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Hey Daniel here and welcome to my in-depth Online Sales Pro review.

I bet you’re here, because you have searched for Online Sales Pro reviews. You want to find out, if there are any complains or negative reviews.

Plus you want to find out, if Online Sales pro is a scam or a legit business opportunity.

I promise you, that this will be the most detailed and honest Online Sales Pro review you will find online. Here you’ll discover all the info you need to make your own buying decision based on real facts and not on opinions.

What Is Online Sales Pro All About? (I Got It, So I Can Show You)

This is a web-based lead generation system, including customizable landing pages. It’s an easy to use system. No tech skills are required. It also comes with an app where you get lead and sales notification and other stats. Plus it has built-in list building, affiliate and social media marketing training.

Online sales Pro does focus mainly on the lead generation / list building with their training. List Building is for sure the best training you can get.

The system also includes pre-made lead generation pages and sales funnels for several popular business opportunities. They always add new funnels too.

Online Sales Pro also offers everyone the opportunity to make money as an affiliate.

Why List Building?

You may have heard the phrase “the money is in the list”. This is something you should always keep in your mind. If you have a list and you care about your subscribers, then you can make money anytime you want. Doesn’t matter if you have visitors to your website or not. With a list you have the ability to send out emails and drive traffic to any offer that way.

This is the part in which a lot of people make mistakes when they start their online business. A lot of them start creating a blog and post a lot of content without an option to build a list. That way they get traffic to their blog, but they only have the option to “talk” to the prospect one time. When the prospect leaves the site, the communication ends and the option to build trust and make money.

So, if you look for a way to start an online business, or just have started one, then invest a lot of efforts in building a list and creating a follow-up to build trust and being able to make money.

Why Is It Important To Follow-Up?

Building a list is only half of a successful online business. The other important part is the follow-up. With a good follow-up, you can build trust and your prospects are more likely to buy from you.

This is where Online Sales Pro will come into the business game. Read on and discover how it can help you.

The Training Center

Online Sales Pro Training

Online Sales Pro comes with a lot of different training. Not only about the system itself, but also about how to generate leads and how to use social media marketing to drive traffic.

The trainings are videos and they are of high quality, easy to understand and easy to follow. They are perfect for anyone, for the beginner as well as the advanced marketer.

I found the training of high quality. Plus you also get a lot of training videos about how to use the system and how to build a funnel. All these videos make it really easy for anyone to get started making money promoting Online Sales Pro or any other business opportunity.

Another thing I like about the training is, that it’s being done by people who are actually using the system them self. Plus they have ongoing training every week.

Marketing Guides

Online Sales Pro Marketing Guides

Next to the video training, there are many marketing guides included. These guides are PDF documents and teach how to use the different social media site to generate traffic and leads for your business.

The Landing Pages

OSP includes many landing page templates. These are templates which let you collect email addresses of your potential customers. To see an example, just click on the image below. This is one of the templates they offer to promote OSP.

Online Sales Pro Landing Page Example

When users enter their email into the field, they get then added to your list. Depending on the landing page template you’re using, you get different info from your lead. Within the backend of your OSP membership you can see all the info from all your generated leads. When you click on one of the leads, then a new window will pop up and looks like the image below.

Online Sales Pro Lead Info

Sine the page template I was using for that test above, only includes the email field, the first and last name will be filled out by the name of the funnel / landing page template. When you use another template which includes all the fields, then you’ll see all the info of the lead here. Plus you have the option to include notes for each lead.

That also depends on what kind of business you promote. If you promote top-tier, high ticket products and you also collect the phone number, then you could enter notes of your phone call as example. This makes OSP as a good lead management system not only for online businesses, but also offline business who are collecting leads online.

The landing pages I have tested have all been mobile friendly.

The Mobile App

Online Sales Pro also offers a mobile app for iphone and android. The system does track everything in real-time and send out push notification every time it collects a leads or generates a sale for you.

OSP Sales Notification

With the app you are able to see the system working in real-time for you!

The Affiliate Program

OSP also comes with an affiliate program. All you have to do is to apply for it by filling out the OSP affiliate form as well as the tax form. After you have done that, you’ll get approved and you can start promoting the system.

For each new customer you refer, you’ll earn $20 / month residual affiliate income. So, when you refer 2 new customers, the system will pay for itself and you get a free membership.

