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Important: That’s a review of version one which was launched in September 2015. I didn’t review version 2.0.

Viddyoze is the world’s first ever automated 3D video animation platform which lets you create professional 3D video animations with the click of a mouse. Within this honest and detailed Viddyoze review, we are going too look what exactly this tool is all about, how it works, if it’s worth the investment and what bonus I have to offer for you.

In the past few month, many different video creation tools have been launched. All of them offered some kind of unique creation methods, but non of them included 3D animation. You always had to either buy expensive software or hire a talented animator. Both of them are expensive.

We all know, that video marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to any internet marketer and provides an excellent way for you to set yourself apart from the millions of other people in your niche.

If you’ve been around the web for a while, then no doubt you’ll have come across a fair number of landing pages trying to sell you e-books or courses via videos. And the professional ones had some great looking intros as well as outros and call to actions integrated which are so important elements in a video.

They not only look good and make the video appear much more professional, but they also boost up the conversion, which is an important part of any video. You can have the best video on earth, but if no one takes action after watching your video, then it’s worthless. Viddyoze is claiming that it’s going to change that. Now let’s look deeper into this tool and what it can do for you.

What Is Viddyoze All About?

Viddyoze Software BoxViddyoze is an amazing and unique 3D animation platform which allows you to create 3D animated video elements, such as Intros, Outros, Segways, Social Actions, Call To Actions and more. You can pretty mach create anything 3D animated within your videos.

Especially Intros, such as animated logos are an eye catching element you can use in your videos. Such an intro is not just eye catching, it also looks very professional.

Viddyoze is a web based cloud platform. This means it will work with PC as well as Mac. You don’t have to install anything on your computer. All you need is an internet connection and you can access the platform from anywhere and at any time. One other positive thing about web based cloud platforms is, that the rendering of the videos will always work with the same speed. It doesn’t matter what kind of computer or mobile device you have.

When you login to the platform, you’ll have all the videos and animation you created stored within your account. This is also a great plus for the platform. So those videos won’t take up space on your device and you always have them handy and can download them, whenever you need those animations.

How Does Viddyoze Work?

The application is quite easy to use and an animation can be created in 4 easy steps:

Step #1: Select a Template

You login to your account and click on the create button. Then you’ll see many different templates. By hovering your cursor over a template you get a preview of it, so that you can see how all the templates work. Pick the one you want to use and click on the create button.

Step #2: Customize the Template for Your Needs

After you have chosen your template you first need to enter some basic information such as the name of your animation. Then based on your chosen template you can choose the element (image or text as example) you wanna customize. You can easily upload images from your computer if you have chosen a template which contains images. Then you can chose a color from the provided color scheme. This will be used for the animation. After you have done that, you click on finish.

Step #3: Confirm Your Video

After you customized the template for your needs, you will see a preview of it with all the information, so that you can check if everything is correct before creating it. After that you need to click on Build Video.

Step #4: Rendering Your Video

After you started the building process, you will see a message: Your video is baking. What happens now is Viddyoze is going to work and it will fully render the video for you. Now you only have to wait until the rendering is done. This can take a few minutes. It depends on how big your animation is and what kind of animation you have built. Ones it’s fully rendered, the video is going to appear in the my video section, where you can download your newly created animated video.

That’s how easy it is to create 3D animated videos with just a few clicks anybody can do. This platform has been built for anyone who uses videos as marketing tool to use, without the need of any technical knowledge. You just login to the platform, chose the template, click a few buttons to customize and render the video and you’re done.

What Can These Animation Be Used For?

As described above, you can use the animations for Intros, Outros and Call To Action animations for your own videos or the videos for your clients.

You could also open a service, where you create all those animations for customers to make some extra money or adding an extra stream of income to your online business. You could offer such a service either on your own website or on platform such as or


  • Easy to use
  • Unique tool
  • Includes great templates
  • Well worth the investment


To be honest. I can’t think of any cons at the moment.

The Verdict

Viddyoze is an unique tool, which I haven’t seen before. Until now it wasn’t easy at all to create animated video elements which looked that professional. You had either to invest in expensive software or outsource it, which can be quite expensive. Now with this tool you can do that all your self and you even could start a service offering 3D video animations which can be an unique opportunity to add an extra income stream to your online business. The tool isn’t expensive at all and well worth the investment.

So, if you want to spice up your own videos or the ones from your clients or even think to open a service your self, then I highly recommend you invest in that tool.





