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I’m sure you have heard of the Social Autobots software, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Perhaps you are as curious as I was, what this software is all about and if it will work as promised on the sales page.

Since I wanted to start to integrate some Social Media Marketing for my niche sites, this launch came just right on time for me and I jumped straight in to it at the very beginning. I’m not going to write a long introduction here and tell you how important Social Media integration into any online marketing activity is. I assume that you know about that already.

So let’s look straight to what Social Autobots is and what my first impression and experience was with it.

What Is Social Autobots All About?

Social Autobots is a software which lets you automate many social media marketing tasks on Facebook and Instagram, you normally would have to do manually. And if you have done any such tasks already for yourself, then you know how time consuming this can be. Especially Facebook Marketing can be extremely time consuming if you do a bit more then just publishing some posts on a Fan Page. You might even manage multiple Fan Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Events or maybe client Fan Pages and automating many of the tasks involved in Facebook Marketing is exactly what the Social Autobots Software can do.

After setting up the software you’ll be able to achieve Facebook and Instagram Marketing automation across all your Personal Profiles, Facebook Pages, Groups and Events. The software is a complete solution to automate the interacting with your market.

What Can You Do With The Software?


  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Automatically find and download as many images as you like
  • Scheduled publishing of content & comments
  • Automatically like pictures and profiles as well as following other users
  • Automatically like & comment using hashtags
  • Automatically unfollow users


  • Manage multiple personal profiles, Fan Pages, groups and events
  • Automatically post comments and content
  • Sending friend requests on autopilot
  • Automatically scrap and like Fan Pages
  • Automatically scrap, join & post on Facebook groups
  • Sen group email invites on autopilot

This is a great PLUS for the software since Facebook Pages have been a gold mine for business’ for years. Recently Facebook has been minimizing the organic reach of pages, while charging users huge amounts for boosting the posts and getting traffic. This software will allow you to use Fan pages to your best advantage!

What Will The Software NOT Do For You?

The software will definitely not make you money on autopilot with just pushing some buttons. That just doesn’t exist and it doesn’t exists within this software either. you still have to do your market and keyword research and you will have to work hard to get successful with it if you don’t want to be seen as a spammer and getting banned by the networks.

What Social Networks Are Included Withing The Software?

The software focuses on the marketing automation for Facebook as well as Instagram. In my opinion the most important ones where money can be made at the moment.

The Social Autobots Members Area

The members area is easy to navigate and you can find everything you need without spending much time searching for it. Below are some screen shots of it.

Social Autobots Members Area
Social Autobots Members Area


If you prefer to read a manual on how the software works instead of watching the videos, then there is a complete and detailed PDF manual for download which will show you all the steps as shown in the videos. At the time of this writing, they have a note there, that they are updating the manual and it should be ready soon.

Video Tutorials

There are several video tutorials ready within the members area. Each of those videos is showing a specific part of the software and how to use it. Below is a list of the videos which were ready on launch day plus I included the ones which Luke hosted on YouTube so that you get a good impression on what the software can do.

Instagram Modules

Instagram Account Setup

Instagram Commenter & Liker (Hash Tags)

Instagram Content Generator

Instagram Follower Modules

How To Schedule Instagram Posts

Facebook Events

Not up yet

Facebook Friends Module

Facebook Groups

Facebook Group Scraper & Joiner

Facebook Group Poster

Facebook Pages

Facebook page scrapper & liker

Facebook page commenter

The Social Autobots One Time Offer (OTO)

When you go through the purchasing process you’ll be offered a one time offer. This one time offer is a video training about how to use the software the best way. Luke promises that he is going to show many of his life sites and also creating a case study site, beginning with keyword research, building the site and then using the social autobots software for the marketing.

There will be new videos posted every other day. On the first launch day, when I purchased the software there was only the introduction video available, but Luke promised that the first case study video should be up on the site within 24 hours. So I’m looking forward to this first social autobots case study video and will then update the review about it. Below is a screen shot of the OTO members area. I’ll update that too, as soon as it gets some more content on it.

