Media Profit Revolution Review

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my honest Media Profit Revolution review.

You see a lot of people talk about free traffic. But basically free traffic doesn’t exist at all. I mean you have to work to get traffic and if you and your time are worth nothing, then the traffic you generate by working hard will be free. But I don’t assume that you think you and your time are worth nothing.

That’s why I always look into new traffic sources. Especially the ones which aren’t expensive and still can generate a good amount of traffic. Media Profit revolution is exactly such a course. Let’s look what it is all about.

What Is Media Profit Revolution All About?

This is a new comprehensive video training program covering an untapped media buying traffic source. Media Profit Revolution really reveals the next generation of traffic. While most of the traditional traffic sources are declining, this is easily becoming the next big wave of online marketing and will be here for a long time.

What Will You Learn?

  • A Revolutionary Traffic Source That Delivers Dirt Cheap High Quality Leads!
  • How To Start With $5 And Create Income Streams Of $100+ Per Day!
  • How To Spy On Your Competition To Get Key Insight For Massively Profitable Campaigns!

The Program Components

The complete course is split into 7 modules. I have listed them below so that you can see what they are and what you’ll get when you decide to purchase it.

Module #1: Introduction, 2 Videos

  1. Why Media Buyers Are Going Native (Duration: 2:52)
  2. Niches (Duration: 3:10)

Module #2: Research, 4 Videos

  1. Research & Spying (Duration: 1:14)
  2. Finding New Offers (Duration: 4:53)
  3. Collecting Data (Duration: 2:00)
  4. Traffic Analysis (Duration: 2:55)

Module #3: Ad Headlines & Images, 2 Videos

  1. Ad Copy Headlines (Duration: 2:56)
  2. Images (Duration: 5:33)

Module #4: Content, 3 Videos

  1. Landing Page Content (Duration: 1:49)
  2. Writing Native Content That Sells (Duration: 4:53)
  3. Easy Content Creation With PLR (Duration: 5:33)

Module #5: Landing Pages, 3 Videos

  1. Landing Page Setup & Themes (Duration: 5:29)
  2. Boost Conversions With Surveys (Duration: 5:26)
  3. Lazy Affiliate Commissions (Duration: 4:21)

Module #6: Traffic, 6 Videos

  1. Traffic Overview (Duration: 6:43)
  2. Campaign Setup (Duration: 10:08)
  3. Traffic Set Up (Duration: 1:38)
  4. Connecting Google Analytics (Duration: 0:52)
  5. Bulk Ad Creation & UTM Tracking (Duration: 7:05)
  6. Campaign Setup With RSS Feed (Duration: 3:09)

Module #7: Optimize, 1 Video

  1. Bidding Strategies & Optimization (Duration: 3:16)

All the videos are very well done, high quality, easy to understand and follow. They all do have a good lengh, which I really liked, since I’m not the kind of person who likes to watch a 30+ min training video. I prefer short to the point ones and the videos within this course are just like that.

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About The Creators

Marcus Christian and Timothy Miranda, are 2 very experienced vendors/affiliates with a great reputation in the launch space. They have run dozens of launches and know how to keep customers and affiliates happy. They also believe in delivering high quality products that are based on experience and real life results.

What I Like Most About It

This is a super fresh course. No one else does teach it right now and so the competition is still very low. You also don’t have to invest a lot of money. You can get started with just $5 and even make a nice profit from that investment. It literally is like Google Adwords back in 2001.

Who Can Profit From Media Profit Revolution?

Honestly, anyone. It doesn’t matter in what niche you are in. It also doesn’t matter if you sell your own services or products or if you promote those as an affiliate marketer. You’ll also profit from that if you’re into list building, since you’ll be able to get cheap traffic which lets you build your list without spending a ton of money.


Can I get started with NO experience in that field?

Yes, definitely. You don’t need any experience at all. No internet marketing experience and no technical know-how.

Can I get started with a low budget?

Yes, absolutely. You can get started with only $5.

Can this be used for any niche?

Yes, these traffic sources can be used for any niche.

One Time Offers

OTO 1: Done For You Research & Spy Data

You’ll get access to campaign data from 15 proven campaigns that are working right now in the market place, which you can model and use in your own campaigns for huge success.

To get access to this information, it would either take countless hours of manual spying on your competition to see what is working or you would have to spend money on expensive spy tools, which can cost upwards of $300/m. With this package, you’ll get the chance to see for yourself what types of ad copy are working, the types of images that draw the most attention, done for you keyword lists, plus the exact niches and offers to promote.

Here is what is included:

  • Campaigns that are working right now
  • The exact offers to use
  • Hundreds of ad copy headlines
  • Images
  • Keywords and targeting

Prize: $47

OTO 2: Adavanced Training

The second OTO is a training course containing advanced methods. You’ll learn how to do Native Ad Arbitrage or “Traffic Arbitrage” with native content ads.

Within these video series you’ll learn a sneaky technique that virtually nobody else in the market is talking about. This one time offer does perfectly complement the main Media Profit Revolution training course.

Prize: $47

Media Profit Revolution Discount Coupon Code

I have a coupon code for you which will give you an extra discount. Use the following code at the check out page:


Media Profit Revolution Review Conclusion

Marcus Christian and Timothy Miranda have put together an outstanding course that you can use to make incredible profits starting today using this traffic source. The process is unique, quick, and extremely powerful when you do it as they do. To get started yourself, just click on the button below.

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Media Profit Revolution Bonuses

I have put together an epic bonus package that will make Media Profit Revolution even more effective. The bonuses will be delivered automatically in the members area if you go through my link.

Bonus #1:CPA Traffic Magic (Value: $47)

Media Profit Revolution Bonus CPA Traffic

Learn how to do dirt cheap direct to site media buys. This allows you to drive ridiculously cheap targeted traffic with incredible ROI.

Bonus #2: Media Buying Secrets (Value: $47)

Media Profit Revolution Bonus Media Buying Secrets

Learn how and where  to run the cheapest and highest quality media buy traffic. Destroy the competition at a fraction of the cost they are getting for the same laser targeted traffic!

Bonus #3: WP iAsk (Value: $67)

Media Profit Revolution Bonus WP iAsk

Boost your profits with quick and easy surveys. This is proven to create higher engagement and conversions with visitors. This plugin also allows you to multiply traffic with viral capabilities!

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