18 thoughts on “Viddyoze Review

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    I’m more than a little suspicious that this is a review written by one of the Viddyoze people. In fact, it’s not a BAD program, and in fact can create some interesting (fairly good) results, but it’s quite limited.
    The way it works is you choose one of a rather limited selection of “templates,” plop in your logo (preferably a fairly hi rez, transparent background png file), and that’s it. After two or three minutes, it’s finished and you download the animated logo and, optionally, a separate audio file to attach to it manually.
    The problem is that, in addition to the limited selection, the templates aren’t very imaginative, with maybe one or possibly two exceptions. You’re severely restricted to the design and animation aspects (it’s completely automated once you’ve uploaded your logo) and they’re not top notch designs. Most merely feature an attractive animation (a cube turning, a colored smoke trail moving across the screen) which merely disappears to reveal your logo. The only one with any real difference is an imploding logo which starts with your logo completely fractured into small pieces, which then float around and eventually coalesce into your original design.
    Overall, not bad, but not great, and not a program that’s going to get you lots of awards or repeat business after the initial few templates are used.
    Also, the “bonuses” are pretty basic and elementary if you’ve done any degree of design or marketing work, and merely restate the obvious.

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      I feel the same about this product. I am very disappointed with what I have to use. The templates that are available in the “Commercial License” version are very limited, boring and unimaginative. This is one of the biggest “bait & switch” I’ve ever seen. They bait you with the “fancy” animations in the sales video. Then they leave you with a very boring, limited and woefully inadequate amount of templates to work with. And in order to get the real nice templates, they want to lock you in a $37.00 per month membership. WTF? There’s no way to derive any real value from this product unless you purchase the OTO. That’s sad. I’ll keep that in mind before purchasing any new products from these guys in the future.

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    I bought the product the first day (beginning of October 2015), and now – after two months – not even the preview of the templates is available.

    One word is sufficient: SCAM!

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      Have you sent a support ticket for that? Just because there is an error within the software for some people, that doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

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    I am sorry I have to keep returning here to pull your card but Viddyoze does not work.

    1.If the text is long it doesn’t fit within the video screen, I see this will be a major problem for myself and clients since I purchased the commercial version.
    2. The music doesn’t add automatically, I thought it did with the clip you chose.
    3. I don’t receive a notification email when finished baking as stated.
    4. Doesn’t work with fire fox you get error messages when trying to download, Google Chrome does work when you click on mp4 it will download, but again no music.
    5. Only a few templates you can change color for the output
    6. When you right click to download video you can only save the link, if you right click on the video preview and download it , it is very blurry and can’t read the text and also there is no sound again.

    I seriously have to question how much testing went into this before release.

    You are an affiliate seller also for Viral Autobots and any other product you review here. just like Brett Rutecky as a reviewer stop and just sell man this is all biased…

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      You don’t have to be sorry about returning and sharing your experience with us. I even appreciate that, even if it’s critique :-) I’m sorry to hear that you have a bad experience with that software.

      You see, when we get review access to a piece of software, then we can write our honest review, which I really do, based on the experience we had testing the software. Now, when it’s a web based one, then it might work better / different when only a few people access it and that can change, when a lot of people get access to it. It looks like that might happened to Viddyoze. When you create software, you can invest as much testing as you like before releasing, there will always be some issues after a lot of people are using it, which you haven’t found during the testing phase. Just look at the very big software companies like Microsoft or Apple. Even they can’t release a new software without an issue and a lot of time even updates still have issue and they invest millions in creating and testing software. Have you sent a support ticket?

      About Viral Autobots. That worked really well, when I tested it before launch and it’s still working well now. I’m using that every day, also for client Fan Pages and the response within the Viral Autobots Facebook group is also very positive and a lot of people share their experience with it, which is around 90% only positive and if there are any issues, the team does solve that extremely fast. The same is for the other product from Luke, Social Autobots. The support is also great there. So I really can only say positive things about Viral Autobots.

      I started reviewing products, after I purchased them and haven’t found real reviews for them (if Brett Rutecky hasn’t reviewed the product). I always try to give as much info about the products I review as I can. I test them, go through the courses and give details about the product which you can’t find on many other reviews.

      At the end, reviewing products is a business model to generate an income which is being done in nearly every niche online and even offline. I chose that as one of my income streams, because I love reviewing products and doing SEO for the reviews. It’s not the only stream of income I have. I also have different niche sites in the Weight Loss, Fitness, Kids Toys and Relationship niche where I actively use most of the products and courses I review here myself.


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        I can’t seem to find any customer support. I bought the program and the web site template, but my web site shows 86 designs and my account only shows me 25. Do I have to subscribe to the template club to get them all? Otherwise, if someone orders a design from my website that I don’t have, what am I to do? Please advise? Otherwise, love how easy this is to use!

