My Detailed Smart Member 2.0 Review

Welcome to my Smart Member 2.0 + Dark Post Profits 3.0 Mega Bundle Review.

I promise you, that my Smart Member 2.0 review is by far the most comprehensive, accurate and complete assessment of Chris Record’s new offer on the planet. No fluff and no fillers. Just pure facts. This is going to be a very long read, so better sit back, take a drink and do really take the time to go through the entire review.

My goal with this review is to provide you with the most detailed and in-depth information available so that you can easily determine if this offer is really the best fit for you and your online business. Plus it hopefully will prevent you from wasting money if it shouldn’t fit.

The Crazy Smart Member 2.0 Offer

I personally think Chris has gone crazy when he was creating this bundle. You see, with this offer you not only will get the membership software but a complete bundle which includes the following:

  • Smart Member Lifetime Unlimited ($997/yr value)
  • Bridge Pages Lifetime Unlimited ($497/yr value)
  • Speed Blogging Lifetime Unlimited ($297/yr value)
  • Dark Post Profits 3.0 Included ($997 does launch in February)
  • Dark Post Profits 2.0 Included ($297 value)
  • Dark Post Profits 1.0 Included ($97 value)
  • FB Comments Manager Software ($197 value)
  • Dark Post Ads Database of 15,000+ Facebook Ads ($97 value)
  • 2 VIP Tickets to 3C Conference Jan 28-31 ($497 each)

This bundle has a huge value and it includes everything you need to have to get either started or take your online business to the next level.

In A Hurry? Click Here To Visit The Official Smart Member 2.0 Website

What Is Smart Member 2.0 All About?

Smart Member is a web based software, which lets you easily create full fledged membership sites. So with Smart Member 2.0 you won’t need your own hosting and you won’t need to install a script. With that you also won’t need to worry about updates. You get all that included.

During the launch, you’ll also get unlimited licenses, unlimited traffic and unlimited members. With this offer you’ll be able build as many sites as you like and get all the traffic and members for it without paying a monthly fee.

Plus you have the ability to have your own domain. So instead of using a sub domain, you can map it to your own domain for better branding.

Smart Member works quite similar like Udemy. It also allows you to create your own courses. Plus with Smart Member 2.0 you have the ability to collect money, pay your affiliates instant commissions and it can be integrated with third party platforms such as JVZoo.


  • URL Shortener
  • Rotate Your Links
  • Split Test Multiple URLS
  • Run Advertising Co-Ops
  • Share Traffic with a Team

I recorded a short video to show you the back end of Smart Member 2.0 plus I also wanted to give you an overview of the other products included such as Dark Post Profits.

How Does Smart Member Compare To Other Membership Sites?

To be honest, I’m not really one to compare, because I don’t use another membership software. However, I collected all the best features from it so that you can see what this software has to offer.

Smart Member builds full fledged membership sites. AND manages all of your email campaigns, so it works even as autoresponder which integrates with You can send out 12,000 mails per month for free which means, you could have a site with 2000 members and send them 6 emails per month without paying anything for that. AND it builds out mobile optimized landing- and lead capture pages. AND it has dynamic page options built-in. AND the software even runs your customer support through the integrated ticket system. AND it’s fully SEO optimized. AND the tool has 1-click embedding option from sites around the web. AND it gives you a blog to replace WordPress. AND it allows you to use 3rd party content to create free membership sites to build your list huge. AND it is fully integrated with jvzoo, clickbank, warrior+, zaxaa, Paypal and  Stripe. And it integrates with Facebook and lets you add/remove members to your group automatically. AND it has infinitely more benefits than your standard membership platform.

  • Builds full fledged membership sites.
  • Manages all of your email campaigns.
  • Builds landing and lead capture pages,
  • Comes with built-in dynamic page options.
  • Integrated ticket system.
  • It’s fully SEO optimized.
  • Has 1-click embedding from sites around the web.
  • Comes with a blog integrated.
  • Allows usage of 3rd party content.
  • Is fully integrated with JVZoo, ClickBank, Warriorplus, Zaxaa, Paypal and Stripe.
  • Automatically adds and removes your members from a Facebook group.
  • Completely mobile ready.

And when you get this offer during the launch week, then the software will also include:

  • You can create unlimited membership sites
  • You can collect unlimited members.
  • You can get unlimited traffic.

Below is a quote what other users say about how it compares to other membership sites:

So with all this, Smart Member 2.0 is something greater than anything else. It really is made with entrepreneurs and marketers in mind which makes it powerful in nature.P.S-No products can be compared to Smart Member as i don’t see a worth while comparison.It has everything inbuilt.It’s like having J.A.R.V.I.S. from the Iron man.

