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Hey Daniel here and welcome to my honest and detailed LiveLeap review.

Facebook Live is Facebook’s latest live streaming service that is no doubt the future of Facebook marketing. The only downside of the live streaming with Facebook is, that you can only share your live calls on one place, either your Facebook profile, group or fan page. After you published your live stream on one place you would have to share it all over manually. There’s no feature to do that automatically which means a lot of your followers won’t even know that you’re having a live stream at this right moment.

Sharing your live streams manually does take a lot of time and you’ll lose many viewers and listeners. The other solution would be to have more than one phone, tablet or other mobile devices to be able to go live on multiple places.

Now you have the opportunity to use Facebook’s Live streaming service to its fullest extend with Live Leap.

What Is Live Leap All About?

LiveLeap is a cloud (web) based software which let’s you syndicate your live streams across multiple accounts the moment you go live. It’s the first one which has been approved by Facebook and the syndication includes your Facebook profile, all your Facebook groups and pages you’re an admin of, your Twitter accounts and LinkedIn profile. Plus it also integrates with with Twilio which lets you send a text message (sms) to your followers  and you can send an email to your list to let them know that you’re live.

Without the app you wouldn’t have an automated option to syndicate your live streams across multiple accounts. Facebook only allows you to go live on one place which means that a lot of your followers wouldn’t even know, that you are live or you would have to update all your social accounts manually to let them know. This is time consuming plus it’s nearly not achievable at the same time you’re on the live stream.

Another feature of LiveLeap is, that it has some analytics integrated which will show you from where your attendees came from, who attended it, which part of your live call was the most engaging one plus you will also be able to see when they left the call. All this data will help you to improve your future live streams.

LiveLeap Demo

Here’s the first demo video from Luke, the creator of the software.

Live Leap Review

Since the software integrates with Facebook, the first thing you’ll have to do is connecting your Facebook profile with the software. This is just like with any other Facebook integration you might already know and you only have to give permissions to the app, so that it can get the data from your profile and connected Fan pages as well as groups.

After you have done, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard.

LiveLeap Dashboard

From here you can connect the software with your Facebook profile all fan Pages and Groups you’re an admin of. When you go to the Facebook Pages tab, then you’ll see a list of all the available Fan Pages you can connect with.

LiveLeap fan Pages

You can then check the box on each of the fan Pages listed to connect them with the software. The same with Facebook Groups which you can find under the Facebook Group tab within the software. You have the option to change the pages and groups you want to syndicate your live streams for each of your live calls. You just have to go back to the dashboard and select the ones you want to include in the syndication. This should be done before you start your next live stream.

The sames steps have to be taken for Twitter and LinkedIn after you connected those accounts.

Key Features Of Live Leap

Worlds First Facebook Approved Tool to Syndicate Your Live Feed Across Facebook

The moment you go live, Live Leap will post your live feed direct to your chosen fan pages, Facebook groups and profiles instantly to ensure you get the MOST viewers on LIVE.

Syndicate Your Live Feed Across External Social Networks

Live leap also integrates direct with Twitter, LinkedIn (snap) to ensure your external social networks can view you live!

Worlds First eMail & SMS Facebook Live Integration

The moment you go live you can have LiveLeap email your entire email list letting them know you are live and the topic of conversation. The tool does also integrate with twilio so you can even text message your subscribers to let them know that you are live.

Track Your Analytics & Performance

Just like webinars, people come and go. Live Leap is the first tool that shows you the most engaging parts of your live plus what you can work ion in the future so that your subscribers/fans remain on the live event.

100% Cloud Based Set & Forget Software

Simply select your pages and social networks and close LiveLeap. It’s as simple as that! Whenever you go live it will trigger Live Leap in the cloud and it does then all the work for you!

Anytime you decide to have a new live stream and you want to share that with another audience then you have done the last one, you can just login to the software, choose to which Facebook group, pages or other social network accounts you want to share this new live stream and hit the save button. LiveLeap will then share you new live stream within your chosen accounts.

Monetize Your LIVE Calls Instantly

The software tracks the users who have engaged with your live calls so you can follow up with them.