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    Thank you for your insight. I know before, during and after testing things can and will go wrong with a service or product and have tested and even bought many including Viral Autobots which I find to work very well. I didn’t realize at the time of purchase that boosting your page you would need to make a small investment in ad’s, but I do understand it is not necessary either. I prefer to get that added boost and am working on my viral video that I found with VA now. That is definitely one of the top advantages of using the service; finding past and present viral content.

    I purchased VA because of Luke’s attentiveness to customers. You can’t beat having great customer service regardless of product. I already purchased SA so I have seen his devotion and teams willingness to help those in need. I show this with my own customers because they have come to me for help and direction in the first place. I want to show them the difference between a corporation handling their account and real personal attention you get from a smaller local firm.

    I have had a terrible experience in the past with a guy Chris Beatty and Lead Feed for $200 and the guy is simply selling and moving on, very hard to get anything fixed or done. Horrible experience indeed and I have worked and purchased from many.

    Bill Barren, John Jantsch, Bruce New Media are just a few I like and recommend as well because they listen and are there to help after the selling is done. (until the next call or email :P) but you can reach out to them for assistance and real dialog. In my marketing business I like to think Knowledge exchange and transfer is more than selling in this industry not just a chance to make another dollar. People see that and understand it, so when you start treating them like their ignorant or stupid is when sales are lost.
    I am not saying you are doing that but when you read “Here you’ll find honest, uncut and detailed product reviews” I would expect just that. If you only post the ones you are going to sell as an affiliate you should also put up the real bottom dwellers as well so people can see you are taking the high road and not just pushing ones you want to sell. Anyway I don’t know enough about you are your blog to pass judgement so I want to also say it was not my intention to insult you either, but to say hey this is what I see and am thinking.

    Have a great day


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      Thanks a lot for all the feedback. I much appreciate that.

      Customer service is something a lot of marketers don’t do a good job on it. In my experience, the more the marketers release new products (like every month) the less they care about their customers. They just create and launch product to make money and that’s in most cases their own income stream they have and all they want is your money and then they leave you in the dark if there are any issues or questions.

      I’ll also take your words seriously about my reviews and will write them as advertised :-) Thank You for that.

      Have a nice day too.


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    Scam? Or Just Internet Thugs, can the jack boots be far behind?

    This company is selling a business opportunity under the guise of selling a software animation platform, (This is not what they are selling) What they are selling is templates, (using a continuity program, which is designed to stock your digital shelves with video inventory) the problem with this approach is that Number one its a continuity program which is illegal when the consumer is forced to continue in the continuity program or loose all access to all previous templates that they paid for previously, this is again illegal it is against the law in the US, but they are from the UK so perhaps its ok to be thugs in the UK, over all its dishonest and disgusting.

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      Thank you for the feedback Thomas. I didn’t know that you’re going to lose access to all previously pruchased templates when you cacel your subscription. That’s definitely not a fair business at all. I agree with you.

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    I was genuinely interested in purchasing Viddyoze 2.0 until the point at which I read many of these reviews and now it would take some seriously hard convincing to make me do so.

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    Have you done a review or are any of your readers familiar with the Viddyoze “store” ? When I go online to look for examples of these stores – all I can find is endless hype – but no real stores that have been customized by the owner. Can you tell me anything about it or have links to actual store sites. Viddyoze is charging $95 for the store – but aside from that – cant find much more online.

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      Sorry, I’m not familiar with the Viddyoze “store” and can’t give you any information about it.

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    To all: This is bullshit! There are at least 12 or more REVIEW sites that claim they are ‘REVIEWING’ the product. They are not, in fact, if you look they all have the same ‘copy and pasted’ text in their so called ‘review’.

    Answers are simple and also contain spelling, grammar and usage errors. I would believe that this is all run from an Asian outfit.

    No one is reviewing. These sites are getting money for hits on their site. They are just trying to make money. They launch a ‘product’ then put up a couple of dozen ‘review’ sites that are actually advertisement pages.

    So if you are looking for an honest review of a product, keep looking. VIDDYOZE is not alone.

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    I would like a usable demo account. Don’t care if the results are watermarked. Just need to see if it is usable in my video world of marketing work I do. I have FCP and Adobe Premiere but not the time to fiddle in motion or After Effects. I am very interested in trying this but hesitate because there is no usable demo. Any softwares I have purchased (large and small) are vetted by using it first then deciding. It concerns me that so many call it scam and I can not find any other way to prove or disprove the claim other than a site like this. Consumer beware I guess.

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    Thanx guys for your helpful review, I was planning to buy this product but now…. I’m safe bcz of you people …thank a lot

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