Lets Animate Vol 2 Review, Product Tour & Bonus

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Lets Animate Vol 2 Review.

Lets Animate Vol2 Review

What Is Lets Animate 2 All About?

This is a graphic and video clip set which you can use to build explainer videos, infographics as well as animated graphics. It includes different characters and sets which can be used for many different niches

Here’s an overview of what’s included:

  • Loads of files of character video elements
  • ANIMATED characters from various profession
  • Martial Arts Character (One and the only!)
  • Male and Female version in one packs!
  • Professional quality background illustration!
  • PNG, SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, SWF, GIF format

These graphics can be used on both, windows and mac computers and can be imported into many different programs.

Below is an example of the fitness set included in the front end product.

Lets Animate Vol 2 Example Graphic Set

All the graphics do also come in different file variations and can be used as a standalone to create different graphics. Below is an example of an animated gif from the fitness set.

Lets Animate Vol 2 Fitness Male Riding a Bike

Plus they also deliver all the graphics as a transparent png file including all the different frames. Below are two stating png images to show you an example of the different frames included. The cardio fitness is divided into 30 different png files and some of them have up to 50 different files included for such a set. So there are a ton of different static files which can easily be used to create any kind of graphic such as banners, headers, infographics of any kind or they can also be used for ads.

Lets Animate Male Cardio Lets Animate Male Cardio

I made another graphic from the set using the free program gimp. I just imported any animated gif and have then added text to it.

Lets Animate Custom Graphic

This is just an example. Now such an image could be a good one to post on all the different social media accounts. Not all of the social media sites will show an animated gif but on the ones it shows as animated image it will stand out. Facebook however does support animated gifs which is a good thing. If you want to post one on your time line or on the timeline of your fan page, the you have to paste in the URL of the image into the text field. Uploading it won’t work. You can see an example I posted on the realisticweb fan page here: https://www.facebook.com/realisticweb/.

I’ll definitely create this kind of graphics to use them with my niche sites and post them on the fan pages. I like the animation and graphics like that stand out and they definitely will grab more attention from users than the normal static images and so they will get more likes and traffic to your site.

All these graphic sets do also come as SWFs which can be important into many different video creation software and so you can use them to create explainer videos or any other kind of videos.


  • Loads of different graphics
  • Loads of files, animated as well as static ones
  • Can be used for videos as well as graphics such as banners or infographics or any other kind of graphic


The SWF video files can’t be imported in to any video program. There are some restrictions. With a little bit of work they can be converted into mp4 file format and then it can be important into most of the video creators, also the free ones.

Lets Animate Vol 2 Review Conclusion

This is a nice graphic collection with many different sets and characters which fit into a lot of different niches. I definitely will use them to create animated graphic which I’ll then post on the specific Fan Pages. Click on the button below to get your own set of graphics.

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Lets Animate Vol 2 Bonus

If you decide to get this graphic package through me, then you’ll receive the following bonuses which I got permission from Reza, the creator of Lets Animate Vol 2, to offer them as a bonus for you.



















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