They also offer a lot of different landing pages you can use to promote the system. You don’t even need your own autoresponder service. You can use the integrated funnel. OSP will also send out the follow-up emails for you and include your affiliate link.

If you go through their training, then you’ll learn how to promote the system using social media. That way you can get started with only a the investment for OSP and now other costs. This makes it easy to promote the system and get started making money online.

Click Here For An Online Sales Pro Demo

Is Online Sales Pro A Scam?

No, this isn’t a scam at all. It’s a legit business and they do work a lot behind the scene and always add new features and improve the system. Plus they also offer new training. But you don’t just have to believe my words. I just made a screen shot from Facebook where someone asked, if OSP is a scam. Look what other people said:

Is Online Sales Pro A Scam

The Good

  • Easy to use system
  • Great training included
  • Ongoing Webinars and marketing training
  • No tech skills required
  • Beginner friendly
  • Helpful community
  • 30 days money back guarantee

The Bad

  • Not all the templates can be customized to be used in any language.
  • You can’t delete or add optin fields to collect more or less info.


What is Online Sales Pro?

OSP is a landing page and mobile selling platform that has helped over 20,000 businesses grow their leads and sales.

Is Online Sales Pro A MLM Company?

No. OSP isn’t a MLM company. It offers landing page templates to promote MLM and any other online business.

Is it for beginners?

Yes, this is definitely for beginners. You’ll get all the training you need to get started.

Do I need hosting?

No, you don’t need hosting. Hosting is included.

Do I need my own domain?

Yes. This is my recommendation. You don’t really need a domain, since you get your own sub-domain. However for branding, I highly recommend that you’re using your own domain. You can redirect it to your OSP domain. They have even videos in the backend showing how to do that.

Is it available worldwide?

Yes, you can use that anywhere.

Can I use it in any language?

Yes and No. On some of the landing page templates you can’t change the text for the form fields like name or email. So they will always stay in English.

Do I get any help?

Yes. They have a good support system as well as a friendly and helpful community.

Are there pre-written funnels?

Yes. You have the option to either use your own emails or the pre-written ones.

Do I need my own autoresponder service?

No not really. If you want t use OSP to promote Online Sales Pro, then you don’t need a subscription to any of the autoresponders. You can use the pre-written funnel and they will be sending out the follow-up emails for you. If you want to use the system  to build your own custom funnel, then you’ll need a subscription to a supported autresponder service.

What autoresponder services are supported?

The system integrates with the following autoresponder services:

  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign

Will Online Sales Pro work in my niche?

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter  WHAT you’re selling. OSP will help you build a list, serve your audience, sell effectively, and sell to your customers again.

Can I use the landing page templates for any niche?

Yes. The templates can be used for any niche. You can change the text as well as the video and customize that for Weight Loss, Dating, WoodWorking or any other niche out there.

Does Online Sales Pro come with any sort of guarantee?

Heck ya it does. You are protected by our full 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Does Online Sales Pro have an affiliate program?

Yes, the OSP Affiliate Program allows OSP members to market the top lead generation and sales tools.

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

OSP’s legendary support is available 9am – 5pm MST via live chat and email.

Online Sales Pro Review Conclusion

OSP is an easy to use lead generation and management system. It comes with a lot of different templates which can be easily customized for any needs. With all the features and training included, it’s worth the investment of $37 a month.

I can highly recommend it and will use it myself to collect leads for my online business. To get started yourself, click on the button below.

Get Online Sales Pro Now

Thank You for taking the time to read my Online Sales Pro Review. I really hope you enjoyed it and got all the info you have been looking for.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Please ask anything you like about Online Sales Pro. You can use the comment form below to do that. I’ll do my best to answer all of them.

To your success,



38 thoughts on “Online Sales Pro Review & Product Tour

  1. -

    I looked at several other online businesses and I’m seriously considering the OSP. One thing that I’m not clear on is the marketing piece. Do the OSP rely heavily on paid marketing more so than the free social marketing? How does the word of mouth fit in this and will I be required upgrade?

    1. -

      Hey Prince

      You can use both, free and paid marketing methods and inside OSP they teach both. I personally do only free methods at the moment. The results can be the same with both methods. The free ones just take much more time, if you don’t have a huge following already.

      You don’t need to upgrade to anything if you don’t want to. One upgrade is the yearly VIP, which gives more training and you pay $297 for 12 month instead of $37 per month. So with the yarly subscription you not only svae a bit of money, but you also get more training. But that’s not rquired at all.

