ReClick App Review

ReClick is a new marketing app created by Precious Ngwu and his team. Within my detailed ReClick Review you’ll discover all the real facts about this new app, how it works and if it really is worth your hard earned money.

UPDATE 02/16/2016

I can’t recommend the ReClick App anymore. After it got launched the support has been terrible. I mean I purchased the pro upgrade and it didn’t get added to my account. I submitted several Support Tickets and never received a reply. I also sent a direct email to the company and haven’t received a reply either. So with such an experience I really can’t recommend such a tool, doesn’t matter how good the app is. Now I moved to another app which does the similar thing as ReClick promised to do. It’s called AmpliFire and you can see it in action on this site. It’s the optin page which slides down when you land on a page. You can learn more about AmpliFire here.

What Is ReClick All About?

ReClick is a complete new cloud based marketing software which brings in new technologies for collecting leads, getting more sales and viral traffic. It’s a complete marketing suite and I haven’t seen this kind of marketing suite on JVZoo yet.

Yes, it also includes technologies such as Exit Pop-Up, but not the just the usual ones which you can get all over the web. The different Exit Pop-Ups and other attention grabbers can be triggered based on the users behavior and all you need to do to get it on to your site is pasting a single line of code.

This is the kind of technology the big Companies use!

This isn’t marketing or sales tactic from me. I work as Webmaster & SEO Consultant for a big eCommerce company which makes 8-figures a year and they pay a lot of money to other companies to get this kind of techniques integrated into their shop. They spend a lot of money to grab the attention of users who want to leave the site or surfing around the shop and haven’t bought anything. Why do the big companies do that? They do that, because this is still much cheaper than what they have to spend to get new prospects and customers.

You see, you spend a lot of time creating your site, landing page, optin page or any other kind of page on your site. Then you also spend a lot of time and perhaps money to get traffic to these pages. But what are you doing to keep that traffic on your pages? Many use an exit pop up to capture the lead when they try to leave the site. But these pop ups aren’t being triggered based on the behavior of the user and they are always the same. And that’s where the ReClick App is different.

With the ReClick marketing suite you can display pop ups or page overlays based on the users behavior. It’s an innovative, game-changing and super effective way of acquiring and engaging customers.

What Are The Key Features?

Re-Capture, Re-Engage & Re-Market

  • Behavior monitoring engine
  • Customer-driven funnels technology
  • Opt-in Forms and Lead Capture
  • Discounts, Coupons and Sales Offers
  • Binary Campaigns
  • Multi-poll Campaigns
  • New exit-intent technology
  • Integral Pattern Disrupt Full screen campaigns
  • Works seamlessly across all devices
  • Catch your visitor’s eye with Reclick Appearance effect

How Does It Work?

After you logged in to your account, you can start creating all kind of campaigns.Before you do that you should go to the Account > App Integration to get your austoresponder added, if you have one.

Then you’ll need to create your first project, give it a name and then enter the URL of the website on which it should appear. After that you can choose the template you want to use for that campaign. There are many different templates for different options.

ReClick Templates

The main categories are Light Box, Floading Bar and Slide-In.

The Light-Box includes templates for Opt-In, Banners with countdown timers plus Poll & Survey templates.

The Floating Bar has Optin-In And banner templates.

And the Slide-in has Opt_in, Banner and Social Profile templates.

So after you decided on the template, you just need to click on the template to use it. You have then the option to completely customize the template.

ReClick Customize Template

On the left you can see the template you have chosen and on the right you have several option to customize the look and text of it. You also can use a logo if the template provides one and replace the given image of the template. In this example I used the image which came with the template.

Then you have a lot of option when the template should show up based on the behavior of the visitor. You can not only chose to show it as exit pop up. In the screen shot below you can see some of the settings for the template I used here.

ReClick Template Options

The options also differ a little bit on the the different templates but most of them are the same for all the templates.

When you try to exit my site, then you can see an example of such a template I created with the ReClick App.


ReClick also comes with some Analytics which will give you some data about your campaigns. Below is a screen shot of the Impressions Analytics from my campaign I just created fo this site.

ReClick Analytics


How Can You Make Money With ReClick?

You can use it on all of your websites to either build your list or to promote your own or affiliate products.

Plus you could also use it to sell it as a service to clients. Since you can create unlimited campaigns you have the ability to create different campaigns for your clients too.


Can ReClick be used on any website?

Yes, it can be used on any website. It doesn’t matter if it’s built on WordPress, Shopify, HTML or any other CMS system. You only need to insert one line of code on your site to get it working.

Can it be used in any niche?

Yes, absolutely. You can use that in any niche.

Does it work with any language?

Yes, it works with any language. Since you have the option to completely customize all the text, you can use any language for it.

Can I create unlimited campaigns with ReClick?

Yes, you can use it to create as many campaigns as you like.

Is there a WordPress plugin to add the code?

Yes, you’ll also get a WordPress plugin, which can be downloaded after you created your first campaign. This plugin lets you easily add the needed code to your WordPress site.

What is the difference between the cloud based ReClick App and a WordPress Plugin with similar features?

