Viral Autobots Review: "Luke Maguire From Viral Autobots Makes Bold Claims… But Can He Deliver On Those Claims Of Easy Cash From Facebook Fan Pages For YOU? It’s Time To Find Out What’s REALLY Behind The Smoke And Mirrors…"

Here’s The Most Comprehensive Viral Autobots Review on the Web: No fluff, no filler – Just what you want and NEED to know! If you are thinking about buying Viral Autobots then this is the most important page you will read this year.

There’s no doubt that Facebook is the most popular website to communicate with your social circle, which is why people spend a large amount of time to stay in touch with friends, make new contacts, play online games and join various fan pages and groups of interest. It’s also a fact, that people are making money with fan pages by posting viral content to gain fans and then monetize the content to make sales.

But many people who try to make money with fan pages have an issue of finding the right content to attract more fans and getting the organic reach they have been looking for. Another issue is, that searching and posting viral content is really time consuming, which makes making money with fan pages even more difficult.

However, Luke Maguire released a new piece of software, called Viral Autobots, which makes all the process of finding that viral content very simple.

Now just think about the big impact of being seen by millions of people in your target market for FREE will have on your fan pages and most importantly on YOU!

Important Update 01/15/2016: The Autoposting and scheduling features are back again. Luke and his team have worked closely with Facebook to get that feature back. They have tested that with some of the users during the past few days and just added it today. I have gone through it myself and have also tested it on one of my fan pages and it worked again. The Facebook group is still a very active one. A lot of members post their success and also help others with their issues. It’s really one of the best and most active groups I have seen.


Update: Luke also announced some great extra software and training we will get as bonuses. Even with the issue they have with the Facebook App, this product, extra training and bonuses are worth 3 times the money I spent for that product. Plus the team behind the Viral Autobots is the best one I have seen and I purchased a lot of products. These are not just my words, but also the ones from many members who post that within VIP Facebook group. This group is like a family and does help anyone. If you really want to expand your business or have a great start and make 2016 your business year, then I highly recommend you take a closer look at it and make the small investment for your great future.

Just look at the great feedback from the Facebook group. You won’t see such great comments for many other products, especially not after they have gone through some difficulties with the Facebook App.

Viral Autobots Update


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First, what I completely forgot to mention on my updates was, that Luke gave another bonus to all of us. This bonus was access to one of hes previous products. It’s called Socialite Pro and it contains training videos on how to make money on social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You can see the sales page of it at

Luke and his team also have created two extra tools which we got free of charge. One is a Chrome extension which lets you download all the images you found from any search you created instantly.

The second tool they created and gave as bonus was the fan page inviter, which is also a Chrome extension. This tool lets you invite all the people who liked a post from your fan page to like your fan page too. You can do that without tool, but then you have to go through all of these people and invite them manually. With this tool you can just click a button and it will invite all of them instantly. Again, not a big tool but a big time saver and it gives a good way to get some extra free traffic to your fan pages.

Then they just added a new feature to Viral Autobots which lets you bookmark the pages you where searching for for viral content. This is not a big feature, but a real time saver. When you bookmarked a page, then you can easily access it again to see if they made any updates and have new viral images or videos posted.

Viral Autobots Bookmark Feature

Viral Autobots Demo

Get Viral Autobots Now

What Is Viral Autobots?

Viral Autobots is a web based software to find, upload, schedule and monetize the most viral content and videos on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for your Facebook Fan Pages, while shooting your Organic reach into the millions instantly.

What Are They Key Features?

Automate All Of Your Fan Pages For Life

You can have the most viral content from any niche and from around the world being posted on your fan pages on complete autopilot.

100% Set & Forget

The usage is very simple. Search for content, viral videos as well as images for your niche. Select the ones you like the most and with 1 click you can add them to the built in scheduler and set the time and date when it should get posted.

Drive Loads Of Organic Traffic And Make Sales For Free

You can drive a huge amount of organic traffic to your pages and make all those sales completely for FREE. No investment for Facebook or other ads needed. This will also save you a ton of money.

The Only Software Which Allows You To Post Viral Videos & Content With Your Affiliate Link

Monetization is what makes you money and not that easy on Facebook, since they don’t allow affiliate links. The software includes several ways to get your content monetized while reaching a lot of people who have connected to your fan page.

The software includes an unique way which lets you add affiliate links to page updates, Ads, group posts as well as Instagram 100% safely. Now you can easily add your affiliate links to a viral video, image or piece of content and you’ll see the sales pop in!