Facebook Live Training

Included is also an in-depth training section where Luke & Anthony teach you everything you need to know about Facebook’s live streaming service and how to use it best for you. Plus they also teach you how to grow your Social accounts so that you can get out the most of your Live Streams.

We all know, videos are not only the best way to sell, but also for creating a proper organic relationship with your audience. So you’ll learn everything to become an expert with live streaming within your field.


Luke is known as providing one of the best support you can have within the IM industry. This won’t be any different with LiveLeap. They have a support team which will assist you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help you with any issue you might have.

What’s Included?

Below is an overview of what will be included within the main products as well as the upsells.

Main Product – LIVE LEAP

  • Facebook profile syndication
  • Facebook Fan page syndication (select any or of your fan pages to go live to.
  • Facebook GROUP syndication -> select an unlimited number of Facebook groups you manage to see your stream.
  • FULL Facebook LIVE training course sharing the A-Z of Facebook LIVE.
  • The best part of this it shares your FIRST stream, so all your viewers get put in the ONE stream.

Prize: $67 – $97 during launch

OTO 1: Live Leap External Syndication & Comment Manager

  • Twitter Syndication – instantly push your live feed notification to your twitter followers
  • Linked In Syndication -> Instantly push your live feed to your Linked in followers (business & market leaders)
  • COMMENT MANAGER -> your feed is being sent out everywhere, so your going to be getting comments in multiple locations, the comment manager pulls all comments into LIVE LEAP so you or a VA can instantly reply LIVE as they come in.
  • EMAIL SYNDICATION -> Have your audience be notified by your email segment or list the moment you go LIVE
  • SMS integration – We have integrated with TWILIO so you can now SMS message your audience every moment you go LIVE.
  • Live Feed Tracker – track all your live feeds in one place

Prize: $197

OTO 2: VIP TRAINING (LIVE, PAGES, Groups, Case studies)

  • Full A-Z Training on how to grow your Facebook FAN PAGES & groups.
  • Anthony Morrison case study of how he went from 4 followers on his live feed to over 230k LIVE (This is worth it’s weight of gold, literally think about almost a quarter of a million people watching you LIVE).
  • The complete training system from how to grow MASSIVE fan pages, groups, external social pages & Facebook LIVE.
  • How to MONETIZE Facebook live & make YOU the go to expert in your field.
  • Video presentation training – this is where we will be breaking any confidence issues your audience may have about getting on camera, giving them a very easy to learn method on how to present themselves & what exactly to talk about while going live.
  • Bonus Software that will help users grow their fan bases & followings for Facebook groups and pages for FREE.
  • Mass inviter Facebook Liker software.

Prize: $297

LiveLeap Review Conclusion

Luke and Anthony have created a very unique software which will definitely help those who are using or are interested in using Facebook’s new feature the Live streams. If you’re one of those who are using Facebook’s live streams or want to get started with it, then I highly recommend you take a closer look at Live Leap. To do so, click on the button below.

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LiveLeap Bonuses

I have some special bonuses which I’m allowed to offer you from the vendors:

Special Bonus #1: Total FB Takeover ($47 Value)

Total FB Takeover allows you to find the most trending topics on Facebook and then allow you to post them directly to you mass post to Facebook GROUPS

Special Bonus #2 (If You Pickup One Of The OTO’s): Social Autobots ($47 Value)

Social Autobots is a software which will help you with your Facebook & Instagram marketing. This is a real product and is actually being sold for $47. You can see my detailed review about it here

Plus, if you decide to get LiveLeap though me, then you’ll receive the following bonuses from me.

Bonus #1: Pinterest Marketing Excellence ($27 Value)

Pinterest Marketing Excellence

Bonus #2: Facebook Marketing Excellence ($27 Value)

Facebook Marketing Excellence

Bonus #3: LinkedIn Marketing Excellence ($27 Value)

LinkedIn Marketing Excellence

Bonus #4: Twitter Marketing Excellence ($27 Value)

Twitter Marketing Excellence

Bonus #5: YouTube Marketing Excellence ($27 Value)

Youtube Marketing Excellence

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