that I can get backlinks from and which sites for example would they be?

    2) Is my understanding correct that I write an article on my niche site, I get that article published automatically on the sites available to me in Aladdin and this then automatically provides me with backlinks that increase my authority and help me rank on page 1?

    3) I’m assuming Aladdin does not provide access to any PBNs that I could get backlinks from and I certainly don’t have the resources or knowledge to set up a PBN. Will I get just as good a result using the sites available in Aladdin you’ve mentioned in your answer to question (1) above rather than by using a PBN?

    4) Do you use Aladdin regularly to build the majority of your backlinks and if so do you use a PBN?

    5) Do you use rel=canonical when you get the backlinks and how do you get that? Is it a setting in Aladdin?

    6) What’s the purpose of the different tiers?

    Thanks Daniel, really appreciate your time and sorry if any of the questions seem daft or obvious.


    1. -

      Hi Craig,

      Thank a lot for your kind words. I really appreciate them and I’m glad you like my reviews. I always try my best to give as much of inside information as possible.

      About the link building. To be honest. I purchased Aladdin, installed and tested it, but then didn’t use it myself anymore. Until now, I build all the tier 1 links (the ones which point to my money site) manually. I use software ( to build the tier 2 links. Tier 2 links are those links which point to the tier 1 links. So when I build a tier 1 link, from as example, then I use the software to build links this content on which contains the link to my money site. The reason why I use is, because that’s a cloud based software and so it doesn’t post from my IP and I have not to leave my computer turned to run campaigns.

      1.) Aladdin does post to existing web 2.0 sites such as blogger, tumblr, twitter etc. (I listed them within the Faq’s) and if the upgrade does then include some more sites you can post to.

      2.) You write your article on your niche site, but then you’ll use another article to post on these web 2.0 sites. Never use your article from your site, except for your branded network sites, which means when you build a tumblr for example then you use the same name for the tumblr as you use for your website to make it clear to Google that this is a branded site which belongs to your website. Then when you post an article from your niche site to this branded site, then you will just include a link at the bottom of the article, as source reference.

      3.) Yes, you’re correct. Aladdin doesn’t provide access to any PBN’s. About getting results. That depends on the keyword you’re targeting. If the competition is high, then you’ll need some stronger links, than the ones provided by Aladdin (which are web 2.0 sites) and these are PBN’s. From my own experience, for keyword with lower competition, web 2.0 sites are definitely enough to get to the first page.

      4.) As mentioned above. I don’t use Aladdin myself. I build the tier 1 links manually and I use more sites than provided by Aladdin. More web 2.0 sites and I use my own PBN’s.

      5.) No I don’t use any rel reference for the links I build. I just build normal links.

      6.) The purpose of building tier links is to make the links stronger. For example when I build tier 2 links which point to my tier one links (the ones which link to my niche site) then I make the tier 1 links stronger. Search engines are bots and so they see that other sites (my tier 2 sites) link to these web 2.0 properties or PBN’s (my tier 1 sites) which gives like a signal to these bots, that these tier 1 links are more important because other sites link to them. So these tier 1 links get more ‘points’ which they then pass to my niche site.

      I hope that makes sense and does help.


  4. -

    Brilliant information Daniel, thank you, your response certainly opened my eyes and taught me a lot. Do you know of any sources with a crash course in backlinks\do’s and don’ts re backlinks as they are certainly key to ranking and it would seem to be something I need to get corrct from the start. Thanks again, you are very knowledgeable.

    1. -

      Hi Craig

      Thanks a lot for the kind words. They are much appreciated.

      Yes the backlinks are the key to get a site ranked if done correctly. The course I think is one of the best if not the best out there is a monthly membership, source university

      They cover a lot about SEO and link building not only for sites but also for videos and if you would only get a subscription for 1 month, then you would already learn a lot from there to get started and get your site ranked. These guys do actually do SEO for their living, so they really know what they are talking about.

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