InstaNiche Review & Exclusive Bonuses

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my detailed InstaNiche Review.

I promise you, that this will be the most in-depth review you’ll find online. Here you’ll get all the facts, product tour plus I show you a live site I’m building with InstaNiche. No selling. No fluff. My goal is it to give you all the information you have been looking for, so that you easily can make your very own buying decision which will be based on real facts.

What Is InstaNiche All About?

InstaNiche is a cloud (web) based software which lets you build affiliate niche websites in 5 easy to follow steps. These sites are being monetized with Amazon products and do contain keyword optimized content, including images as well as videos. The sites are being build on WordPress and hosted on their server, so you won’t need any hosting for those sites.

Who Is Behind InstaNiche?

Mo Miah & John Gibb, the “Terminators”, have partnered with other marketers and have developed this system. These guys have already created many successful products and courses (which I own several of them myself). The one product which got me started as an affiliate in niche marketing was “Niche Site Formula”.

InstaNiche Team

InstaNiche Demo

I created a website using InstaNiche. You can see it here. I haven’t optimized or changed the site. This is how it looks, based on the theme you choose, out of the box. I’ll leave the site like it is for a few days and will then work on it. I’ll update this review, as soon as I worked on the site, so that you know it. If you get the system through me, then I’ll update you with everything I do for the site to get it ranked and to make money from it.

I also tested the site (hosting) with to see how fast it loads. The results have been good so far. The site was loading in less than 2 seconds, which is really good.

InstaNiche Hosting Test

How Does It Work?

The system is quite easy to use and the sites are being built by following 5 easy steps. But before you can start building the sites you’ll need to add some account information. This info is being used to build the site and there are training videos within the members area which explain everything in detail.I created an Infographic to illustrate how InstaNiche works.

InstaNiche - How It Works

So let’s look at the steps you have to go through to build such a site:

Step 1: Research

You actually don’t have to do any research yourself. This has already been done by the team and they have prepared a proven list of niches. The niches have been research for easy to rank buyer keywords to make sure, that you get a niche which contains enough buyer interest. This is important to be able to make money from any niche. Below is a screen shot of some of the niches available within the system.

InstaNiche - Proven List Of Niches

All you have to do is going through that list and pick a niche. If this is the first time you build a niche site, then I recommend that you start with a niche in which you have some interest or knowledge. This will make it easier to run the site for the long run.

Step 2: Pick the keywords & prepare the site

After you chose your niche, you will get a list of keywords from which you can choose from. I have chosen the Teeth Whitening niche and so you’ll see examples from this niche within the screen shots.

InstaNiche - Step 2: Pick the keywords

You have to select 3 keywords from the list. These keywords are being used to build the shop pages which do contain the Amazon products. These keywords have been researched and are the most relevant, buyer related and low competition keywords, based on your chosen niche. The low competition means, that it won’t be extra hard to get the content ranked on Google for these keywords.

But that doesn’t mean, that this content will appear on Google’s first page without any work. There is still work involved to get the content ranked.

After you selected your keywords and the site’s main keyword, you can select a theme for your site.

InstaNiche Themes

These are WordPress themes and you have the option to change or modify that after the building process has been completed. After you selected the theme, you’ll need to add a domain to the system. This can either be a domain you already own, or you can also buy a new one directly through the system.

I have gone through the niche list and after I selected one, i got my domain for it through the registrar which I always us. When you register a new domain or using one you already have, then you’ll need to enter or change the DNS entries, so that they point to the InstaNiche servers- There are videos within the members area which go through all the steps or registering a domain or changing the DNS entries for an existing domain.

Step 3: Add content

After you picked the niche and selected the keywords, you can start adding content to the site.

InstaNiche - Adding Content

InstaNiche will then show you relevant content for your chosen keywords. You can select an article from the list. Then you can add images and a video. For the images you have ter use your own one, or search for images within the system. It looked like they are using for the images. This is a site which offers free stock images you can use anywhere. I use that site a lot to get images for my niche sites and they have images for nearly everything.

