Video Vibe Pro Review

Honest Video Vibe Pro Review


Video Vibe Pro is an all in one niche video marketing suite with which you can create and promote videos. Within this uncensored Video Vibe Pro review, I’m going to show you what it is all about as well as how the software works.

Video marketing and especially niche video marketing is extremely hot right now. And since Google does change their algorithm all the time and slaps more and more SEO sites, video marketing has become the one of the most profitable ways to make money as an affiliate. It’s free and you can get tons of targeted traffic to your site without paying for them.

I’m a niche affiliate marketer myself. I generate a nice 4 figure income from it and most does come from SEO. But since a few weeks, I also started focusing on video niche marketing to add another stream to my income because I don’t want to through everything in to one basket and only relying on Search Engine traffic.


Social Video Formula Review


Hey Daniel here and thanks for visiting my uncut Social Video Formula Review.

Facebook video ads are extremely hot and not many marketers are doing them right now. So this is just like Google Adwords about 15 years ago. With Facebook video ads you can get a lot of targeted traffic and get more sales for any kind of business and services, online or offline without breaking your bank account.

With the newly launched premium video ads, Facebook is definitely going to try to compete with YoutTube. They where able to increase video views by 50% during the month of May & June 2015. So it looks like Facebook is on a good way to keep the users on their platform instead of going to YouTube. With the new Facebook video ads and the Social Video Formula blueprints you’ll be able to:

  • Get your videos viewed for less than a penny per view and you only pay based on actual views
  • Drive loads of targeted traffic to your site for CHEAP
  • Get your video ads spread socially &


Niche Genetics Software

Niche Genetics Review


Hey Daniel here,

you’re just about to discover my uncensored, honest and in-depth niche genetics review – the newest keyword research and analyzing tool which promises to help to get those keywords for which you can get first page rankings in the search engines. But will that really be possible?

Nowadays many new SEO & Keyword research tools, plugins as well as reports are being released and all of these tools do promise you to get top search engine rankings in no time. The truth is, that many of these tools won’t help as much as they promise on their sales page. It’s not that easy to get first page rankings and it has become even a bit trickier since Google updated their algorithm.

How Do I Know What It Needs to Get Ranked?

I’m in online business since 2008 and I work as a webmaster,


Social Autobots Software Interface

Social Autobots Review


I’m sure you have heard of the Social Autobots software, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Perhaps you are as curious as I was, what this software is all about and if it will work as promised on the sales page.

Since I wanted to start to integrate some Social Media Marketing for my niche sites, this launch came just right on time for me and I jumped straight in to it at the very beginning. I’m not going to write a long introduction here and tell you how important Social Media integration into any online marketing activity is. I assume that you know about that already.

So let’s look straight to what Social Autobots is and what my first impression and experience was with it.

What Is Social Autobots All About?

Social Autobots is a software which lets you automate many social media marketing tasks on Facebook and Instagram,