Below is a screen shot from the back end:

Smart Member 2.0 Back End

Click Here For The Official Site And Start Building Your Own Membership Sites


Here are some ideas on what you could do with Smart Member 2.0:

Launch Your Own Course

With Smart Member 2.0 you can easily launch your own course and with the unlimited license you can even launch as many as you like. It’s a turnkey membership system and within the system you have the ability to get access to extremely helpful resources as well as tools. No other membership software out there does include the same features and tools.

Launching a new course is as easy as: Creating the course and uploading it into the system. Then create your listing at JVZoo, give your chosen JV’s and Affiliates review access and then start profiting from all the traffic, leads as well as sales they send your way. Plus you can use the third party integration to get even more options.

Create An Affiliate Bonus Site

Smart Member 2.0 is also a great software to build your affiliate bonus site. No messing around anymore with adding bonuses to different pages, which might not even be hidden by search engines. With this system you can easily create your affiliate bonus site. It integrates flawlessly with JVZoo. So when you send traffic to a product through your affiliate link (from JVZoo) and the visitor does buy the product, then he automatically gets added to your membership site. Plus he will also automatically be added to your autoresponder and your chosen email list instantly. This is a great feature, even if you would have to manually add people. But that makes sure, that you can build a highly targeted buyer list of people who already purchased ones through you.This is absolutely fantastic.

Build Lists In Any Niche

You can easily build your list in any niche. You can use Smart Member 2.0 to build micro niche sites using high quality PLR content and video you found on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video site. Then you add all that to your micro niche membership site and give away access for Free to your prospects. Like that you can build a highly targeted list and start generating a residual income by promoting other offers. It’s that easy.

What Else Is Included Within The Offer?

As mentioned above, you will not only get access to the membership software but you’ll also get access to the following products and courses:

Bridge Pages

Bridge pages is another tool created by Chris and his team and with that you can create dynamic lead capture pages. Now these bridge pages are integrated in to Smart Member 2.0 and are fully mobile optimized. You can build unlimited bridge pages and you get lifetime updates.

Speed Blogging

Speed blogging is a chrome extension which lets you automatically add any kind of content, images and videos to your membership sites in seconds. This extension will definitely help you generate a lot of free targeted traffic, leads and sales for your membership sites. It helps you create the viral content for your sites which will bring more visitors.

You can instantly embed any content from around the web such as Facebook status updates, Pinterest pins, YouTube Videos, Website screen shots, Quotes and anything else you can think of. You can see what speed blogging is about and how bridge page look like at my test page:

Dark Post Profits

Dark Post Profits is the hottest Facebook advertising course with 100+ top-notch training videos.

The Dark Post Profits 2.0 course reviews Facebook information, concepts, and training from all levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced! It provides everything you would want to know on Facebook Dark Post ads and relating concepts – directly from current Facebook ads experts who are in the trenches and understand what’s working now.

Just look at the screen shot below, which I took from inside the Dark Post Profits 2.0 members area. This one course includes already more than 100 lessons all around Facebook advertising, Facebook Marketing, Fan Page marketing, T-Shirt selling, Shopify and many more lessons.

Dark Post Profits 2.0 Overview

If you get this offer than you will not only get access to Dark Post Profits 1.0 and 2.0 but also to the upcoming Dark Post Profits 3.0 which will launch in February 2016 and will sell for $997.

Facebook Comments Manager Software

The Facebook Comment Manager lets you import all of your Facebook fan pages, posts, including their comments into an easy-to-analyze interface to directly delete or reply to comments found to be positive – negative – neutral through advanced sentiment analysis.

Tech speak for “easily delete haters and reply to promoters” on your Facebook posts!

Dark Post Ads Database

The Dark Post Ads Database scours all of Facebook in search of the best ads shown to it’s users, finding incredible examples of good (and not so great) ads for inspiration. You can search and sort them by keyword, likes, shares, comments, and more to find the perfect dark posts to learn from.

This is an incredibly unique database that’s updated in real-time daily.

Below is a screen shot how the interface looks like:

Dark Post Ads Database

2 VIP Tickets To The 3C Conference January 28-31, 2016

You’ll also receive 2 VIP tickets to Chris Record’s 3C, Create – Capture – Convert, Conference. This is a 3 day conference where a lot of the top marketers will be there too. This is a great opportunity to meet and network with the top people from the industry.

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Who Is The Creator?

Chris RecordThe Smart Member 2.0 membership software has been created by Chris Record and his company, Internet Marketing Bar. This company is specialized in developing software, launching products as well as creating high quality training for entrepreneurs.

Chris and his team of software developers have created Smart Member for their own needs. They wanted an easy to use tool to launch products online. After numerous requests from online marketers around the globe, they decided to make Smart Member available to the public which then happened the first time in June 2015.

Chris has also a passion towards helping entrepreneurs succeed. Smart Member is the exact solution to help more people create a significant residual income, working from home, in any niche that they want!

