PageFlame Review

Hey, Daniel here and welcome to my in-depth PageFlame review where you’ll discover all the real facts behind this new product.

What Is Page Flame All About?

Page Flame is a web based applications which allows you to create pages which can be integrated as tabs into your Facebook Fan Pages. This application lets you build all kind of pages, such as landing pages, lead capture pages, sales pages, eCommerce pages or any other kind of page you can think of. Plus you can also integrate the new Facebook lead features, which lets you easily collect leads from your fan page visitors.

What Are The Key Features?

  • Drag and Drop Facebook Tab Page Builder
  • 15 Facebook Page Templates
  • Viral Newsfeed RoboPoster
  • Facebook App “List Builder” which grabs emails and biographical info from users
  • Can be used for eCommerce, affiliate marketing, product and local marketing

How Does It Work?

The software doesn’t give you only the ability to create pages, you also have the ability to create the new Facebook Lead capture posts. Below I go through both of these features.

The Page Builder

First, you’ll need to connect your Facebook account with the PageFlame application, so that you’re able to add tabs and post to your Fan Pages for which you’re an admin of.

Connect with PageFlame

After you have gone through the connection and gave all the needed permissions you will be taken back to the dashboard, where you can start creating the Facebook Fan Page Tab Pages.

Page Flame Dashboard

As you can see in the image above, I have created a tab page for one of my fan pages. You can see that page here:

When you start creating a page, then you have the ability to either chose a template to get started or you can create a page from scratch, like I did with the page above. The drag and drop editor which lets you build all kind of pages, is really easy to use and you can integrate a lot of different elements into your pages. Below is a screen shot of how this editor looks like:

PageFlame Editor

So the page builder part is really easy to use and can be used by newbies too. Plus it works good and fast.

Are These Tab Pages Effective?

I haven’t used such tab pages on my Fan Pages, so I can’t really answer that. One thing you need to remember is, that these tab pages can’t be seen by mobile users. So if users are using a mobile device to access Facebook (what the majority does), then you will need to publish posts to your Fan Page news feed with a link to the tab pages, so that the mobile users can access them too.

Desktop users can see them from two places. The first is within the nav at the top of the Fan Page and the second one is on the left hand side within the App section. Plus you can also publish posts to the page with a link to the tab.

The Facebook List Building

Within PageFlame you also have the ability to create and publish the Lead capture posts. These posts will then be published on your chosen Fan Page, your personal profile or any group you are an admin of. Below is a screen shot of how these posts look like or you can also visit my Fan Page to see such a post:

PageFlam Lead Post

This post has been created with using the default App, which is integrate within the Software. As you can see, the section at the bottom doesn’t look really nice, when you use the default app. That looks a bit different, when you use your own app. See image below:

Page Flame Lead Post Using Own App

The software makes creating these lead pages also really easy. You only have fill out some fields, then chose your page, profile or group you want to post to and click on post. See screen shot below:

PageFlame Lead Posting

This is really a nice feature to have to be able to collect leads and build a list on Facebook fro free.

Are There Training Videos?

Yes, there are training videos. But I couldn’t find any training video about creating a Facebook App and how to use that with the software.

What I Liked

The software, Page Flame is really easy to use. Not only the tab and page creator but also the lead posts.

What I Didn’t Like So Much

There is no option to save your own Facebook App ID and Secrets. If you want to use your own app, which they recommend for the lead posts, then you have to enter the details every time you post to your Fan Pages, profile or groups. Plus there is no training video on how to create such a Facebook App.

The training videos can’t easily be watched in full screen. Only one of the videos had the full screen button integrated and with all the other videos I had to double click to get them full screen. That’s not a bad thing about the software, it’s just something I noticed within the training section.

PageFlame Review Conclusion

Overall, the software itself works well and fast plus it’s easy to use. The Facebook list building feature is a good one, which can be used fro free. Normally you would have to create a Facebook ad to be able to capture the leads directly in Facebook. Plus the list building part does give  you a lot of different info which you can capture from users.

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