For the video. There you have the option to search videos from YouTube without leaving the system. You only need to enter a search term and then choose a video from the results.

You have to add content, images and videos to each of the 3 keywords you selected within Step 2. So in total you’ll do that 3 times.

Step 4: Adding products

After you added the content, the system will automatically create 3 shop pages based on the chosen keywords. These pages are filled with Amazon products which contain your affiliate link. The products the system adds to the shop pages are based on the best seller list from Amazon to make sure, that there are products people actually buy. You also have the option to add additional products to these shop pages.

InstaNiche Shop Pages

When you want to add additional products, then you have to go to Amazon and search for products. Then you only have to add the ASIN ID into the fields. These products will then be added as featured products to the shop pages.

You have to do this 3 times, one time for each of the 3 keywords you selected at the beginning.

Step 5: Building the site

The last step is an easy one. Here you can add a header image for the site. This works the same as with the other images. You can either upload your own image or search one within the system.

After you added the header image or skipped it, you just need to click on a button to build the site. InstaNiche will then start building the complete site based on the options and content you selected in each step. This will take about a minute to get finished and after all the work has been done by the software you’ll get the login details for your site.

Now you have a niche site, filled with content and Amazon products. You have the option to login to your site and change everything you like, just like with any other WordPress site.

Overall, the system was really easy to use and I liked how simple it was to get into a new niche and build a starting site around it. I say starting site, because you still have to put in work from your part if you really want to make money with the site.

Important: Just building a site with InstaNiche and then doing no work afterwards won’t make you any money!

InstaNiche Faq’s

Can this be used with any OS (Mac & Windows)

Yes, since it’s a web based tool, it doesn’t matter what OS you are using. you only need to have an Internet connection.

Is the system beginner friendly?

Yes, the system is definitely beginner friendly.

Is the software easy to use?

Yes, the software is really easy to use and there are also training videos within the members area which do show everything in detail.

Do I need to buy hosting for these sites?

No, you don’t need to buy any hosting. The sites are being hosted by InstaNiche.

Is there any other work involved after building the site?

Yes, there will be work involved after you built the site. you need to do marketing for the site to get visitors. Without visitors, you won’t be able to make any money at all.

Can the site be changed & updated?

Yes, you can change everything on the site like with any other WordPress powered website. And with that, you can update the site yourself and add as much content as you like.

Will I get first page rankings with the site?

That depends on YOU. As I said above, it will take time and a lot of work from your part to get the site ranked high in Search Engines. If you just build the site and then assume that it get ranked, then you’re on the wrong way. The site won’t get ranked just like that. To answer this question. Yes, you can get first page rankings IF you do the work needed.

Should I buy InstaNiche?

What I recommend is that you don’t make an emotional buying decision based on emails or bonuses. Take the time and think about it. If you’re ready to invest time for the site to get it ranked and get traffic, then I would say that this is worth having a closer look at it. I personally think it’s a good starting point, because you get niche ideas, starting content as well as lifetime hosting for a one time fee. If you would do that all yourself, then you would definitely pay more than the one time fee for the system. Don’t buy it if you do not want to invest time into the site or if you think you’ll make money by just building sites using the software. That definitely won’t happen.


  • Easy to use system
  • Beginner friendly
  • It worked fast and without issues during my review and testing
  • A lot of niches to chose from
  • No extra hosting needed, since the sites are being hosted by InstaNiche
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • You can only add content one time within the system. After that, you’ll need to add your own content. This can be done within the admin area (which is WordPress).
  • If the system failed to add products to the shop pages, then you don’t have the option to just go through the steps for adding the products. You have to delete the site from the system and then start over again.
  • At the time of reviewing and testing the system, there where only 7 themes to choose from. You always can change the theme afterwards, but then the images might not fit anymore.