You Never Have To Worry About Paying For Expensive Ads Again

Why should you pay your hard earned money for those ads to get your message out to the people when you can increase the organic reach of your pages to millions using Viral Autobots.

Monetize Others Viral Videos With The Click Of A Button

While getting a huge organic viral reach is just great, it’s SO extremely important to be able to monetize that traffic. The software includes features, which allows you to ADD any kind of call to action buttons or text to the end of all those viral videos you find and it allows you to post your affiliate links inside your viral posts 100% safely.

These are the features of the software and as soon as I get my account, I’ll continue with the review and also post a case study, so that you can see how it really works and if it produces the results promised. If you’re interested in growing your Facebook Fan Pages or want to get started with Facebook marketing, then you should bookmark this page and come back to see my in-depth Viral Autobots review as well as the results and how the software can help you achieve these goals.

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How Can You Make Money With Viral Autobots?

As we all know, just posting viral content doesn’t make you any money at all. You need to monetize the fan page to make money from it. Below are some ideas on how you can make money from your fan pages:

  • Promoting Affiliate Offers
  • Promoting CPA Offers
  • Building A List (for long term success)
  • Promoting T-Shirt Offers
  • Promoting Physical Products
  • Promoting Your Own Business
  • Promoting Businesses From Clients (building a niche based fan page to promote your client’s services or products)
  • Selling Promoted Posts
  • Offering A Service For Clients (to either promote their fan pages or start a new fan page in their niche to promote their business)
  • Offering A Service On Different Platforms (to grow the fan base of other fan pages)

As you can see, there are many different ways to make money from fan pages and I’m sure there are even more ways which i haven thought of right now.

Does Viral Autobots Work With Foreign Languages?

Yes, the tool works with foreign languages too. I tested it with German and it worked. I used the keyword dog (hunde in German) to see if it works with other languages. I also tested it with different German keywords and the tool always returned related Fan Pages. See screen shot below.

Viral Autobots Foreign Languages

Does It Work With Any Niche?

Yes, the software definitely works for any niche. Within the page finder you can enter your keywords or just use a broad one for your niche and then Viral Autobots will go out and search for all pages related to your niche and returns them. If you can’t find anything for your searches, then you might want to go a bit broader or enter related search terms to find pages.

What Are The OTO’s?

When you go through the purchasing process, then you will see some one time offers. OTO 1 is an affiliate link cloaker, so that you can add affiliate links to these viral posts. You might already know, that Facebook does block most of the uRL shorteners out there, which makes it quite difficult to post affiliate links.

OTO 2 VIP Training

I also purchased OTO 2, the VIP Training and I really like it. Luke adds more and more videos to it. It’s really a growing area. Below is a list of the current training videos included within the VIP Training:

Page Finder

The Page finder module is VERY powerful, watch this to see how to get started using it.

Discover Tools

Instantly break down all of the updates of any page (even your competitors) and see what has gone most viral!

Twitter, Youtube & Page Stats

See how you can take advantage of what is trending right now on twitter and youtube in any country instantly to then go viral on your page. Also see how you can instantly break down your competitors fan page analytics instantly.

How to use the affiliate link cloaker in your Fb news feed

this video explains how easy it is to get a page that has been sitting around forever back up on it’s feet very quickly.

Creating Brand New Pages From Scratch

Fitness Page Case Study. his video explains how easy it is to get a page that has been sitting around forever back up on it’s feet very quickly.

New page case study -> Christmas Edition

This case study we look at creating a brand new page in real time in the EVENT niche. In this case we chose christmas which is also a very profitable niche!

lets look at how to get thousands of super targeted video views to supercharge our updates on a brand new account for just $1-2 a day with paid ads.

This video shows you FREE methods of getting a page up and running off the group from 0 likes… get ready to begin your viral adventure!

Top 10 tips video

Monetizing dead pages

Monetizing Tips

If you’re new to the hole fan page stuff, or if you don’t know much about getting the posts viral and monetizing the fan page, then I highly recommend you get the training too. It’s really worth the small investment of $27 (at the time of writing).


  • Easy to use
  • Works on any operating system and from anywhere, since it’s web based
  • Works fast
  • Great for doing research or spying on the competition
  • Integrated scheduler, which makes scheduling a lot of posts really easy
  • 30 days double your money back guarantee (if you can’t get it to work even after the support team or Luke helped you)


  • Doesn’t include any search option for content yet. You can search for images and videos.
  • Twitter & YouTube research allow only for searching trends by Country not by keyword
  • When you schedule posts for a fan page and then you come back after a while and search for new content to post, it can get a bit difficult to remember which one you already posted.