You might know that there are WordPress plugins out there, which provide similar features. The main difference is, that these plugins only work on WordPress based sites. ReClick works with any site you have access to the code. Then^there are also differences in features. I don’t know all the WordPress plugins, but not all do provide as many features ad the ReClick app does. And then a big difference can also be the performance. Plugins will add a lot of code to the backend as well as the front end which can slow down your website. It doesn’t need to be like that, but with a lot of code added it can happen. With the ReClick app you only add a single line of JavaScript code which isn’t bad for the performance of your site.

What Are The OTO’s?

Below is a list of the OTO’s you’ll see when you purchase ReClick:

OTO #1: PRO Version

This one time offer includes the following extra features:

  • Monetize all your content with ReClick links
  • Build smarter landing pages with ReClick Landers
  • Get 20+ more high converting templates
  • SuperCharge your campaigns to acquire more sales
  • Generate free viral traffic at the push of a button
  • Pro-Styles first class support

Prize: $67

OTO #2: Performance Package

With this package you’ll receive:

  • Split testing engine
  • Location-Aware marketing
  • Analytics widgets platform
  • Plus you get the same highly engaging HD videos & photos they use on their campaigns

Prize: $99

ReClick Review Conclusion

In my honest opinion, ReClick is an absolute no-brainer marketing tool for serious online marketers and business owners. There’s no other marketing suite I know of which does the same thing for such a low one time investment. Normally you would have to pay thousands to be able to integrate this kind of technology into your site. So if you have a blog, ecommerce site, affiliate site, business site or any kind of other site where you either make money from it or collect leads, than I highly recommend you integrate ReClick into your site. Click on the button below to get started today!

ReClick Bonuses

When you decide to get ReClick through one of my links listed on this page, then you’ll also receive the following bonuses. You will get access to them instantly after you completed the purchase. When you go to your JVZoo receipt page, then you’ll see a blue button at the bottom of the page called “Daniel’s Bonus”. Just click on that to get your bonuses immediately.

ReClick Bonus Customer Retention Hack ReClick Bonus Launch Your Digital Product Business ReClick Bonus Online Profits Action ReClick Bonus Social Proof Sales Machine ReClick Bonus Hack Your Business With Super Funnels ReClick Bonus Traffic Babylon ReClick Bonus Traffic Filter App


6 thoughts on “ReClick App Review

  1. -

    I did not see it working on this page?
    There is a bottom bar?
    Not the re-click?
    Did you actually run and test this product?
    As a buyer I discovered the following?

    3. SUPPORT FAILURE 5 days still waiting for support or refund…
    4. Had to make a lander page just use
    5. analytics FAIL Placed on Facebook 2 pages generated 5 page views?

    Anyone can you verify this products complete functionality?
    Please feel free to share your reviews with my tech support challenges group.
    I answer the phone and support my clients there’s no waiting days for email anymore.
    Affiliates Wanted!

    1. -

      Hello Lee

      I’m sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with the ReClick App. For me it was working on WordPress. I could download their plugin and adding it to my site and then it displayed on the site. I had other issues with the support which I mentioned within my update on the top of this page.

      I would recommend that you send them a ticket and if that doesn’t help and the App doesn’t work on your site, then I would ask for a refund.


  2. -

    Hey Lee & Daniel,

    Here is what I can Verify…
    One of the worst products and Worst support I have encountered in recent memory.

    I could go on a rant about how many hours I invested trying to get just (1) of the designs to show up on any of our wordpress sites. (NONE to date) Or How they advertised that there was a HTML integration for auto-responders other then the standard ones… and there was none until yesterday.. (But don’t know if that works either..

    What Reclick is REALLY GOOD at is flooding your inbox with multiple affiliate promotions everyday. (Clearly instead of working on their product’s ability to perform even at the most basic level)

    But here is the bottom line – really BAD experience and support simply Deletes requests for refunds – or doesn’t respond. Finally had to file with PayPal for a Refund.

    To my surprise there weren’t even any support videos – that should have been the 1st red-flag.
    Do NOT Buy ReCLick

    1. -

      Hey Frank

      I can only agree with you. As I wrote in the update of the review, I could get the pop ups showing up on my site here. But it wasn’t fully working.

      They have one video I believe within the members area about how it should work. I haven’t had issues building a pop up and displaying it here on that site. But when someone subscribed, then they didn’t get redirected to a page and haven’t received an email at all.

      I also haven’t received any response to my tickets yet and I’m waiting for more than 2 weeks. That’s why I updated the review and recommended to NOT buy this product.

  3. -


    The owner is Precious Ng his business is to make ‘mask programs’ and make pretty good sales pages with awesomes sales videos.

    I bought one of his apps before ECOMILY (also it was an scam, actually the website does not work anymore and it has only less than 1 year…however he has still the sales page of this app available…what a shame!!)

    and now this app ‘reclick’ it does not working at all…NOTHING works

    Be carefull before buying ANYTHING from PRECIOUS NG

  4. -

    I have to agree – I was looking forward to using this application. Got it installed and upgraded (memo to self – ignore UPSELLS…!) And so far – nothing. It does not work on any site I have tried it on so far. I think there are some issues with the app saving details on their cloud server. So far two tickets have not been responded to and when I looked into a recent “thanks for signing up” email, I noticed a webinar offer for 2016….IT’S 2017 now, so another clue there methinks. Looks like a refund will be asked for. If I get a response from them I shall update this post.

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