      Word of mouth does fit in well. You get your unique URL which you can use for word of mouth marketing. That makes then certain, that you get credited for the sales you generate.

      I hope that helps,

  2. -


    I have read all your presentation, nice job! I have 3 question please since you know the system:

    1. How you avoid to loose clients when they decide to join the system? To be more specific, if I click your links, it will take me to this link so you are the person who enroll me so you get the credits.

    But, how you will get the credits if I access directly the checkout link available directly on the website: ?!? Who will be the person to benefit from my enrollment and take the 20$ monthly?

    2. When are the payments to the members made? Weekly? Monthly?

    3. The payment system that OSP works is Pay Pall? We all know Pay Pall but does it really works in this system? Did you test it and received the money on your bank account?

    Thank you for your time!

    1. -

      Hey Alex

      Thank You. I’m glad you liked it.

      1. They get tracked with your link and then they get cookied. So you get the commission. Normally you use your affiliate and link then people will click on that and if they like it, they ill sign up. They don’t have a link to access the check out page directly and when they use your link they get cookied and so you’ll get the commissions.

      2. The payments are made on the 25th of each month. So all the sales maed in December are being paid out on January 25.

      3. Yes, OSP pays the commissions via PayPal. Yes PayPal works. If PayPal wouldn’twork, then I think no other system would work either. I’m not an expert with payment system, I just assume if one of the biggest one woudln’t work, then other won’t either.

      I have a PayPal account since 2007 or 2008 and never had any issues at all. When I withdraw money from PayPal, then I always had that within 48 hours into my Bank Account.

      I hope that helps. If you have any more questions. don’t hesitate to ask.


      1. -

        Hi Daniel,

        All clear now! If I have other questions, I wold like to communicate with you in private.

        Can you contact me? :)

        Thank you!

  3. -

    Hey Daniel! If you don’t own a business, can you still join? If you can join without a business will the app or website show me what I can promote?

    1. -

      Hey Richard

      Yes, you still can join even if you don’t have a business yet. You could join and promote Online Sales Pro to make money. They have a lot of training included as well as a helpful community.

      OSP doesn’t show what business you could promote. They have premade funnels for several businesses, so you could get ideas from there or as I mentioned before, just promote OSP. They have several funnels included to promote the OSP app and I personally think, if you haven’t promozed anything else before, then this is a good product to get started promoting.

      I hope that helps. If you have any more questions. don’t hesitate to ask.


  4. -

    Do you have to be in the affiliate program in order to get your membership paid for free once you refer 2 customers ?

    Also do our leads that osp generate for us refer to the new customers that pays for our membership once an affiliate and refer 2 customers?

    1. -


      Yes, you have to be in the affiliate program. But that isn’t difficult to get in. You just need to fill out a tax form and submit that.

      All leads you refer to osp are your leads. It is meant like that: If you mecome a member, than you pay $37 per month of $297 per year. Then when you start promoting OSP as an affiliate and refer others, you get commissions $20 for the monthly and $150 for the yearly subscription. So that means when you refered two paying members, the commissions you get will be a little bit higher than what you pay yourself, which equals to free membership.

      I hope that helps.


  5. -

    Thanks for the honest review. PayPal doesn’t work in My country, is there any other payment method available other than PayPal?

    1. -

      Hey Everald

      You’re welcome.

      OSP uses PayPal to pay the affiliate commissions. I haven’t seen any other option within the members area. So, I don’t know if there is another option. You have to ask the support team about that.

  6. -

    Hey Daniel, I am currently 17 years old could I join OSP, if so am I limited in terms of options to make money. Also does it matter how many followers I have on social media or how many people I can refer too, because on my social media I dont really think my friends would accept my referral and join.

    1. -

      Hey Peter

      To be honest, I don’t know if there is any age limitation for joining OSP. I couldn’t find anything. Regarding the options to make money. There are definitely no limitation because of your age.

      It also doesn’t matter how many followers you have on your social media accounts. You can always start new accounts which you can use to promote OSP.

    1. -

      Hey Soksan,

      Yes, you can use OSP to promote other businesses. The templates included are not only for OSP. They can be used for any other business/niche too. The same applies to the training. The training isn’t only for OSP. You can apply these trategies in any niche.