Viral Autobots FAQ’s

Since I received several emails containing different questions regarding the software, I decided to add a FAQ section, so that it will be helpful for all of you:

Is this easy to use?

Yes, the software is easy to use (watch the demo video below). I have been using the software myself for about a week now and it really is easy to use.

Can it be used for any language?

Yes, the tool can be used for any language. I tested it with German and it worked (see below).

Can you really make money with this just by posting viral content?

Yes. I know it sounds bonkers and you need to go through Luke’s training but once you’ve done that, you’ll see that it’s quite easy to generate an income using fan pages. Plus check out my bonus where I included a ready to make money business in a box plus a list of profitable and trending markets and niches you can start a fan page for.

I don’t want to fall victim to shiny objects syndrome anymore, but I want to buy this. Is this right for me?

Yes, it’s right for YOU. After spending quite a lot of hours during the past few days, I fell in love with it :-). I can honestly say, that this IS a game changer and it’s this kind of a software right for everyone.

Should I buy this product?

Yes, you should. From my own user experience, I can say that everyone who wants to make money online can make money using it or making a profit from it in different ways.

Viral Autobots Review Conclusion

My opinion is when it comes to internet marketing, way too many people that call themselves internet marketers spend way too much time on the internet and not enough time on the marketing. If you want to be an internet marketer, you better be spending more time on the marketing part of it. Marketing entails a strategy, a tactic, creating awareness. Now with Viral Autobots you get a tool with which you can focus on marketing instead of spending time on the internet. TAKE ACTION – That’s the only way to make money online – believe me, I learned that from my own experience. There isn’t a push button solution out there. YOU need to take action. Click on the button below and get started NOW!

Get Viral Autobots Now

Best Viral Autobots Bonus Package

I have some amazing bonuses for YOU. Ready to make YOU money and if you take action, then they can make you money even before Christmas!

The bonuses are complete packages in high demanding niches. I have my own affiliate sites within these niches, so I have some knowledge about it to know that they are high in demand niches. Especially around New Year.

These Business In A Box Packages include everything you need to get started. Content you can post to the fan page, a report you can give away to start building a list, followup emails to promote offers to the list, viral images you can use to post on the fan page plugin videos you can use to either upload on YouTube or upload them to your fan pages too. Plus you’ll get a list if affiliate products you can promote to make money from your fan pages.

Business In A Box #1: Paleo Diet Secrets

Paleo is very popular and quite easy to sell, since most of the products are recipe books and not really diets, which is much easier to sell than diet plans and these recipes are also being used to lose weight. So that’s a hot topic, especially around new year!

Viral Autobots Bonus Paleo


Business In A Box #2: Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is a hot topic too. I have an affiliate site in this niche and it gets a lot of traffic. People are also subscribing to my list and they buy products I’m promoting. So this package will be a great start for you within this niche. It includes everything you need to start making money.

Viral Autobots Bonus Bodyweight Training


Viral Autobots Bonus #3: 20000+ Viral Images

You can never have enough viral images. So I got a great bonus here. Lots of images and memes you can use to post to your fan pages. These are images which will go viral, because people love these kind of pictures.

Viral Autobots Bonus Viral Images


Viral Autobots Bonus #4: Top Toy Lists 2015

Christmas isn’t that far away and people start looking for gifts for their kids. With this bonus you’ll receive the the following top toys list.

These are not just top toys lists, but are actual REVIEWS of the toys from the top lists.

  • Forbs Top 10 Toys For 2015
  • Top 9 Tech Toys By Pocket Lint
  • ToysRUs 15 Hot Toys List
  • Walmart 24 Chosen By Kids Hot 2015 Toy List
  • Star Wars The Force Awakens 2015 Toy Reviews

Viral Autobots Bonus Toys Lists & Reviews

How To Claim Your Bonus Package

First, make sure, that you clear the cookies on your browser. Then come back to this page and get Viral Autobots by clicking on the yellow button below. After you purchased the software, you’ll see a bonus link within the JVZoo purchase details page. You can always contact me using the contact form here.

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17 thoughts on “Viral Autobots Review

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    This was published Nov. 17th 2015 and Luke just released the program 3 days ago, how did you get your hands on it? This also doesn’t seem to be an honest, uncut and detailed product reviews more like a sales page really…

    1. -

      Hi Scott,

      Luke was so kind and gave me access to Viral Autobots before it launched. I also created a little case study which you can find here: There you’ll also find more info on how it works.

