Will Niche Genetics Really Help You To Find Those Easy To Rank For Keywords Or Is It Just Another Wannabe Tool?

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you’re just about to discover my uncensored, honest and in-depth niche genetics review – the newest keyword research and analyzing tool which promises to help to get those keywords for which you can get first page rankings in the search engines. But will that really be possible?

Nowadays many new SEO & Keyword research tools, plugins as well as reports are being released and all of these tools do promise you to get top search engine rankings in no time. The truth is, that many of these tools won’t help as much as they promise on their sales page. It’s not that easy to get first page rankings and it has become even a bit trickier since Google updated their algorithm.

How Do I Know What It Needs to Get Ranked?

I’m in online business since 2008 and I work as a webmaster, WordPress and SEO consultant for clients and have achieved many top rankings for my client’s sites as well as a big ecommerce shop in my country. Since beginning of this year, I also started my own niche websites and had to go through trials and errors, since it’s not the same kind of SEO if you want to get a local business site ranked compared to get a niche site ranked for global keywords.

In April 2015 I got what it needs to get my niche site ranked. The site I have is in the fitness and weight loss niche, which is quite competitive. However, I managed to get my site ranked for more than 700 different keywords. Of course not all of them rank on page one (yet) but many do and I already make some income form that one site. Below you can find some screen shots to proof that I know what it takes to get ranked. Just click on them to see a bigger version of them.

Proof Of Rankings
Proof Of Rankings
Proof Of Rankings
Proof Of Rankings
Proof Of Rankings
Proof Of Rankings
Proof Of Rankings
Google Webmaster Tool
Proof Of Earnings
Proof Of Earnings

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As you can see within the screen shots above, I got first page and even #1 rankings for my niche site, so I really know what it takes and what kind of keywords you need to target to get there. You can trust me, the last 12 weeks I worked my ass off to find those keywords and get those rankings and that all did not happen over night.

There’s a lot of work behind all that. First you need to find the right keywords, then you have to check and analyze the competition for that niche to make sure that you’ll be able to get those first page rankings. You also need to find out, if the chosen keywords are buying keywords where money can be made. Then you need to write and optimize the content for the chosen keywords and when you have done all that then you need to get those links which will bring the rankings. You see, there’s really a lot of work behind online marketing and SEO and it can’t be done with just pushing some buttons.

Now this new tool promises that it will make it much easier to get those profitable and easy to rank for keywords. So let’s get started and look at what this tools is all about and if it really does the job.

What Is Niche Genetics All About?

Niche Genetics is a web based keyword research and analyzing tool, which will make it easier to find the right keywords for which you can get ranked fast. It not only shows you all the different keywords for your chosen niche, but it does also analyze them. You get full reports about the competition and what it needs to get those first page rankings.

Below is a video I just recorded which will show you an overview of the tool and what it can do for you. I apologize for the quality. It was my first screen cast for a long time. However you’ll get the idea of how the tool works which is what the videos was recorded for. You’ll see the same kind of videos within the tutorials too and they are then much better than my one, but I wanted to show you how it works from a person side who just used the tool the first time and tries to find real niche keywords and not only the generic keywords they mostly show in the promotion and tutorial videos.

Will Niche Genetics Also Be Useful For Foreign Languages?

Yes, it will. I tested it with German, since German is my mother language and it worked with that one too. It doesn’t show that many data, especially for Adwords ads as well as Youtube Videos, but it does give back all the date about the search volume and the competition, which is the most important thing in my opinion.


  • Easy to use tool.
  • Web based software, which means no installation required and which also means it will work on a Windows PC as well as on a Mac.
  • Does work fast.
  • Finds you many great keywords.
  • Difficulty scoring based on many different factors.
  • Niche discovery feature, which will contain keywords
  • Good tutorials. They really provide very good any in-depth tutorials about the tool which is something you can’t find in many tools. Most of the time the developers create great tools but lack in creating those tutorial videos. That’s not the case with Niche Genetics. They really have done a good job with that and show everything and I really mean everything you can do with the tool and how to use it for your best advantage.


It does only display the search volume for Google.com (U.S.) and you don’t have the ability to change that. It’s not a big issue, since the keywords which are being searched in google.com U.S. will also be searched in other countries (except local searches) and the search count is most of the time even higher for those globally.


After working with the tool myself, I can honestly say, that this is really a great tool and it will save me, and you, if you use it too, a lot of time finding any analyzing those golden nuggets keywords.

However, even if the tool does provide so many information about keywords and its competition, I still would recommend that you click on the full reports to check the competition yourself and then make up your own decision, if you want to go for that keyword and if you think that you can get those page one rankings. Tools are helpful, but they are still tools and nothing can replace the human view and logical thinking.

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