InstaNiche Review Conclusion

InstaNiche doesn’t build award winning websites. That’s ok, since it’s not built to do that. I still liked it, especially how easy it was to build a new niche site without the need of investing a lot of time into research. I’m definitely going to use it myself as a starting point for building new niche sites. Since you still have all the flexibility like with a normal WordPress site and the hosting is included, I think this is a good investment

Get InstaNiche NowInstaNiche Bonuses

I prepared some exclusive bonuses for you, should you decide to get the system through my link.

Fool-Proof Guide To Niche SEO

This contains my personal strategies to get my niche sites ranked high in Google. I’m revealing everything I do within this guide. If you follow these strategies, then your sites will definitely get a boost in Search Engine Rankings. This includes an easy to follow step-by-step action plan!

Extra Bonus for the first 50 buyers: When you send me the niche you created the site for, then I’ll give you 20 unique (around 80% unique) niche related articles from which you can then use to build links to your site to boost the rankings. PLUS, I’ll submit 5 extra articles to a blog network to build even more links to your site.

Fool-Proof Guide To Niche SEO

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Bonuses from the InstaNiche Team






Click Here To Get InstaNiche & All Bonuses

If you have any questions regarding InstaNiche or my bonuses, then please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer all of then asap.

Thank You,



17 thoughts on “InstaNiche Review & Exclusive Bonuses

  1. -


    Why are they hosting the sites?

    They could go out of business or just shut down the hosting or are you not concerned about that?
    The articles they have will be keyword included, will that get some SEO traffic?
    You said you made a site how is it performing?


    1. -


      The hosting is included within the system. I assume that hey also offer the hosting, because otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to build the sites. Their system does create a cpanel account and website and so they needed to have access to that.

      I’m not worried that they go out of business. First that’s a hosting option like with any other hosting company and the risk of them going out of business is in my opinion the same as with any other hosting company.

      Yes, the articles have the keywords integrated and with some work, they can get SEO traffic.

      I’m working on the site. I recorded a video while I was building it and then the screen capture software had some issues rendering the video. So I have to do the video again and for that I also had to delete the site again, so that I can build it from scratch. I’ll have the video and link to the site ready before the launch.


  2. -

    Great honest in depth review Daniel.

    The sales page seems to suggest you can rank on auto pilot with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    However from what you say you need to do extra work. What is the extra work you are doing that is required and did you buy/do you need the OTOs?

    How is your site progressing?

    Thank you.

    1. -

      Hi Craig

      Thanks a lot for the kind words. I much appreciate them.

      That’s possible that the site will rank with just a few clicks of the mouse, but it definitely won’t rank on the first page without extra work. The extra work needed is building domain authority and links to get the site ranked on the first page. No new site will rank on the first page without having any authority. I have a site in the fitness niche which already has some authority, but I still don’t get any new content ranking on the first page without extra work, or not for those keywords which bring traffic.

      No, I did not buy or use any of the OTO’s. My test site just got indexed and it’s not ranking anywhere yet. I haven’t worked on it yet, since I wanted to show how site looks like when it was built with InstaNiche and without any extra work. I’ll start working on the site in a few days and will then write an update.

  3. -

    Nice review! I like InstaNiche. But, I really don’t know how to make the site on the first page. I don’t know if I should buy this product.

    1. -

      Hi Tina

      Thank You.

      As I said in my review. It will take time and a lot of work to get the site ranked. If you’re willing to invest the time and work for your site (affiliate business) then InstaNiche is definitely a good starting point, since it includes the hosting as well as the starting content.

      Getting the site ranked is all about building authority (trust) to Google and building links. I show this in my bonus and will also use my test site as case study where I will show every step I do to get the site ranked.

      Again, I only recommend you would get InstaNiche if you’re ready to invest time into it. Don’t buy it just because of some bonuses or because of emails you receive. Take time to think about it. If you say to yourself, yes I’m ready to do the work, then InstaNiche would definitely be a good starting point.


  4. -


    In as much as I appreciate your honest review that is not what the seller are promising with this product.
    I received this in an email this morning from John and Mo the creators of InstaNiche

    “What if you could instantly build highly profitable, fully-fledged,
    100% unique, optimized and monetized amazon affiliate sites that
    rank page one of Google for huge search terms in just
    60 seconds flat?

