Fresh Store Builder v7 Review

Here’s The Most Comprehensive Fresh Store Builder v7 Review on the Web: No fluff, no filler – Just PURE facts! If you are thinking about buying Fresh Store Builder Version 7 then this is the most important page you will read this year.

Promoting products from Amazon has been the easiest way to make money online for a lot of marketers. Now with the fresh store builder v7 script you have the ability to start making money as an Amazon affiliate the easy way.

What Is Fresh Store Builder v7 All About?

Fresh store builder is actually a script (piece of software), which you upload to your hosting account. After uploading it, you can run the installer, just like with any other software you might already have installed, and this installer will then install and build all the different features you need for a professional eCommerce store.

Fresh Store Builder has been developed to work with Amazon, but you also have the ability to link to other affiliate products. So for example, you could build a store with products from networks and stores like aliexpress, overstock, walmart or any other network, if you like to do so. The one thing which wouldn’t work if you want to build a store with products from another network than Amazon would be the product import. You would need to build the store manually if you don’t want to use Amazon.


Is this easy to install and use?

Yes, the script is quite easy to install as well as to use. There are a lot of training videos showing step by step how to install and use the software.

Can it be used for other languages then English?

Yes, you can use the software to build a store in other languages. The following Amazon sites are supported:,,,,,,,,

Can you really make money with an Amazon store?

Yes, you really can make money with an Amazon store. However, it won’t make you money by just setting one up. You’ll also need to put in some work for marketing.

I don’t want to fall victim to shiny objects syndrome anymore, but I want to buy this. Is this right for me?

Yes, if you want to make money as an Amazon affiliate, then this is right for YOU. I also purchased it on launch day and have now spent some hours going through everything and I really fell in love with it :-). I can honestly say, that fresh store builder is THE product for building Amazon affiliate stores.

Should I buy this product if I want to build a store and make money online?

Yes, you should, because this is really the best script for doing that.

During the launch, you even will get an absolutely great bonus called: 10 Second Stores. This means, you get a file which you can import into your store and which will have some pre-configuered stores ready. You just need to chose which one you want to install, click on the install button and you have a complete store. I just installed the script and used the 10 second stores feature to create a store. All that took me less than one hour. You can see the store I just created here:

When you import the 10 second stores file, then you can chose from one of the following niche stores:

  • Pretty Girl Dresses
  • Best Model Rockets
  • Best Electric Shavers
  • Passionate About Bread
  • Top Radio Control Cars (that’s the one I used)
  • Brew a Beer
  • The Big Dinosaur Shop
  • Train Sets for All
  • Learn and Play Shop
  • Best GPS Trackers
  • Jump Trampolines
  • Turkey Fryer Shop
  • Espresso Me
  • Quadcopter Club
  • Play the Ukelele
  • Pro Turntables
  • All Character Toys
  • Best Food Smokers
  • Best Drink Fridges
  • Pro Flashlights
  • Slow Cook Good Cook
  • Shop for Chimeneas
  • The Wireless Sound Shop
  • Love Your Horse
  • Bee a Beekeeper
  • Model Kits for All
  • Standing Desk World
  • Sound and Freedom
  • Robot Vacuum World
  • Wine Lovers
  • Portable Generator Shop
  • The Perfect Rice Shop
  • Better Bed Shop
  • Professional Solar Generator Shop
  • Swimsuit World
  • All Kids Car Seats
  • Your Jogging Stroller
  • Mens Dress Shoes
  • The Good Fire Pit Shop
  • We Love Ice Cream
  • The Great Trumpet Shop
  • Travel Essentials
  • Portable Hot Tub Shop
  • Pro Knife Shop
  • Best Pressure Washers
  • Best Pizza Shop
  • Top Power Drills
  • Aquarium World
  • Recline and Relax
  • Smart Boy Suits

And here’s a screen shot how this looks like within the dashboard of the shop:

Fresh STore Builder v7 - 10 Second Stores

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Fresh Store Builder Version 7 Demo Video

What Is Fresh Store Builder Version 7 Not?