  7. -

    Thanks for your feedback I’m planning to join an wanted to get real advice from someone that tried it an it work

  8. -

    hello there this is emmanuel from ghana please ineed help in understanding what it actually is and does and so i would be pleased if i could get more understanding about the whole idea please

  9. -

    Hey Daniel,
    I was curious about the cost of buying OSP leads!? Do you have any insight on that?

    1. -

      Hey Landy

      I’m sorry. I don’t have any insight on the OSP leads since I haven’t purchased any. I send you an email with a good traffic source,

  10. -

    Excellent review and my questions were answered after reading your article and the comments by others. I have enough information to make my decision about joining. Thanks Daniel for the detailed explanation and honest review. ~Terri Pattio – MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant’s heart

    1. -

      Hello Terri

      Thanks a lot for your kind comment. Much appreciated. I’m glad my review was helpful.


  11. -

    Hey Dan,
    Wonderful job! I am ready. By the way, would you please send me an email with a good traffic source, Many thanks in advance.

    Paul H.

    1. -

      Hi Paul,

      Thank You. The traffic sources I’m using for my projects is Facebook and I also get traffic through SEO. So I can’t really recommend anything since I haven’t used it.


      1. -

        I’d like to know how do you generate traffic through SEO? Do you have a blog or a separate website where people opt in? Thanks!

  12. -

    Hi Daniel,
    Great content! Thank you so much, i’ve pretty made up my mind on joining OSP. Last question, is 37$/month really enough for me to make a positive cashflow? Excluded the amount of money that i’ll invest in generating leads. Looking forward to ur reply, thanks in advance!

    1. -

      Hi Victor

      I don’t know if the $37/month are enough for you to make a positive cash flow. That depends on so many things. There are people who make a good cash flow with the $37/month. So it’s possible.

  13. -

    Hey Daniel,

    So ive been making endless research about making money online and a friend of mine has been using OSP ad he makes some money on the side. But im a bit skeptical when it comes to paying the 37 bucks with things still being unclear.

    So my questions are as follows:

    1. Can i use clickbank products together with OSP to generate profit?

    2. If i cant use clickbank, how profitable is the OSP affiliate program?

    3. Does OSP offer any products that i could potentially promote?

    4. If i dont have any traffic, or email database created, will OSP provide me with some kind of compensation?

    1. -

      Hi Tiago

      1. Yes, you can use Clickbank products together with OSP. You can build all kind of optin pages with OSP, also for ClickBank products.

      2. OSP can be profitable if you invest the needed time and also some money for traffic. There are people who making a lot of money and others who don’t make any out of OSP. So I can’t say if it will be profitable for you.

      3. OSP offers OPS, they don’t have any other products.

      4. OSP does provide a service with which you can build otpin pages plus they also give you training, but they don’t give you traffic or leads, excpet if you purchase traffic from them.

      I hope that helps.

    1. -

      Hey Vance

      OSP offers traffic packages you can purchase. From that traffic you’ll get leads and with the follow up emails probably also sales. But there is no guarantee for that.

      I hope that helps.

  14. -

    Hello Daniel, I want to build my list but I don’t have the money to subscribe to an Autoresponder website and so my resort would be OSP. since I can use OSP to promote my affiliate link, can it be compared to the same sense an Autoresponder is being used to promote affiliate link? Also, this one is probably the most important, how will I promote OSP? Really? I became a member of an MLM and all they suggest is promote my affiliate link, this and that, and for me that is soooooooo obsolete. However, in the video, it looks promising that it would be a lot easier for me to do this business compared to the traditional (I prefer to call sharing my affiliate link a traditional one). Thank you for your response!

    1. -

      Hey Clark

      OSP is more like a landing page and optin page builder. It connects to Autoresponders and it adds the leads to them. OSP itself is not an autoresponder and you can’t send email using OPS like you can when you use an autoresponder service like Aweber, Getresponse etc.

      About promoting a business / product / MLM / service etc online. This is always the same thing. Doesn’t matter what you promote. You either promote your Business using paid methods (ads) or free methods (social media, SEO).


  15. -

    Very interesting and I like the honest reviews but we don’t use PayPal where I live. You said to ask another person in your team. I believe you should investigate that and advise. Thanks

    1. -

      I said, that I don’t know if there is another option to receive the commissions than PayPal. You have to ask the support team of OSP about that.

  16. -

    Hello Daniel,
    thanks for your Blog I got most of my questions answered,
    some questions that I still have are more of a personal matter
    can we talk sometime either by Skype or Phone?

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