      I’m sorry, if my review sounded more than a sales page. I tried to give all the info I could about the tool and what I have found during my little case study and usage of the software. I also tried to show good ways to use it and how people can make money with it, since these are the questions I receive the most.

      If you found that there is anything missing on my review, then please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to answer all questions and give the info you have been looking for.


    1. -

      Hi Kent

      Great to see you on board :-) Thanks a lot for the business and kind words. I much appreciate it.


  2. -

    I read your review and saw your case study fan page…for finding and posting content viral autobots seems to perform good, but the problem is your fan page has only 30 likes and that’s it…
    So most important problem is how to get some initial fans to like your posts…

    1. -

      Hello George

      I haven’t promoted the page yet and only used hashtags within the posts and got the Fans like that. When you start a new page, then you could invite your friends to like it, you could add a Fan Page widget to your website if you have one for that niche or you could boost a post or two to get more fans.

      That’s what I’m going to do next, boosting a post, and then will update my case study. I’ll also add some tips on how to get fans to your fan page for free.

      I hope that helps,

  3. -


    I’m considering buying Viral Autobots from your site, but I’d like to be sure I will still get the same refund policy buying it this way instead of directly from Luke’s landing page. I’m especially interested in the 60 double back refund because I will be asking him (or his team, probably) for help if I’m not getting any results. I can’t see how they’d do anything but make sure I get some type of result which would make it worth the cost of the product.


    1. -

      Hi Kevin

      When you buy Viral Autobots through the link from my site, then you will buy it from Luke’s landing page. I don’t sell that. I’m reviewing the product and offer a bonus when you buy it from my link here at that site. The double money back guarantee is is what Luke offers on the product page, which you’ll see at the bottom of his landing page. I’m sure you’ll see results and Luke and his team are great and do help a lot. There’s also a great community within Viral Autobots Facebook group which does help each other too.


  4. -

    I have just looked at this Viralautobots and thought it would really make a difference,Then I read your fanpage exercise and on the 17 December you have only 31 likes after all that hype on the sales page,Now that is useless right.Please explain is this another no show for all this hype and OTO’s or have I missed something?

    1. -

      Hello Richard and thanks for your comment.

      It really does make a different. You see, I started the page, and honestly haven’t done much with it, except posting viral content. Now it got 31 likes. That doesn’t look like much, but when you think, for only posting content and not doing anything else, that’s quite a good number of likes. I have Fan Pages for a long time, where I haven’t done much either and these pages have less than 10 likes.

      As I mentioned in a comment above, the next thing is boosting a post and spending around $2 – $5 dollars for that. Luke does show that within the training videos too and he got some great results from just spending a few dollars. There are also many members within the Facebook Group, who share their success with the post boosting strategy.

      Viral Autobots is really a great software and they already are planning on adding new feature which have been recommended by members. This is really not a shiny object or over hyped product. The creator behind is also a great guy and he still does update his other product social autobots and does add new features all the time. So I can stand behind recommending this product.

      I hope that helps,

  5. -

    DONT buy this as its a SCAMSCAMSCAM
    Nobodys monitoring the support as the product key is sent to spam folder(always dodgy) and lo and behold no support answers Q&a
    If(BIG) this changes i will withdraw these comments forewith

    1. -

      Hi Rharrison

      This is definitely not a scam. You proof that yourself. You said that you received the license key. That you got that in your spam folder is definitely not their fault and out of their control.

      The Facebook group has 4000+ members and when people have an issue and post it there, they always helped quickly. They also included a link to their support desk within their welcome email. Have you submitted a ticket?

  6. -

    Hi Daniel
    Whereabouts are you based Daniel?
    Basic reason for comment is this.
    I ‘haven’t received key and don’t expect to go into spam box to find it.
    And until I receive something from support and let’s be clear there are quite a few customers who also haven’t received key.
    Now if after 5 days customers haven’t received any contact wouldn’t you start to think something wasn’t right.
    Look forward to your reply

    1. -

      I’m based in Switzerland.

      You said you got the key in the spam folder. You always should check the spam folder for it. There’s is no control about that at all from their side. I also work with a very big ecommerce company here and they have huge authority and are well known in the country and it still happens that order confirmation emails land in the spam folder of customers. There’s really nothing you can do about that as vendor.

      Also as vendor you have no control who received the emails and who didn’t. I had that myself with other purchases I made and when I don’t receive an email within 20 minutes (and I checked the spam folder too), then I always contact support. You can contact them here:

      I don’t know if many haven’t received their key. I can’t judge on that, since I haven’t heard or seen anything about that, except the one from you here.

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