I’ll be completely honest with you. This script isn’t a push-button make money software. By just installing it and building a store you won’t make any money. You need to be ready to put in some work. Actually quite a lot of work. Building the store won’t take too much time, since the script does most of the hard work. However you’ll need to invest time in optimizing the shop and a lot of time in marketing / promoting your new store.

You NEED to look at this like a real business. If you do that and are ready to take the time it needs, then this script can build you a professional store which definitely will end up as your online business and then you will make money with it.

What Are The Key Features Of Version 7?

Fresh store builder comes with a lot of features. I picked the key features and listed them below to help you get a better picture what the script can do for you and your stores.

  • Complete store customisation
  • Six different templates
  • Widgetised home page
  • Template framework
  • Visual design editor
  • Front-end editor
  • Multiple traffic sources enabled right out of the box
  • Automatically create Pinboards and post products according to your own schedule
  • Rich Pins’ let your items show as products, with the price and full information, letting hungry browsers know they can buy right away
  • Facebook integration which lets you connect your store with Facebook and then automatically post new products and deals to your Fan page
  • Automatic syncing means your pins update whenever Amazon does
  • Silo structure for better SEO (Google loves this)
  • Spin Rewriter integration
  • Rich pins enabled
  • Smart caching
  • Customer reviews
  • Remote shopping cart with 90-day cookies
  • Customisable related products
  • Custom product images
  • Extended smart search
  • Ajax cart
  • Mobile-ready
  • Detailed analytics
  • Automatic or manual product populating
  • Custom buy buttons
  • 3-minute install
  • Store health check

How Can You Make Money With Fresh Store Builder v7?

You have several options to make money using this script. The first and foremost is definitely building an Amazon affiliate store. This is the main reason for which the script has been built for. But you’re not limited to only that. Just out of my head you could use this script to make money the following ways:

  • Build an amazon affiliate store within any niche and make money as an amazon affiliate.
  • Build amazon affiliate stores and sell them on the different market places (you would need to have the right license for that).
  • Build a niche store promoting products from other affiliate networks.
  • Build a store to monetize a high traffic website. There are many ways to build websites and some of them are high traffic ones, which aren’t easy to monetize. You could use this script to add a store to such a site.
  • Build a niche store to see if the niche is profitable and then replace you amazon affiliate store with your own ecom store or just link the products to your own store.

Important: You might have received many emails about this script, telling you that you can easily make money with building Amazon affiliate stores. This isn’t quite true. It’s true that you can make money with an Amazon affiliate store and that the script is quite easy to use. However, this isn’t a push-button make money script. You need to take action and invest a lot of time to build the store plus to get traffic to it.


  • Easy to install
  • Extremely flexible
  • Auto-populate product images to Pinterest
  • Possibility to integrate the store to your Facebook Fan Page
  • Can be used for any niche
  • Can be used on your existing site / blog.
  • Many customization options
  • Builds a professional ecommerce store with all features you see on the big stores
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • The autobuild and import options can only be used for Amazon products.

Fresh Store Builder v7 Review Conclusion

The script / software is a solid one and will definitely help you building a professional looking affiliate store. If you haven’t made any money online yet or just some dollars here and there, then I would say, that the Fresh Store Builder v7 could be the one product, which will help you making money promoting Amazon products. Especially if you’re ready to put in some work and get access to my master mind group via my bonus packe (see below).

The great thing about this script is, that it can be used for any niche, since Amazon has millions of products. So you will find some for any niche for sure.

Remember, this isn’t a push button make money script at all. You need to invest time and take action, not only to build the store, but also to get traffic. If you’re ready for that and want to build a solid online business, then you should give it definitely a try. Click the button below to get started.

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Do You Have Any Questions?

Should you still have any questions regarding Fresh Store Builder v7 or my bonus package, then please leave a comment below and I’ll answer them asap. If you don’t want to leave a comment or ask your question in public, then you can use the contact form. I’ll reply asap.





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