SEONeos Review

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my uncensored SEONeos Review.

Google updated its algorithm a lot of times the past 2 years. Many sites lost their complete rankings and with that also the traffic. There are also a lot of businesses who lost their complete online business because they got penalized by such a Google update. Many of them have no idea why they got penalized. They see the links the received within their Google Search Console account, but they don’t know what kind of links are good and which ones are bad.

So they either have to let their site go or hire someone who can fix the issue. But for a small online business, that can be too expensive sine the tools or agencies who offer such a service do cost a lot of money. That’s where SEONero can be used for.

What Is SEONeos All About?

This is a Windows based desktop software which you need to install on your computer. SEONeos is a SEO software with which you can analyze your website. You have the option to do On-Page Analysis as well as Off-Page Analysis. You just need to enter the URL you want to check in to the software and then the tool wil generate a report for the chosen Analysis. That way you get to know why a site might have been penalized and what you can do to get it up again.

SEONeos Review

If you want to get your site ranked high in search engines for your chosen keywords, then you need to optimize your site. You need to do that On-Page, which is directly on your pages/posts and you also need to do that Off-Page, which is building links to the different posts/pages. If you do that the right way, like Google wants to see it, then you have a much better chance to get your posts/pages ranked high.

You might also need to get rid of some bad links you got to your pages/posts to get better rankings. You can receive such bad links either through SEO services you purchased or through some competitors who might have done negative SEO to your site. This software will help you do the Analysis and see if you got some of those bad back links.

How Does SEONeos Work?

Before you can get started, you need to install the software on your computer. This is an easy task and works just like with any other software you install on your computer. Just extract the file you downloaded and the install wizard will walk you through the complete installation. I did that and started the installation. The first thing I got when I started it, was a message from Windows.

SEONeos Installation Message

Sadly, this is something I get a lot from software which has been built by marketers. This happens, because they don’t register the software, as you can see in the image above (Publisher: Unknown Publisher) and that’s why Windows does show such a message. After I clicked on Run anyway, the installation went well and without any other issues.

Then when you start the software the first time, you need to enter the license key, which can get within your JVZoo account. Just click on the Access you Purchase link and you’ll get to the page with the license key information as well as some installation and usage instructions. When you start the software, you’ll see a screen as shown in the image below.

SEONeos Start

From here you have the option to either start an On-Page Analysis or an Off-Page Analysis.

On-Page Analysis

With this option you can check the On-Page SEO factors of any URL you wish. You just need to enter the URL you want to analyze and then click on the Next button.

SEONeos On Page

You have the option to use Proxies when you run the analysis. In my test I didn’t use any. In my opinion for the On Page you don’t need them really, since the software will go out and scan your chosen page to analyze.

Within the settings you can upload your own Logo for the report, but that will only work when you purchased the Pro (developer) upgrade. If you don’t have this upgrade then you’ll get the report with the SEONero logo.

On Page Example Report

I analyzed one of my review pages and have run it through the software. You can see the report it generated by clicking on the link below.

Check Out The Example Report Here

As you can see from the report, it analyzes 42 different factors which I find quite in-depth. However some of the information aren’t correct and you need to check them before you do anything. For example:

Factor 3: Meta Description

The tolls says that I should use a longer description for that page and that I can use up to 160 characters. This isn’t quite true. A lot of times I found that Google does also display the date the post was created and when it displays the date, you get the description cut. So I always remain on the save site for that and use a bit less characters.

Factor 9: Outgoing Links

The software does report, that I have more than 5 outgoing links on that page. This isn’t quite true either, since most of the outgoing links (to my social profiles) are in the footer and don’t have anything to do with the content. And within the content I have less than 5 outgoing links. I actually have only one and the other ones are cloaked affiliate links which include my own domain. So I don’t consider them as outgoing links.

Factor 17: Favicon

The software also reports that I don’t use a favicon. That’s not true either. I use one.

Factor 20: Load Time

The software says, that my site needs more than 3 seconds to load. When I test it with different tools, the site loads always in less than 3 seconds.

Factor 29: Canonical URL

Based on this report there is no link pointing to a canonical URL. That’s not true either. WordPress does that automatically.

Factor 34: HTML To Text Ratio

This is something you can argue about. I mean I have the markup integrated and so I have more HTML markup than a normal site. But the review does also include more than 2500 words of content. So I personally think that you need to be careful with evaluating this factor.

Factor 37: Mobile Responsiveness

Based on the report, my site shouldn’t be optimized for mobile devices. I know it could be better optimized for mobile, but the site IS definitely optimized for mobile devices and does also pass the Google check for it.

Google Mobile Test

On Page Test Conclusion

The test is in-depth and does give you a really good idea, if your site is good enough optimized or if you need to work on it. However you really need to check each point carefully before you start changing anything. At the end, this is only a tool and tools do make mistakes based on their coding!

Off-Page Analysis

When you choose the Off-Page Analysis then you need to enter the URL of your domain in to a field and click on Next. After that you’ll need to connect to your Google Search Console account so that the software gets access to its data. You also have the option import links from other sources such as moz or majestic or other sources.

SEONeos Off Page

Here I would recommend that you use proxies, so that the software can get all the results, especially if you use your Google account. I used my Google account, but haven’t used any proxies and so the software couldn’t get all the info. I assume this had to do with Google blocking IP^s when they do too many requests in a short time frame.

Off Page Example Report

After I entered the URL of my domain and connected my Google Search Console account, the software took all the registered links for that sites and analyzed them. As with the On-Page Analysis you also get a report after it completed the Off-Page Analysis. You can download a csv file which contains all the info the software analyzed.

SEONeos Links

After the SEONeos analyzed all of your links, it will also mark them with different colors. The green ones are the links which the software considers as good. The orange ones are the ones which need to be checked and the red ones should but into a disavow file so that Google won’t give them any weight. You then also have the option to export the list of Links to a csv file. As with the On-Page report, I think the Off-Page report is really good as well.

However, you also need to check the Links twice before you do anything. You might see it from the screen shot above. The software market a link from with orange and haven’t marked it with green (save). I mean, what better link can you get than one from the domain?

Check Out The Off-Page Example Report Here


Is it a desktop or web based software?

It’s a desktop software. You need to install it on your computer.

Does it also work on a Mac?

No, this version of the software only works on Windows.

Can I also use the software for client sites?

Yes, but only when you purchase the developer (Pro) upgrade.

Can I also make money using the software?

Yes, you can make money using the software. You could offer this as service for clients or on online market places.


  • Easy to use
  • Works fast
  • Integrated reports are good and detailed


  • Desktop software which works only on Windows
  • you need to use Proxies to get the best results

SEONeos Review Conclusion

The software is easy to use. It worked well during my tests and I haven’t got any errors or issues at all. However it still is a tool and can only return the values for which it is coded for. And to be honest, with only running such tests on your site, your pages won’t jump up to spot #1 over night. You still need to work hard for that with having good content, people love to share plus you need to get quality links.

For the quite low one time prize of $37 during launch, the software is worth the investment. To get your own copy, click on the link below.

Get SEONeos NowIf you have any questions regarding SEONeos and its usage, then please leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to answer all of them asap.

Thank You,



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