Commissions By Tomorrow Review

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Commissions By Tomorrow Review.

The creators of this product, Man and his Partner Cason are successful marketers using Press Releases for launch jacking. This means, that they target products which are going to launch soon. On the date these products launch for the public, they get their Press Releases as well as their sites ranked on the first page of Google. During the launch period, there are a lot of people searching for a review for that specific product and when you’re able to get your website ranked high in Google for that product review keyword, then you will make money from these launches.

This is also one way I’m generating my income myself. I’m also doing launch jacking as well as niche marketing and I’m using these exact techniques to get my sites ranked. I do that for all niches I’m in. New products are being launched every day and in many different niches. So you won’t need to get into one specific niche. This is wide open and the possibilities are nearly endless. But most importantly, launch jacking can be really profitable if you do it the right way. This is what you’ll learn within this video course.

Commissions By Tomorrow Overview

Creators: Man Phuah & Cason Bo

Launch Date & Time: January 11, 2016

Type: Video Training Course

Niche: Can be used in every niche

Official Website:

Price: $7 for the front end product

OTO’s: Yes (see below for more info)

Skills Needed: None. This training is for beginners, advanced and experts as well.

Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What Is Commissions By Tomorrow All About?

As mentioned in the beginning of my review, this video training course is about getting ranked on Google’s first page for your chosen Keywords using Press Releases. But that’s not all. Man Phuah does also teach you how to get out most of a Press Release, how to setup a website which converts and how to collect leads for longtime success.

Here’s an overview of the different videos included within the course:

Introduction (2 Videos)

Within the introduction you get to know the creators of the product, Man Phuah and Cason Bo.

Module #1: Overview of The System (1 Video)

In this module, Man covers the foundation of the system and how you can use his simple formula to make affiliate commissions for every new product launch that you promote! Once you know this, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Module #2: Find The Winning Gold Mine (1 Video)

In these videos, you will discover how to find the right product to promote so that you won’t waste your time to focus on the unwanted shinny objects. Man will show it in front of you LIVE instead of talking about the stuff technically.

Module 3 – Create High Conversion Website/ Blog (3 Videos)

In module 3 videos Man is showing you how to create a high converting website which also can be a blog.

Module #4 The Power of Press Release (3 Videos)

Many of the Marketers using Press Releases don’t know about this secrets. As soon as you learn more about that, you should keep it yourself so that you can keep the competition low.

Price & One Time Offers

First the price for this video course is a one time fee and it starts at $7. The price will increase since it’s on a dime sale.

As with most of the products being released there are also some one time offers with this product.

OTO1: [DFY] 2 minutes to duplicate your very own moneymaking website. Price: one time fee of $17 – $27.

OTO2: [DFY] research done for you, get access to the hottest launches that make you MAX amount of money. Price: one time fee of $27 – $37.

OTO3: 3 case studies of $1000+ per campaign + coaching to replicate the results! Price: one time fee of $47 – $57.

OTO4: Re-sell rights of the entire funnel, plus traffic techniques to help you promote. Price: one time fee of $97 – $127.

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How Can You Make Money With Commissions By Tomorrow?

As mentioned within this review, you can make money using Press Releases for launch jacking. But that’s not all. If you get this technique right and have become successful using it, then you could also start your own service providing Press Releases to clients or providing them on different market places.


Is this easy to do yourself?

YES, it’s actually very easy to do. I do it myself all the time and this isn’t hard work at all. But that doesn’t mean that it’s no work. You still have to work to get results and to be completely honest, the more work you put in, the more money you’ll make. Especially at the beginning. After you got started and have had some success with it, it will become easier and it will need less work from your part.

Can this be done in any niche?

YES, absolutely. I have done it within the internet marketing, weight loss, fitness and relationship niches and it worked with all of them.

Can you really make money with it?

YES, absolutely. You can make money using the Press Release strategy. However, it’s important that you learn how to do it the right way. Do it wrong and your Press release will fail and you won’t make any money from it at all.

Can it be used for any language?

Press Releases in general can be used in any language. However, if you follow Man’s course, then this is will only work for English, since these services don’t accept Press Releases written in any other language than English.

Can you do that without your own website?

YES, you can absolutely do that without having your own website. However, if you wan to get out most of you Press Releases, then it’s highly recommended, that you’re using your own Website to drive traffic to it and collecting leads. You’ll also learn more about that within the course.

Commissions By Tomorrow Review Conclusion

I personally think that is a solid course teaching everything you need to know about Press Releases, getting them ranked and making money from them. Since I’m doing that myself and I can say that I had quite some successful ones, I know it from my personal experience that they work. So if you want to get started with making money or if you want to add another stream of income to your business, then you should take action and give it a try. Especially for the price which is less than $10. Click on the button below to get started now!

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