Copy Paste Commissions Review

Welcome to my uncensored Copy Paste Commissions Review.

Have you been trying to make money online or if you already make some have you been looking for some easy ways to make more money from your efforts?

Then you might have come across a promotion for the Copy Paste Commissions product created & published by Omar Martin & Michael Cheney. These two online millionaires claim to have a copy paste simple product which will make you money if you follow it.

But is that really the truth? Is it really that simple to make money online? And most importantly, can you make money with Copy Paste Commissions, even if you’re a beginner and have no list yet?

Keep on reading and you’ll get the true answers to all these questions and not a hyped up review!

What Is Copy Paste Commissions All About?

The Copy Paste Commissions are affiliate marketing strategies which Omar & Michael have been using for years. These are the exact strategies with which they made a lot of money using them. These strategies have even been picked up by the industry as a whole now, and it’s kind of become the defacto standard for how to promote and launch products.

Most of these strategies focus on mailing. However they also included free traffic strategies they use to generate free and paid traffic from Facebook.

Copy Paste Commissions Members Area

The Program Components

After your purchase you’ll get access to a membership section, where you’ll find the product. Copy Paste Commissions is an ebook combined with videos.

Below is a short overview of the chapters included within the program. These chapters are much more in-depth than described below. I just wanted to give you a brief overview without revealing the strategies.

Chapter 1: Getting Started

This is more like an introduction and how to get started using their strategies.

Chapter 2: The Crush Campaign

The crush campaign is one they have started testing years ago and then have shared this strategy with other marketers. They all made much more money from their campaigns suing this strategy then they made before. The Crush Campaign is all about the mailing frequency, creating the right bonus and getting total involved into the specific project.

You can also apply this strategy if you don’t have a list and tweak it, so that you can use it on your Fan page or your own blog.

Chapter 3: The Fence Shaker Strategy

This strategy is all about getting people off the fence, so that they actually get the offer you’re presenting them. If you combine this strategy with the Crush Campaign, then you’ll have an extremely powerful weapon, which you can use to get more sales from your promotions.The fence shaker strategy also includes several general FAQ’s you can use for your own promotions. These FAQ’s have been proven to get many people off the buying fence.

Again, this can also be applied to Fan Page posts, or even on your blog, if you get enough traffic.

Chapter 4: Traffic

Here you’ll learn how to generate traffic to your site using Facebook. They integrated both, free and paid ways to generate traffic. However Facebook isn’t the only traffic source talked about in this chapter. you’ll get some more ideas on how to generate traffic, creating buzz for your offer and creating a list.

Chapter 5: Bonus Strategy

This bonus strategy is all about getting more sales by getting as close as possible to the money. Yes people love money and if you’re able to get close to the money with your promotions, then you’ll be able to make much more commissions from your campaigns.

Chapter 6: Email Strategy

This chapter will teach you how to generating massive commissions by doing email marketing in the right way. Here you’ll learn how to make your emails more interesting, so that people actually love reading them plus you’ll get some great tips about creating a subject line to get people open your mails.


Michael and Omar have put great content into their product as well as really good ideas and strategies, which will definitely not only help you for your email marketing but also for your posts on your Fan Page or blog.

Is It Really Just Copy & Paste?

The name of the product might let you think, that you will get ready made templates which you can copy and paste into your campaigns and promotions. But that’s not the case. You will get several different phrases and sentences which you can really copy and paste, but that’s it.

What you can copy and paste are the strategies. This means, that you can copy their strategies they use to make those huge commissions and paste them into your business. Of course a lot of them need to be tweaked for your needs.

Can You Make Money As A Beginner Using Copy & Paste Commissions?

In my opinion, you’ll have a hard time making money as a complete beginner without a list using these strategies. It won’t be impossible, but it will take a lot of work and efforts from your part. If you already have a list, then this will be a great product and strategies to have to make more money from the list.

So It’s Not For Beginners?

I wouldn’t say it like that. If you’re really serious about creating your own online business, by either selling your own products/services or doing affiliate marketing, then I would recommend you pick it up. Why? Because when you’re serious about building an online business, then this will definitely include building a list and then you can apply all these great strategies to make more money from your list and blog posts or social promotions.

Can You Only Use It When You Already Have A List?

No. You can also copy these strategies into your social promotions or blog posts for example. I already got some great ideas for my next social and blog posts :-)

Can The Strategies Be Used In Any Niche?

In my opinion, not all of the strategies can be used in any niche. I have my main sites within the Weight Loss & Fitness niche where I also have a list. I definitely will be using some of the strategies and I already have some ideas on how to implement them. However, I also can’t see how to integrate some of the other strategies into my niche, since they are more focused on the make money online niche.

Is Copy Paste Commissions A Scam?

Definitely NO, it’s NOT a scam at all. It includes real, live and working strategies that not only have made the creators a lot of money but also for many other marketers too.

I’m sure, there will be people who are calling this product a scam, because they can’t make any money from it. But that’s not the fault of the product and just because some aren’t able to make money from it, that doesn’t mean that the product is a scam. It’s a real product to which you get access to, after you made your purchase.


  • They really have great content within their product.
  • Professional strategies for not only email marketing but also for social and blog posts.
  • Loads of different ideas to get creative in marketing.


  • Not really copy and paste templates.
  • No step by step video instructions.

The Verdict

Overall, Copy Paste Commissions is a good product with many great strategies. Even if it doesn’t contain copy paste templates, you still can copy the strategies outlined within the product and profit from them. I personally think it’s more than worth the investment. I got some great ideas from it which I’m going to integrate into my next promotions.

Get Copy Paste Commissions Now

Copy Paste Commissions Bonus

Should you decide to get your copy through me, then you’ll also receive the bonuses listed below. You’ll have instant access to them within your JVZoo account. Just go to the receipt page for Copy Paste Commissions and then scroll down until you see a button called “Copy Paste Commissions Bonus from Daniel”. Click on that button and you’ll get a PDF which contains all the download links.

Bonus #1: Instant Affiliate Income

Bonus #1: Instant Affiliate Income

12 Videos Teach You the Techniques and Markets for Earning Massive Affiliate Income. Most internet marketers report that their their as much as 40% of their gross income is generated through affiliate marketing.

There are many benefits to promoting OTHER peoples products and being paid a commission. This video series is going to teach you how to do it and more importantly you’ll learn what to AVOID in order to stay on the right track and make solid money FAST.

Bonus #2: From Mindset To Action

Bonus #2: From Mindset To Action

Complete More Projects and Double Your Money in the Next 30 Days Without Stress. As an internet marketer, multi tasking is of paramount importance but if you cant track the many aspects that actually determine how effective your business is – then multi-tasking actually makes it impossible to succeed wether you want to admit it or not.

This course will teach you how to create a PROPER roadmap, do everything faster and BECOME UNSTOPPABLE. Learn to hack your business and so much more.

Bonus #3: Uncensored Affiliate Secrets

Bonus #3: Uncensored Affiliate Secrets

Bonus #4: Big Commission Bootcamp

Bonus #4: Big Commission Bootcamp

Bonus #5: Facebook Marketing Excellence

Facebook Marketing Excellence

Bonus #6: Pinterest Marketing Excellence

Pinterest Marketing Excellence

Bonus #7: Twitter Marketing Excellence

Twitter Marketing Excellence

Bonus #8: Youtube Marketing Excellence

Youtube Marketing Excellence

Bonus #9: LinkedIn Marketing Excellence

LinkedIn Marketing Excellence

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