The Social Autobots One Time Offer (OTO) Members Area

If you really want to get the most out of the software and want to learn how to use it the best way to make real money with it, then I highly recommend that you get the One Time Offer. The tutorial videos do show how to use the software, but they don’t show how to best integrate it within your Social Media Marketing journey. As Luke promised, the OTO tutorial videos will do that and that’s why I have purchased the OTO too.

Installation Of The Software

Installing the software was really easy. First I had to download and install two additional .NET software for Windows, which is quite normal for this type of software and it wasn’t a big deal either. Luke does provide some good videos on how to install everything, so that shouldn’t be an issue at all. Below is a screen shot of the software user interface.

Social Autobots Software Interface

For Which OS Can The Software Be Used?

The software is compatible with Windows as well as Mac.

What’s the Verdict?

Social Autobots is complete Facebook and Instagram Marketing software for people who have already some marketing activities on those networks as well as for marketers who want to get started with Social Media Marketing and who want to automate most of the processes. The Software itself is of high quality. It runs on my computer without any issues. However the design doesn’t impress me too much or not on my PC as you might have seen on the screen shot. But that’s not a big issue for me and I’ll get used to is. Maybe Luke does even gets an update out for it, so that it looks a bit better on computers as the one I have.

With that being said, i can recommend the Social Autobots Software and I’m sure you will be happy with it as much as I am.

Get Social Autobots NowSocial Autobots Bonus

I’m straight forward with you and completely honest. I don’t offer an extra bonus for the product, because you don’t NEED any extra bonuses. Believe me. They will only distract you from taking action, using the software and making money. I can tell you that from my own hard earned experience. And anyway. 99.9% of the bonus packages which I have seen for this product from other marketers are completely rubbish and worthless. Most of them are also outdated private label products and offer you absolutely no extra value and they will only collect dust on your hard drive and hold you back from making money online.

My Recommendation

I’m in the online business since 2008 and I have made many, many mistakes and the one thing I want to give away for your online business journey is: Don’t buy any product or software just because a guru promoted it and offered a bonus. Also NEVER buy a product just because of the bonus package. Like I said before 99.9% are worthless anyway. ONLY buy a product if you are certain, that you’ll use it and that it will help you reaching your goals. If we take Social Autobots as example. Please only buy it, if you really take the time to learn it and also then use it. If you thought of buying that software just because everyone and his mother is promoting it or because you have been offered a huge bonus, then forget about it and go back to the project you already started and work on that.


26 thoughts on “Social Autobots Review

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    It’s really hard to find an in depth review these days but your review of Social Autobots has answered many of the questions I had. Being online for a lengthy amount of time, I’ve come across some very dodgy tools I thought might benefit me with progressing online. Needless to say, I’ve wasted money. However, when interacting on Facebook with comments, does the software create useful comments that would help engage with people?

    1. -

      Hi Brendan

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad my review could bring in some lights. About the comments. The software doesn’t create any comments itself. You need to write them and you have the ability to post them automatically. Of course this way, you can only have some generic comments posted and the quality depends on what you write yourself. It’s the same with all tools. The quality of the output depends always on the quality the user inputs and I don’t think there will be a tool ever, which will be able to send those close related comments like you would post when you do it manually.

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    I was skeptical about it …. Think ill try it… What i was concerned about was getting my account banned in which i spent 3 years buliding….im a tattoo artist and i was gonna use the product to focus on the instagram accounts in my local area …So i can dominate lol… thanks

    1. -

      Hi Marcus

      It’s important, that you follow the instructions they added this week and that you watch the videos and follow the recommendations about the speed to use for following and liking within instagram and then you should be save to use the software for what you want to achieve.

  3. -

    Thank you for your honest review!!! I had concern about this solution for our Internet Marketing, but now , I am more secure to buy it…


    1. -

      Hi Ed

      You’re welcome and thanks for the feedback. I’m glad my review was helpful for you.

  4. -

    how many facebook and instagram accounts can the software use. is it unlimited. does it work only one account at a time

    1. -

      Hi Marvin

      Social Autobots allows you tu use as many accounts as you like. However, you need to be careful on using too many accounts on one installation. Not because of the Software, but because of the Social Networks. They could delete your account(s), if you use too many from the same IP at the same time.