    And then all you have to do after that is sit back, relax and watch
    the free traffic and sales come in, without ever having to
    touch the sites again.”
    They are saying sit back and the ranking flow in 48 hours and you say it will take a long time and lots of work, of course you are correct.
    How do these people get away with making these outlandish promises?
    I have also read that the content is not original but spun content with poor English, do you find that to be true?
    Thanks for your honest review.


    1. -

      Hi John

      That’s the marketing of today. Everyone is trying to sell a shortcut to making money online to get the most sales possible. The hard truth is, that there isn’t a shortcut to making money online. If there would be, everyone would be doing it. It’s always hard work, doesn’t matter what you do online and how you get the traffic. It will get easier after time, but at the beginning it’s hard work for everyone.

      The content I got for my site was around 80% unique and it was ok. Spun articles are ok for me, if they have been spun by humans. I mean spun article doesn’t mean that it they are bad. It all depends on how they have been spun.

  5. -


    I bought Instaniche already and then found your review. I want to refund the first purchase and buy through you since you are going to provide the step by step blueprint on what you will do to rank your Instaniche site.

    Do I just request refund through Instaniche Support on the first purchase and buy through your link?


    1. -


      Thanks for your comment. I recommend you’re not asking for a refund. I don’t know for sure, but that could delete the site you already have and it will be difficult for them to match the different purchases.

      I’m going to post everything I do with my Instaniche site here as case study and will not leave anything untouched. So you’ll get my strategy here for free :-)

      I thought about that for a while and decided that I want to give something valuable to the community to help people getting started and hopefully making money online.


  6. -

    Hi Daniel, the more I read your articles and the more I read ‘fluff’ written by others the more I realise you are one of the good guys, an honest person happy to help others starting out like myself by giving back something valuable to the community.

    My background is similar to yours but I’m clearly a long way behind you! I’m 40+ too, had a career as a software developer but no experience as a web developer or SEO but with my previous IT experience I pick things up quickly thankfully! Unfortunately I lost my job through chronic ill health, I developed a life long condition for which here is no cure. I therefore now desperately need to make affiliate marketing work for me to provide me with an income from home.

    I’m therefore very excited about you posting your case study of everything you do to build and then rank your site leaving nothing untouched as it sounds like an absolutely brilliant resource for beginners like myself who desperately need and genuinely want to succeed in affiliate marketing.

    I am so glad I found one of the good guys! Particularly heartened by your results from your first affiliate site that created $1000 a month after 3 months and after 6 months is on $80 to $90 a day…that would help me soooo much!

    Keep up the good work Daniel, you are very inspiring and I look forward to your case study very much.

    1. -

      Hi Craig

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. I much appreciate them.

      I’m in the middle of preparing a lot of content for everything SEO related I do to get my sites and pages ranked. Make sure that you subscribe to my newsletter, so that you also receive all the info about the case study site I’m building for that. There I’ll reveal everything, keywords, site as well as all links.


  7. -


    Appreciate the feedback and willingness to help others earn through the online community.
    How do I sign up for your newsletter? Didn’t see a link on your site.


  8. -

    You are a rare breed! Most reviews are someone posing as a review writer who is simply endorsing every product they review to get buyers through their link. I will look through all your product offerings for more products I can buy AND Trust! Thank You for Your Honest Review. Bruce Pott

  9. -

    Hey everyone, Instanice is a big fraud, and its sellers also fraud. I’m suggesting you don’t purchase any products from these sellers. Still if you want to buy, before that, ask their contact details. They don’t have any contact details. their customer supporting support system is Fake. I used this product, and I wasted $300. No one is giving response from their team. They are cheating people with their tactics. My suggestion is dont buy any product from these sellers. They are simply Fraud…..

    1. -

      Totally agree with you! Bought when i was very new. Older and wiser now. Thankfully we’ve now got big hitters in the IM industry like Brett Ruttecky calling this stuff out now.

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