Rapid Commission System Review

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Rapid Commission System Review. Here you will discover all the info about the product, what it is and how it works, so that you can make your own buying decision based on facts and decide if it is a good fir for you.

What Is The Rapid Commission System All About?

This system is all about making money from Facebook Fan Pages. It’s a simple step by step over the shoulder video training that will help you quickly and easily generate an income online using Facebook fan pages.

Whether you want to promote digital products or physical products this exact same system will show you exactly how to generate engagement, clicks and tons of sales!

In fact, inside this video training you’ll be taken behind the scenes of a fan page they created and how they took it from scratch to over 15.343 Facebook fans in less than 10 days. The system does also teach how they used that powerful long term asset they built to build email lists for free and tons of affiliate sales!

What Is Included?

The Rapid Commission System is not just an ebook, it’s a complete make money with Fan Pages package. It includes many different training videos as well as products. The videos do show you exactly how to do everything to get successful with fan Pages and the added products and resources do help you to build the system.

Here’s a quick overview of what the package consists of:

  • Video Tutorials
  • Mindmap
  • FB secret code to grow your fan base for free
  • Done for you package in 5 niches
  • WP Plugin – profit snatcher to monetize your fan pages with ease
  • WP Plugin – Squeeze page magnet – build you landing pages quickly and easily
  • Resources
  • Access to a FB group for future tutorials and extra help

Rapid Commission System Resource Section

Below is an overview of the Training videos so that you see what you get before you decide to invest in the product.

Video #1: Overview

The first video is an overview of the complete package.

Video #2: Mindmap

In this video, Lucas is going over the system and how it works. You also have the option to download the mindmap.

Video #3: Research

Here you’ll learn everything about the research which is the most important part for creating any kind of business. Do the research right and you’ll have a much higher chance to get successful with your online business. Lucas shows different places which he does use to do the research and he also show how he does the research himself and what you have to look for to get started within the right niche.

One thing which is important is to find out if the people in your chosen niche already spend money online. It’s nice to build a Fan Page with a lot of fans, but when the audience is just there for fun, then you’ll have a hard time to make money from them. Lucas is also teaching how to find out if the people are spending money in a niche.

Lucas also provided a Niche research action plan which can be downloaded and will be handy anytime you start your research for a new niche.

Video #4: Fan Page Case Study

Within the this video you’ll get to see the actual Fan Page Lucas used for the case study. He shows you the exact steps by step you need to take, not just a the fan page itself, but also the landing page he’s using but also the website (blog) itself. When you watch that video, then you see very quickly, that this system isn’t very difficult at all and can be done by anyone. He also added a link to the Fan Page so that you don’t have to search for it :-)

Video #5: Fan Page Setup

Within this video you’re going to learn exactly how to setup a Facebook fan page. Lucas is not only showing how to create the page itself, but also how to create the different images and what free tools you can use to create stunning ones.

Video #6: Finding Product

This is also an important video. here you’re going to learn how to find the best converting products, either digital or physical ones for your niche. This is important, because if you don’t have high converting offers to promote, then you won’t be able to make much money if any from your fan pages.

Video #7: List Building

List building is one of the most important parts for any successful online business. As you might already have heard. The money is in the list and so building your own list is the key to generate money month after month. Lucas is showing you how to do that and how to find stuff you can use to get people giving you their email address in exchange for something free.

Plus Lucas is giving away a WordPress plugin which allows you to build high converting landing pages.

Video #8: Finding Content For Free

Coming up with content to post on your fan pages can be difficult if you’re not a writer or don’t know where to find content. Here you’ll learn how to find content you can use for your fan pages for free. Lucas shows different sources, so that you shouldn’t run out of content very soon.

Video #9: Finding Content Using Paid Tools

Going the free route to find content, can be time consuming. So Lucas shows you also a paid tool he is using, which is Viral Autobots, to find content which will save a lot of time and giving you more time to work on your online business to generate more income.

Video #10: FB Invite Code

Lucas does also give away a piece of code you can use to mass invite people who have liked a post from your fan page. In this video he’s showing how to use that code and what you need to look for so that you won’t get banned by Facebook.

Video #11: Promoting Multiple Product

This video is about how to use the Profit Snatcher WordPress plugin which you’ll get for free too and you can download it from the members area. This plugin lets you easily promote multiple profit streams from one simple link.

Video #12: Facebook Ads Kiss Methods

This is a short overview of how to use Facebook Ads to boost your posts. Lucas keeps that simple and shows exactly what he does to boost posts and get more likes and fans.

One Time Offers (OTO’s)

OTO #1: WordPress Theme

The first upsell is a WordPress theme. It’s the one Lucas is using on his own site and which is optimized for viral content.

Price: $27

OTO #2: 7 Day Cash Machine

This is a video training course showing you everything about list building and how to make profit from your list. Plus it also includes a 7 day email follow-up series as well as templates.

Price: $37

Rapid Commission System Review Conclusion

Lucas has done a great job with the Rapid Commission System which shows an easy to follow way to start making money online. If you haven’t been able to generate an income at all or want to add another stream of income using Facebook Fan Pages, then I recommend you take a look at the system. Just click on the button below to get started.

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Rapid Commission System Bonus

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