      I hope that helps.


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    Please I want to answer important questions:
    1. What is the number of accounts that can be added to the program
    2. Does the program supports the Arabic language?
    3. Does the software will send private messages to friends in Facebook?
    4. Is it possible to invite people into events through emails, even they are not from a list of friends?
    Thank you

    1. -

      Hi Wahid

      1. Social Autobots is 100% fine for multiple accounts if you are trying to use it for engagement on autopilot.
      2. Sorry. I don’t know that one for sure. I assume that it should work with any Language. There are people in the Facebook group from all around the world and I couldn’t find a post about Language issues. So I assume it will work.
      3. Yes. You can use the software to send message to friends.
      4. No. You can only invite your friends to an event. You can send an email invite to all of your friends with one click.

      I hope that helps,

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    hello i want to know is it possible to get followers on my instagram account with this tool? followers based on my marketing target? and also likes on my page? thank you

    1. -

      Hello Neesa

      Yes, that’s possible and that’s what this tools has been designed for. To find and post images to Instagram and getting followers. You can also unfollow people who don’t follow you. And you can follow people based on your market. And yes, you can also use the software to get more likes for your pages.

      I hope that helps,

  7. -

    My one concern is not giving credit to people’s photos. I would not mind reposting a photo but would like to do it, say in Instagram, taging the @name this will also alow me to thank that person and start a conversation.
    I have seen lots of Instagram profiles just based on reposting great images.

    Can this software publish a comment when reposting and add the owner’s @name?

      1. -

        Thanks :)

        A few more questions:

        1) When you download a photo from instagram does it download the username as well?
        2) I get the idea you can autopost comments but not images. Is this correct?

        1. -

          You’re welcome.

          1) No it doesn’t.
          2) No, not correct. You can autopost images, that’s the main feature of the software!

  8. -

    Thanks. (2) is really great. I know of no other software/app that can do this. I’ll buy this only because of the Instagram functionality.

    I am now taking advantage of you: I have two Instagram accounts. But would need at least two more for the niche vacation rental marketing we are in. I suppose I would need to create these from my phone by login out of my current accounts. I cannot see any other way. Or do you have another way.

    Thanks. I’ll do it through your aff link.

    1. -

      Hey Johan

      I have to apologize. I sent you the wrong answer to your previous question. I was wrong with posting images (had something else in my mind). They are working on a new update for social autobots and have found a way to automatically post images to Instagram. This new update will be released by the end of this year. Sorry again for that wrong answer.

  9. -

    I am thinking to buy the program, but wondering if I can send personal images to people on Instagram with it?

    1. -

      Hey loboncos

      As far as I know, you can’t do that. You can use it for comment, likes, following, unfollowing and downloading images and they work on an update to post images.

      I hope that helps,

  10. -

    Hey Daniel, is this software still available and working fine?

    Not sure if is out of date, since Facebook has recently made some changes.

    1. -

      Hey Anai

      Yes, the software is still available and still working. They have updated the software quite a few times. Luke is also answering questions in the Facebook group on a daily basis plus they have a good support team which is very helpful.


  11. -

    Great info Daniel. I recently purchased but I can’t get it to work. It always asks me to update, but when I do, it won’t even open. If I just open it normally I can’t enter any info into the fields to activate my license. I’ve contacted Luke personally on skype many times, through email twice, messaged support a few times, and requested to join his FB group. Nothing. Please help if you can. I see the value in this product, but as far as support, I’m starting to thing it’s terrible. Please help!

  12. -

    I recently purchased but I can’t get it to work. I’ve contacted the helpdesk and Luke on FB, skype and by mail but no one is answering.
    It always asks me to update, but when I do, it won’t even open. If I just open it normally I can’t enter any info into the fields to activate my license.

    I bought Octosuite as well which is working fine, I’ll try the link you shared and I’ll also use the Octosuite Helpdesk to see if it works.

    1. -

      Hey Davide

      I’m sorry to hear that you have had troubles contacting Luke. Try to post on his FB wall and tag him if he did not respond to your FB message. Or try the Octosuite support or their FB page and tag him.

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