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Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Simple Click Tracker Review.

What Is Simple Click Tracker All About?

Simple click tracker as you might already guessed is a click tracking and cloaking system for WordPress. So it’s a plugin which you’re going to install on your WordPress site. I hear you. You might say, oh no not another link cloaker and tracker plugin. Bear with me, this isn’t just a simple link cloaker and click tracker plugin like its name. This is really a complete link tracker and cloaker system which does much more than just cloaking and tracking a link.

What Are The Key Features?

As mentioned above, this does more than just cloaking and tracking a link. Below are some of the key features listed what it does:

  • track link stats
  • rotate links
  • cloak links
  • track conversions
  • manage multiple domains
  • create groups of links for easy organization
  • manage split tests easily
  • create, track and measure complete funnel conversions
  • drill into traffic stats by date, domain, group and link
  • edit, manage and create 404 links
  • edit and manage dead redirect links
  • add multiple users (think clients!) to manage domains
  • use this as WordPress plugin or on a WordPress page

Simple Click Tracker Demo

Simple Click Tracker Review

As mentioned above, this is a WordPress plugin. So first thing you need to do is installing it on your WordPress site, just like any other plugin. Then you need to enter your license key, so that you can use it and also get automatic updates. After you have done that you’ll see the settings page as shown in the image below.

Simple Click Tracker Settings

From here your can create all your links. The first thing I did was creating a group so that I can add all the links from the reviews in to one group and have an easy overview of them. Then you can give it a title, which will only be seen by you. Then add it to an existing group or you can create a new one from there. Then within the Redirect URL field you can give it a unique name. This will then be the link you share. I used visit/sct to cloak the affiliate link for this product. In the Destination URL field you can enter the URL you want the visitors redirect to. In my case it was the affiliate link from JVZoo.

Then there are some Advanced settings. The first one is for JavaScript code. Here you have the ability to enter the Facebook pixel code as example or any other third party conversion tracking code.

Now this plugin also comes with the Split testing feature which I really liked. Here you have the option to add different destination URL’s. if you fill them out, then the plugin does randomly use one of these links  to redirect the user. For example. Let’s say you would have a post on your blog about how to make money online. Now since it would be a general post about this subject and there wouldn’t be a review of a product on that post, then you could generate a link and split test different offers. On the post itself you would say something like click on the link below to learn more about how to make money online. Now the plugin would then use one of the links you entered to redirect users. This way you can test which product converts best for your traffic using only one links.

Here you have the option to add as many different Destination URL’s as you like. You just need to click on the “Add Alt. Destination URL” button to add a new one.

So as soon as you have added all the options, you can save it and the plugin will generate the link and list them on the settings page (within the Links tab). There you’ll also have an overview of all the links and the basic stats. When you save your first link, then the plugin will check if you have installed the required script on your server. if not, then it will display a message and give you a link to download the script along with installation instructions.

Simple Click Tracker Links

Domains (only available with Multisite & Developer License)

Within the domains tab you have the option to track and cloack links for different domains using one control panel. You have to install a php script on each domain you add. That php script does can be downloaded within the plugin settings. When you add a domain and the plugin can’t find that script on the domain you entered, it will show a message with a download link for that script.


Within the groups tab you have the option to add as many different groups as you like. When you then create a link, you can add the link to one of the groups you created here.

Split Tests

Here you’ll see the split tests you created and the stats for them.


This is a feature they are working on and wasn’t active while I was testing the plugin.


Here you get the stats for your created links. At the top of the page you have the option to sort the links or only show links from specific groups you created.

Simple Click Tracker Stats

404 Report

Here you get a list of all pages/links on your site which do not exist or don’t exist anymore. This can also be links which people entered but there doesn’t exist a page for. So for example, if you would enter than that page doesn’t exist on my site and the URL you entered does then show up within this report. You can see that in the image below. I entered this URL into the browser and now it shows up within the report.

Simple Click Tracker 404 Report

This is a great unique feature of the plugin which I really like. You can see it does list the URL which people tried to use and it doesn’t exist. Now I can create a redirect link for that directly from this page. All i have to do is click on the create link and create one for that URL. This allows me to reduce the 404 URL’s on my site and redirect people to related content.

Users (only Available with the Multisite License)

Here you have the option to add users by email. They are then able to manage the account, create links and see the stats. When you have more than one domain, then you can assign a user to one or several domains when you add them.


Within the settings tab you see you license key and other info. There’s also a shortcode listed on that page, which you can use on a page and manage everything from a page. This is especially useful for multi-user accounts. So you could create a page, which you would protect with a password (can easily be done in WordPress) and then give that page with password to your users who can have access to it. You need to add these users also to the plugin settings under Users, otherwise they can’t see anything. I created such a page and you can see a screen shot of it below.

Simple Click Tracker Front End

The design of this page depends on your theme and might not look the same on your site as it does on mine.


Within this tab you get the info about installing the script plus it also includes a download link for it.


I received a review copy of the plugin. Then when I tried to add the license key for updates, it didn’t work at first. So I contacted support and told them the issue I had. They did a great job and resolved the issue within a few hours. I’m not a big name affiliate so the didn’t know me. They did everything to get that fixed asap and have been very professional. I would rate this support with A+.


  • Unique features
  • Feature-rich plugin
  • 404 reports
  • Multiuser functionality without the need of giving the users admin level
  • Split testing


  • It needs some time to learn about all the features and how to use them.
  • The stats graphics are not responsive and do not resize for smaller screens

Simple Click Tracker Review Conclusion

Overall I’m quite impressed with the Simple Click Tracker plugin and with all its features and I’m definitively going to replace my Pretty Link plugin with that one on all my sites. What I liked most, are the split testing and the 404 reports. If you have a WordPress site yourself, then i think that this plugin is well worth investing in. To do so, click on the button below.

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