Chris is also known as a fantastic affiliate marketer, speaker and trainer. I personally like the way he does the teaching. The first time I saw a presentation from him was around November 2015. Then I joined his inner circle in December 2015 and have also access to his Dark Post Profits and some other courses and tools. I really love them and will also create a section on this blog where I’ll share my experience from these courses plus my results.

What Is The Price?

The Smart Member 2.0 Bundle includes the following products and courses:Smart Member 2.0, Speed Blogging, Bridge Pages, Dark Post Profits 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, Facebook Comments Manager Software, Facebook Ads Database including 15,000+ ads plus 2 VIP Tickets to the 3C, Create – Capture – Convert, Conference in Las Vegas in January!

Price: $997 One-Time Fee or $397 x 3 payments

What Are The One Time Offers?

As we all know, when there’s a new product launch, then there are also one time offers integrated into the sales funnel. This is no different with this offer. The one thing which is different is, that it only contains one up-sell. This one time offer is about getting access to Chris Record’s 6-Figure Traffic Academy.

The 6-Figure Traffic Academy is Chris Record’s private coaching group. As a member you’ll get weekly coaching webinars. 40+ times per year, as well as a daily accountability group and monthly projects. The goal of this group is to help create 100+ new 6-figure earners every single year!

I’m personally a member of this group too and this is really a very active group and members do help each other. Plus Chris does answer questions on a daily basis too. If you want to get help from Chris himself and other members who are in the same boat as you, then I recommend, that you take this one time offer and join Chris Record’s 6-Figure Traffic Academy.

Price: $1 for First 30 Days, then $97/mo.

Chris Record's 6-Figure Traffic Academy.

Conclusion Of My Smart Member 2.0 Review

As described above, this is really a crazy offer and includes so much value. I know it’s a higher prized one, but you’ll also get the option to pay it in 3 times. It’s worth much more than the prize you have to pay for. It’s an investment in your business and future. This is what I also have done and I’m glad I did it. I invested in these courses from Chris Record to take my online business to the next level and I’m  already on a good path. So click on the button below to get started.

Get The Smart Member 2.0 Bundle Now

Smart Member 2.0 Bonuses

I have prepared some incredible bonuses for you, if you decide to get Chris Record’s bundle through my link.

Bonus #1: Mastermind Group (Value $997)

You’ll get access to my mastermind group where you’ll get all the help you need about SEO. You see, I’m doing SEO since 2007 and I know how to get sites ranked for the long run. SEO is something which always needs some time if you want to get your sites remain high on Google for your chosen keywords. So it’s important, that you have a good strategy as well as a kin of protection for your site, so that it doesn’t get banned when Google releases another update.

Bonus #2: Social Marketing Business In A Box (Value $497)

You’ll receive a complete business in a box which you can use to build a membership site with it. This bundle includes articles, ebooks and videos which you can use for your membership site either to sell it as your own course or use it as a bonus when people purchase a product your promote through your link. The following platform are covered within this business in a box:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

That bonus bundle includes all the big networks out there and with all the stuff in this bundle you can create a really great membership site.

Bonus #3: Weight Loss / Fitness Business In A Box (Value $497)

The third bonus is another real business in a box. You’ll receive:

  • Articles
  • Squeeze Page
  • Reports
  • eBooks
  • Follow-up emails
  • A lot of videos

These are not low quality items. All of them are high quality, also the videos. With that bundle you can easily create a high quality membership site in one of the most profitable niches online. Especially at the beginning of the year, there are a lot of people searching for ways to lose their extra weight and get in shape again. I myself have websites in that niche and they all generate a nice income every month.

Bonus #4: 20,000+ Viral Images (Value $97)

Here you’ll receive a lot of viral images which you can use to post on your social media accounts. Nothing gets more attention than viral images. People love them and they also share them with their friends. This is a great free way to build up you followers on all your social media accounts. The following topics are covered:

  • Fitness Motivation Quotes
  • Funny Images
  • Funny Memes
  • General Viral Images

These Smart Member 2.0 Bonuses won’t distract you from taking action using the software and training you’ll receive with Chris record’s offer. This is really important, since you need to focus on that, otherwise you’ll really waste your money. These bonuses will get you started instantly. you can build your own membership site with them, start integrating what you learn from Chris and then you’ll get traffic and leads to your site. This is the best way to make money online. I can tell you that from my very own experience. Click the button below to get started with Chris Record’s Smart Member 2.0 bundle and my Bonuses.

Get The Smart Member 2.0 Bundle Now

If you have any questions regarding the Smart Member 2.0 offer or my bonus package, then please leave a comment below and I’ll answer all your questions within 12 hours max. If you have something you don’t want to post in public, then you can use the contact form to get in touch with me. I’ll reply to all messages within 12 hours max.

Thank You for taking the time going through my review.




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