The Commission Machine 2016 Review, Product Tour & Bonus

Hey Daniel here and welcome to my Commission Machine 2016 Review. Here you’ll find all the details and facts about Michael Cheney’s new product.

A lot of love the idea of making money online. Yet earning an income online is not as simple as you might believe. An internet business is just that, a business, and requires that you build it up, advertise it and attend to all the daily tasks needed to keep it running. Can The Commission Machine 2016 help you with any of this? As long as you don’t expect this course to do all the work for you, it can be of a great benefit. So should you buy this program? What can you expect to gain if you buy it? Read on my honest and detailed review. It will shed some light on this!

What Is The Commission Machine 2016 All About?

This is the new 2016 email marketing training course of Michael Cheney’s the commission machine. It teaches different techniques you can use for your email marketing to make more money from your list. It contains training videos and is divided into the following modules:

Module 1: Getting Started – The R.A.P.I.D Formula (Video Time: 3:11)

Here you’ll discover the patented “R.A.P.I.D.” formula you can use to build your own Commission Machine. Within this first video Michael does explain what the R.A.P.I.D formula means and how it works. Plus he also goes through the training of what you’re going to learn within this program.

Module 2: Research (Video Time: 28:28)

This is all about the research. Micheal is going to show you ow to uncover the little-known commission goldmines hiding online. He also recommends that you should stick to the internet marketing niche to promote products. Even if it’s a competitive niche, but it also gets thousands new people every day who are interested in making money online.

Then he goes through what you have to look for when you want to start promoting products, so that you get out the most of your promotions. Plus he also shows where you can find these products.

Module 3: Angle (Video Time: 24:10)

The angle is all about the positioning, the story or the hook you gonna use for your affiliate promotions. In this module Michael shows you how to stand out, “edu-tain” and “hypnotize” prospects into buying from you. This is quite an unique module which shows how to stand out of the crowd. If you use the same strategies as everyone else, then you also will get the same results as everyone else. here you’ll learn the techniques Michael uses to stand out and make more sales than all the others do.

Module 4: Providing Incentives (Video Time: 23:24)

You’ll learn how to have people begging to buy through your link when you use the shown powerful psychological triggers and incentivization strategies. If you get those techniques and strategies right, then you definitely will be able to make more money from the same list.

He also teaches when you should bonuses and when you shouldn’t use them. Plus when you use bonuses what kind of bonuses are best and how to best present them to your list to get more sales.

Module 5: Messages (Video Time: 46:53)

This module is all about the messages you’re going to create to promote your chosen products. The route to market is absolutely critical. You can promote the best product in the world, but if your message doesn’t tell that to your subscribers the right way, then you won’t make as much money as you really could by using the right message.

Within this module Micheal goes through different strategies how to layout your messages, what and what not to include and how to create messages people love to read.

Module 6: Deploy (Video Time: 28:43)

Module number 6 is all about deploying what you learned so far. he goes through what sequence and frequency to use best to get the best results. Plus he also goes over the overall structure, how to manage and run your promotions to get the biggest commissions possible. This is also a module you should go through even if you don’t have a list yet.

Module 7: The No List Method (Video Time: 13:38)

Sure – the money is in the list. But you can still make money without a list too. Within this module Micheal shows how to create affiliate commissions without having a list. You’ll also learn how to use all the strategies and techniques from the previous modules even if you don’t have a list yet. Michael mainly shows how to get out your message on Facebook if you don’t have a list.

Module 8: Advanced Ninja Tactics (Video Time: 11:08)

This is a bonus module and Michael shows you how to take your affiliate earnings to the next level with the Advanced Ninja Tactics. It includes a case study Michael is going through and show everything he did for that specific product promotion.

Is It For Beginners?

To be completely honest. I would say that you will have a hard time making money with these strategies if you don’t already own a list. I mean Michael shows how to get out your message on Facebook and that’s all. There aren’t any other list building or traffic strategies included within the main product. If you already have a list or already have started building one, then you’ll definitely profit from this course.

Can The Strategies Be Used In Any Niche?

I don’t know if they will work in any niche. However, I personally have a list in the Fitness niche and I’ll definitely use some of these strategies and techniques to build my email campaigns.

Is The Commission Machine 2016 A Scam?

Definitely NO. That course isn’t a scam at all. Micheal has done a good job showing real, live and working strategies that not only have made him a lot of money but also for many other marketers too.

I’m sure, there will be people who are calling this product a scam, because they can’t make any money from it. But that’s not the fault of the product and just because some aren’t able to make money from it, that doesn’t mean that the product is a scam. It’s a real product to which you get access, after you made your purchase.


  • Micheal really has great content within his product.
  • Professional strategies for not only email marketing but also for social and blog posts.
  • Loads of different ideas to get creative in marketing.
  • Within each module there’s a list of resources he talked about within the videos.


  • There are no PDF’s for the training. Everything is being shown on videos. The videos are great done, however it would have been nice to get some PDF’s so that you don’t have to take so many notes yourself.
  • Every video had some intro and outro. This might be nice for promotion videos, but I personally find it more annoying to have them within the training videos.
  • No Traffic or list building strategies are included.

The Commission Machine 2016 Review Conclusion

Overall, Michael has created a good product with many great email marketing strategies. Even if it doesn’t contain any email examples, you’ll profit from the strategies outlined within the product. I personally think it’s more than worth the small investment. I got some great ideas from it which I’m going to integrate into my next promotions for sure. Click the button below to get started with the commission machine.

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