StealthTube Review, Product Tour & Bonus

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my StealthTube review.

Here you’ll discover all the facts about this new plugin. Plus you’ll see how it works, the pros as well as the cons. Based on these info, you should then be able to make your own buying decision based on facts rather then on the usual hype or emotions.

What Is StealthTube All About?

Stealth Tube is a new video marketing software (WordPress Plugin), which lets you create Video Sales Letters, Membership Sites, Webinar Replays as well as Video Surveys which you can customize and display another video based on the viewers interest and interactiob. It let’s you make the videos on your pages more interactive to engage the viewers.

So with the survey you can ask as many questions as you like and give them some answers as choices they can select from. For each of the answers you can integrate another video. So based on the answer they select, they will then see another video.

StealthTube Demo Video

I created a demo video using the plugin. It’s about fitness. The introduction of the video has nothing to do with fitness. I just took one which was only around 7 seconds of length so that you don’t have to wait too long to see the different options.

[youtube_iframe vsl_id=1046]

You’re not restricted on how many questions you want to integrate and after each answer you can even integrate another base of questions and answers if you like. This could nearly go on with no end :-) which of course wouldn’t be that engaging for viewers, if they wouldn’t come to an end.

How Does It Work?

After you purchased your copy and downloaded it, you need to install it on your website. This isn’t difficult and it works like with any other WordPress plugin you install. After you have done that, you’ll see the settings page as shown in the image below.

StealthTube Settings Page

On the screen shot above, you can see how it looks like when you create such a video. It’s really easy to do. Just give it a title and use a basic video to start with. Then you can start adding as many questions and answers as you like. Just enter the first question and then you can start adding answers. For each answer you can then provide another video which will be seen by viewers if they select the specific answer.

After you have done all that, you only need to save it and the video is ready to be included within your content using the provided shortcode. You also have the option to edit it again, add more questions and answers or delete the ones you don’t want to include.

Here’s another demo I created using the videos from the creators of the plugin. I had to put it on another page, since it didn’t work with two of these videos on the same page. You can see that video here:

Does The Plugin Slow Down The Site?

This is something a lot of people are scarred of, especially when using a new WordPress plugin. So I thought I would test that too, to see what effect it has on my site and if it would slow down the site. I did run some test on

First I did test this review page with using just a normal YouTube video on it and Stealth Tube wasn’t installed. Here are the results:

Page Speed Before Stealth Tube Plugin Installation And “Normal” YouTube Video On Page

Speed Test Without Stealth Tube

The I installed and activated the plugin again and have added the created video to this page and run the test again. Here are the results:

Page Speed After Stealth Tube Plugin Installation

Speed Test With Stealth Tube Activated

As you can see, there’s no big difference between using Stealth Tube on my site and not using it.

So my conclusion to that test is, that this plugin doesn’t really slow down my site.


The front end offer of the software comes with 2 different licenses.

  • Single License: $27 which includes only the VSL
  • Multi-Site License: $37 which includes the VSL plus analytics


As with any of these products, there are also OTO’s with StealthTube.

OTO 1: Video Sales Letter Mastery

Stealth Tube Video Sales Letter Mastery

These are training videos which do come with the front end offer. Here you’ll learn the 12-step video sales letter formula that’s designed to ensure your VSL builds a strong case. This training course includes the following videos:

  • Getting Started (6:13)
  • The 12-Step VSL Formula (8:59)
  • How To Publish Your VSL (3:55)
  • Optimizing Your VSL (3:02)
  • Shortcuts And Tricks (3:19)

Plus there are also 2 templates included, Customer Profile Worksheet (PDF) and VSL Template (PPT).

Prize: $67 (including templates), $37 (templates only)

OTO 2: YouTube Funnel Mastery

StealthTube YouTube Funnel

Within the YouTube Funnel Mastery videos you’ll discover the 5 phases of YouTube monetization and how to create a sustainable video marketing strategy. Each of these modules does contain video training as well as as the slides which can be downloaded as PDF.

Plus the following YouTube Funnel Mastery Templates are also included:

  • Customer Profile Worksheet
  • YouTube Optimization Checklist
  • Video Story Board Template
  • Generate Free YouTube Leads & Create A Profitable Channel
  • 4 Types Of YouTube Ads That Quickly Boost Revenue
  • 6 YouTube Analytics Secrets

Prize: $97


  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited questions/answers
  • Nice design of the videos
  • Mobile friendly. My test worked well on my tablet and iphone.


  • Could only have more than one StealthTube VSL on the same page. When I had more than one, the videos didn’t play anymore.
  • The different answers don’t show up when watching the videos on full screen.

StealthTube Review Conclusion

All in one it’s a good working plugin with some great features. I haven’t had any issues using it and it also didn’t crash my site. If you’re into video marketing or use videos on your website then this could be the right one for you and I definitely would say that you take a closer look at it.

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StealthTube Bonus

I have some bonuses for your should you decide to get Stealth Tube through me.The vendors allowed me to offer you the following bonuses.

Stealth Tube Bonuses


Plus I’ll also give you some extra bonuses. With these extra bonuses you’ll learn how to generate Traffic to your Videos using the different social media networks.

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